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Canada’s Seal Slaughter Season Comes to an End

Written by PETA | June 17, 2009 / CC
seal slaughter

With baby seal corpses littering Canadian ice floes, this year’s seal slaughter has finally ended—but the outrage over the Canadian government’s refusal to stop the killing is just getting revved up.

Outcry against the seal slaughter is echoing around the globe. The European Union and the U.S. have banned seal products, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution calling for an immediate end to the slaughter, and world leaders have spoken out against the massacre. Demonstrations from London to Hamburg and Los Angeles to Toronto have made headlines, and people all over the world have sent a strong, united message that the seal bloodbath must end.

It’s clear that the Canadian seal slaughter is quickly losing favor and support: This year, about three-fourths of the seals who were expected to be bludgeoned or shot to death were spared. But we still need your help to make sure that Canada doesn’t think the protests will end just because the killing has slowed.

One dead seal is still too many, so we’ve revved up our campaign to get the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to use its clout to stop the seal slaughter. Check out our new Web site and give us a hand, won’t you?

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • ofra says:

    please a thousent times please stop the slouthring of seals and polar bears do something the goverment the prime minister of canada let this year be the last how could you sleep at night????????

  • Akemineo says:

    Hey People! ENOUGH with the CANADA bashing already! It’s totally LAME! Instead of pointing a finger at other people take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “What have I done to save the environment today?” I predict that in 50 years there won’t be an environment left to save and I’m totally saddened by this! Best Example Why can’t a multibillion dollar company stop their own oil spill?!

  • lisa palmieri says:

    I love my country United States.but I could never attend the winter olympic’s because of the killing they do to the seals in canada. when is this barbaric act of the devil going to stop. did you know that these innocent little babies are skinned alive. i can’t even look at the pictures i get so sick so please lets stop this.

  • jan Biemeck says:

    Shame on those who kill these sweet little babies! What they do will some day haunt them I hope.

  • Emilie says:

    We have to make this stop!

  • Laura says:

    Thank you Leonardo Previti! I agree with your post and thank you for your support. Thank you for not hating all Canadians and boycotting my beautiful country like many people on this forum and although America has issues with animal cruelty as well it would be obviously foolish to hate all Americans. I am a proud Canadian and like most Canadians I am against the seal hunt. I do however see the other side of the argument. The seal hunt is one of the main sources of income for many northern Native communities. It is NOT Patrick Williams “necessary to keep the Canadian economy” not really sure what you were trying to say here. I would be more inclined to support the seal hunt if the carcass of the animal was used for food or other uses. But the fact that it just gets left there to rot is sickening. We have many other exports to rely on and we no longer need seal pelts in this day and age. I have a really lovehate relationship with PETA…I can’t help but wonder if baby seals were vicious bloodsucking monsters would anyone care if and how they were slaughtered? Its only when cute and cuddly animals are hurt that people get all upset. I’m just saying…

  • Baljit Singh says:

    Respected Members Think about a world ruled by SEALS and think about humans being slaughtered by SEALS the way we are doing with them. I may not understand your idea behind the killings. Please stop this. Please put yourselves in their places.

  • Miglena Bozhikova says:

    This is shame!!! Stop it immediately if you call self humans!

  • Sophie the Vegetarian says:

    How could anybody say that it is ‘humane’? It is disgusting and cruel. Besides seals don’t damage the environment in any way so increased numbers aren’t bad. There are far better and less cruel ways to benefit the economy. I am sick and tired of our fascist government.

  • Patrick Williams says:

    I think i should bring about a very important point but i probably won’t get posted because this is an extremely biased forum. The seal hunt is actually necessary to keep the canadian economy. Also it’s needed to control the seal population. Since 1970 the population of Harp seals has tripled in Canada and there is now over 5.5 million of them. Also contrary to belief it is done in a humane manner.

  • Gita says:

    Seal slaughtering is really brutal. I watched a video of it and am really shocked. Those baby seals are smashed brutally! and the people who did it seems like they have no guilt at all! it’s really a shame. What have those baby seals done wrong huh??!

  • dan murphy says:

    As a non Newfoundlander who understands the relationship between the seal fishery and culture. I support this fishery and have an issue with groups that directly attact a particular group of people and used incorrect information for the purpose of raising funds.

  • Lititia Yanez says:

    I agree with the outraged as well as the citizens that listen to the outrage that is hurled at them personally. Animal cruelty is EVERYWHERE. It is no certain country no specific person. It is comprised of the ageold “hunters” that have walked this earth since formation. I am outraged. Not at the Canadian people as a whole. I am outraged that this is a hereditary skill passed down from generation to generation. Hunting killing innocent animals. No Canada you are not alone. I live in Atlanta GA. Hunters are bred in the US like those puppy mills you mention or the deer hunters etc. I understand that God created some animals to be taken as food. But let it be humane. If an animal is killed for food then by all means use its fur afterward. But to bludgeon an animal not only seals is cruel. To be harmed for the fur only is unjust. We should ALL take a stand in our respective countries and offer support for the others. We live on this planet together. One voice goes unheard. Many voices become a symphony to all. I support all Canadians in their quest to stop this and I hope they support me in my quest to stop the animal cruelty that occurs in the US on a daily basis. And around the globe.

  • Leonardo Previti says:

    Look how far this killing has come I’m from Brazil live in So Paulo and I’m surprised on how ignorants the politicians from Canada are. Here in South America we criticise a lot our politics but now we know that North America isn’t the paradise that we thought it was. Even if these people who kill the seals weren’t be punished I think they will certainly die with this guilt in the conscience. Sorry for the gramatical mistakes but I’ve written this in a hurry…

  • Akemineo says:

    Sadly the commercial killing of animals is a GLOBAL problem. Generalizing Canada as a country that supports the killing of seals is a cruel prejudice. Only a MINORITY of the country’s population would allow this action especially if the entire country were to place it to a vote. Blame the guilty minority governments of countries with their lack of action general ignorance and the greedy bored ‘elite’ that fund many unsavory activities for the consumption of the general public. And it’s not just seals that are in danger. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed and species of animals are disappearing from our planet forever. Sharks for example are hunted mercilessly to extinction by ‘poor farmers in third world countries’. A note to gourmet food lovers do you know how foie gras is made? So please no more senseless generalizations people. They sound incredibly ignorant and uneducated assumptions. The commercial killing of animals is a GLOBAL problem. Let’s all work together NOW to insure that there will still be a wonderful environment left to enjoy for future generations to come.

  • Tom Dorsy says:

    I am a Canadian and proud of my country. I dont support the seal slaughter and never have but to have a resident of the US comment on our issues is absolutely out of line. This is a country that has simultaneously wiped out populations of Black Panthers Bald eagles their national bird and grizzly bears through hunting pollution and chemical use and the population and government sat back and did nothing. Currently the US is taking wolves from Canada and attempting to repopulate their own land due to allowing over hunting of these animals. So before any one from the US starts spouting off about our treatment of animals look in your own damn back yard.

  • Connor N. says:

    Save the seals!

  • jessica says:

    I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE A PEACEKEEPING COUNTRY DAMNIT! Whoever kills the seals and calls themselves Canadians need to be shot.

  • Kira says:

    As an outraged Canadian I am totally against this and all violence against animals. As others have also stated I do not nor have ever I met anyone who does support the seal hunts! I am also fed up with the Government et al’ for allowing this archaic brutality to embarrass all Canadians. Don’t let the simple minded views of a few idiots to reflect the opinions of all Canadians. I too have emailed Tweeted Blogged Signed Petitions and everything possible I can think of to help do my part to help stop this stupidity. There is no reason for it and nothing it brings to our nation but humiliation embarrassment and utter disgust at the thought that this still happens here. I am also against all the animal cruelty that happens in the USA and also these Chinese Fur Farms and all like events through out the world yet I don’t let these events reflect the feelings and opinion of the entire nation. Additionally do you think the Pharmaceutical Industry is any kinder in their actions on innocent animals? Next time you take prescription drugs just think for a second how many animals suffered there. Eg. Bayer makers of aspirin also did animal testing and provided poisonous gases for chemical warfare not to mention chemicals used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and other extermination camps. We all have to do our part to be as relentless in our efforts to stop this as the people doing it.

  • Sylvester says:

    I wonder if all these comments really matter for those who are committing these insane acts. I would love to see the same treatment given to these uncivilized people..F!$ BA!$$

  • Neil Warne says:

    As someone on here from Canada said “I hate the fact that people believe that Canadians support the seal hunt Linda Brad WAXMAN kwanchai and the associated hatred they are displaying is somewhat disturbing. It’s not just on this website thousands of comment pages on newspaper sites covering the massacre even on petitions calling for it’s end have a significant number of people saying “most Canadians support the slaughter” Another one “Is the education system so remedial in Canada that it’s citizens need a kick up the ass to figure out humane behavior get with the program degenerates and quit acting like a pack of scumbags.” I can only hope that the end of the massacre will signal the end of this attitude as well.

  • Jaime says:

    Ariel Sarah Palin’s wolf hunting is another great example of the animal wrongdoings of the USA. However my point was that despite these wrongs I will not generalize Americans and say that I would never visit the USA because of it. Animal cruelty happens all over the world but you cannot blame the whole country. Example Canada. I do not know another Canadian that supports the seal hunt. End of story. Where I live is as far from the seal hunt as you can get but there are still people rallying here. I would be happy to send you a few links to some of the sources I have found. Namely the petition and the works of Senator Mac Harb. Another is sort of an info page facts and figures. Hope you like it and it’s good to hear people supporting an end to the seal hunt without bringing Canada as a whole down.

  • Ariel says:

    How can you look into those little seals eyes then club it to death?? UUUGGGHHHH it’s sick. TEXAS supports the end!!! Oh and Jamie what about palins wolf hunting?? If you could please email me links to this info would be great

  • Tim Smith says:

    kwanchai Steven and the other bloke WAXMAN… Jaime dan and pam do have a good point. I could rattle off a dozen reasons not to visit America one or two of my mates have even said to me they will not go there any time in their lives…and one of them also said he is waiting patiently for the seal massacre to end…so he can visit Canada…and maybe stay awhile. People it is important to look at the positives in this…many seals were saved this year I think the end is nigh. Pam So therein lies the problem silly me I thought Canadians were willing voters…how many actually turned out for the last election? Perhaps compulsory voting is needed in this case. Failing that a ballot question would work just as well. Praying it will end soon.

  • dan says:

    kwanchai and steven davidson i’m from ottawa the capital and i’ve been all around canada with my occupation….not once have i heard support for the seal hunt not to mention it is a small portion of people who choose to do this every year it is blatantly ignorant to make generalizations about all canadians as a people and as a country based on one isolated occurrence that the majority of canadians don’t identify with or support…this is just as ignorant as truly believing that all americans are power hungry homophobic and islamophobic hicks which i of course do not believe so please don’t choose not to visit canada just based on the seal hunt…it is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world

  • Emily says:

    I want to hit those people over the head and drag them across the ice! i cant belive people dont have hearts! unforgiveable! im so dissapointed in humanity. its a disgrace.

  • pam says:

    Canada isn’t perfect when it comes to animal rights no country is. PM Stephen Harper has refused to listen to Canadians on a number of subjects not just the seal hunt. Our country is so fed up with him that there is a very good chance he will no longer be in office after the next election. On a side note when will PETA start going after Sarah Palin for her support of the wolf slaughter happening in Alaska? This woman obviously has no conscience.

  • Jaime says:

    kwanchai DAVID WAXMAN Steven Davidson… Did you not read the post? I understand there is a lot of colourful bias but the hunt is at an end. And we have a senator who is currently collecting signatures to end it for good. Steven specifically that’s like saying I won’t visit the USA because of puppy mills and exotic animal trade poor factory farming the birthplace of McDonalds… etc etc etc. Do a bit of research ok?

  • Steven Davidson says:

    Have wanted to visit Canada for the past 30 years but it’s on the list of countries I won’t go to places like Spain China because of the seal slaughter. Really hope this appalling sadism ends soon it’s a disgrace to an otherwise civilised country.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Captain Paul Watson makes a commentary excellent and entertaining as always on the lunacy of the seal hunt and the bizarre behaviour of certain Canadian politicos httpwww.seashepherd.orgnewsandmediaeditorial0905281.html

  • DAVID WAXMAN says:


  • kwanchai says:

    I’s an uglydisgustingshamefulscandalous manner of canada which I once think that it’s a civilized country but it’s proven that Canada is not but a cruel capitalisme one. God dam Canada!!!!! from people in third world country

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Humans are the demons of the world and animals are the tortured souls. Before the Biblical fall of man humans peacefully coexisted with all other creatures and there was no bloodshed.

  • NT says:

    As a Canadian I am so fed up with our politicians. I know deep down some politicians would love to end the seal slaughter but no one has the balls to face the wrath of Newfoundland and lose the 8 seats in parliament from this province. We just need to let politicians know that by allowing the seal hunt to continue they will lose even more support. I have made sure my MP knows exactly how I feel and that unless he takes a stand against this atrocity he will NOT have my family’s votes.

  • Shari says:

    To Pam Thank you! Well said! Just want you to know that Texas is behind you all the way! We love and support you and the Beautiful Seals of Canada! We will not stop fighting for what is right!

  • pam says:

    Most Canadians are fed up with Stephen Harper and the Conservative party. They have been told where Canadian citizens stand on many issues such as the seal slaughter but they refuse to listen. The sad part is that if every Canadian who was eligible to vote in the last federal election had gone to the polls the Conservatives would not have gotten in. The next election Canadians need to elect a party that WILL listen.