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Canada’s Carnage Continues

Written by PETA | July 15, 2010
Resolute / CC by 3.0

Update: Six horses died during this year’s Calgary Stampede. Please take action and ask the Stampede sponsors to disassociate themselves from the event.

As if Canada’s annual seal massacre isn’t enough, the Calgary Stampede adds to the country’s annual death toll. This year it’s rodeo business as usual—five horses have already died and the event doesn’t end until Sunday.

A fifth horse died yesterday 40 minutes after being forced to participate in the chuckwagon races. These are the Stampede’s deadliest events, in which teams of four horses pull old-fashioned “pioneer” wagons around a track at breakneck speed—and often break their bodies as a result. In previous years, we’ve written to all the sponsors of these endurance races asking them to pull the plug, and we’ve called upon the chief crown prosecutor to file cruelty-to-animals charges. The Humane Society of Canada has also called for a boycott of the event. So far, except for the death rattle of the horses and the yahooing of the crowd, silence!

Please get everyone you know to tell those who are still sponsoring the Calgary Stampede that the chuckwagon races must be canceled permanently.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • PETA says:

    Re: A. PETA targets the entire country because the government spends more than C$7 million in taxpayer money every year subsidizing the massacre through Coast Guard support, pro-sealing campaigns, and travel. The country also spends incalculable millions on additional research and market development in behalf of the industry. The profit of the slaughter barely exceeded C$1 million in 2009, so the spending is not economically justified. Canada hemorrhages untold millions of dollars year after year to keep the dying seal fur industry afloat instead of helping sealers find other ways to supplement their income. For this, PETA calls the tragic massacre “Canada’s Shame”, which sadly, every Canadian taxpayer unknowingly supports.

  • A says:

    I oftentimes regard PETA as valiant in their many efforts to stop animal cruelty. However if they have any business sense at all they will not call this campaign “Canada’s Shame”. Canada is a very, very big country. I hope some of the Americans who directed their attacks at “Canada” realize this. Living in Montreal, Quebec, I am so far removed from the far north, where the seals are killed, or western Canada, where the Calgary Stampede occurs. I pass PETA as well as other animal activists signing petitions on my way to school almost every other week. Oftentimes I will give my support in money as well as signatures. If PETA continues to attack my entire country as if it is one single living, breathing entity then I will definitely hesitate to give my support.

  • can-man says:

    hey typo in my first comment- should read (seals from 1-14 days old.)



  • can-man says:

    I support the seal hunt and stampede. you always say that seals are being killed by hakapiks, but this is not true. The only people allowed to hunt them with hakapiks are first nations. you make it sound like the hunt is wasteful, but it is not. most of the meat and oil gos to southern asia. also, on your childrens website, you say that baby seals are being hunted this is not true at all. the hunting of whitecoats (seals from 1-14 years old) has been illegal for decades. It seems quite unethical that you would feed children lies. if you look at the number of horses being killed at the stampede, you will see that it is going up. this is because more and more untrained drivers are entering the arena, solely for the almighty dollar. you should not want the stampede cancelled, or boycott it. you should instead petition for only trained people to drive the chuckwagons.
    Melinda Chedid: the seal hunt is very important to my culture (I am First Nations). By never going to Canada because of traditions of cultures other than yours, you are being quite closed-minded.
    Archie: i find it apalling that you are telling PETA to attack people of your own nationality.
    Rev. Meg Schramm: Look at the amount of murders by firearms in your country, and then ours. We only want Canada to be safe for tourists, and ourselves. The reason they held you up at the border so long, is because your husband had a criminal record and a firearm, which could be deemed suspicious. I find it strange that because of this one incident, you refuse to visit canada. arent holy leaders supposed to be open-minded?
    Andrea: banning the seal hunt and closing the stampede would be much more of a financial loss.
    Patricia allen: rodeos and the seal hunt are very canadian. they developed as part of our culture, by combining the past with the present. the seal hunt has been going on for thousand of years. banning it would be detrimental to my culture, as well as yours. Our Culture.
    Margarita: i agree with you. each culture has its own way of mistreating animals, but we all have diferent opinions and definitions of animal abuse.
    Kirsten: yes, the deaths were partly due to human error, but they were also partly due to the horses.
    Jessica: where did you hear that most canadians find this cruel and horrifying? your family? your community? they both shape us and mold us into who we are today. by saying most canadians oppose it is not true and is a generalization.
    E: Thank you for saying attack the act, not the country. As above, each culture has their own definitions of animal abuse. however, i do not think we should attack the act. We should fix it.
    Lauren: the seal hunt and rodeos being terrible are your own opinion, which you are entitled to. As above, almost the whole country are not against the acts, a generalization. I agree, Canadas Carnage is a little harsh, but it draws the reader in. you are right. we are all equals and should work together. I think that hunting is OK as long as you use all the parts. However, i fail to see your connection between us all being almost the same genetically and animals being abused by a very small number of the world population being all of our fault. please clarify.
    Thank you for your time.

  • alice says:

    My husband has family in the states. we refuse to visit until they stop electing moronic presidents, starting useless wars, and treating prisoners in guantanamo like crap. What I am saying, is that you can not judge a country by only its bad aspects. I am a Calgarian, go to the stampede almost every year, and I am proud to be Canadian.

  • iggy says:

    Why do you oppose the seal hunt? It has been going on for thousands of years by my people. Taking it away would be detrimental to our culture. Without it, we would have few ways to support ourselves.

  • fallon says:

    ok people settle down…first off Calgary is not the only rodeo to have chuckwagon races Red Deer does and no horses die every year.Whats worse is i bet most of you are city people who know nothing about animals truely or the farm and cowboy life. I grew up on a cattle farm and my grandfather used to run chuckwagons in his day and he never lost a horse. And ya it most likely is human error to a point because alot of people are just trying to make a quick buck theses days and rodeos are a easy way to do so so they probaly dont train their horses right. They are the ones you should be bitching at not the whole country. To be honest there is a lot of people that hate PETA and wish they would i dunno deal with their own fucking country!!! the united states is a horriable place for puppy mills and the most outragoues cattle feed lots i have ever seen. you people disturb me in ways i cant even begin to comprhand so grow up and look at your damn country first!!!

  • Lauren says:

    Archie and E well said! I am proudly Canadian because we live in a beautiful country with many benefits and freedom. Yes there are horrible things like the seal hunt and rodeos that happen in our country but these events are small organizations within a huge country. I think it is just horrible that anyone would blame our entire country when the majority of our population is against such inhumane acts. And “Canada’s Carnage Continues” sounds like our country is oh so terrible. There are TWO stories on PETA This one and the ones about seal hunting. The United States is not any better. We are all equals and we should all work together… It is also very rude to say that you will never visit Canada again because of this. Does this mean I should NEVER visit America again because of the way The McDonald’s corporation treats animals or the methods American Circuses use or even the way that your military uses animals for their training which leads to the deaths of other human beings? NO because that has nothing to do with the general population! Our country does not allow guns unless you have a permit which is very hard to get here. In America you have the right to bear arms so there is far far more hunting of wild animals. So how is seal hunting any worse than killing say deer or any wild animal in that matter? It is all equally unacceptable and no country should be blamed or “worse than another”. Our world is a family we are all human beings we are all 99.9 genetically the same so therefore we are all at fault for the ways that animals are being treated because it is still going on.

  • E says:

    Attack the act not the country. Us Americans have our own collect of horrific things rodeos factory farming puppy mills oil spill and there are plenty of Canadians on PETA’s side including Pamela Anderson as well as across the world. Attacking each other on the PETA site is counter productive. Each of these horrible acts are presented to us but we are campaigning to fix the WHOLE of humanities attitude’s to animals because they are all equal not just if they are our favorite animal or exceptionally cute or productive to us as a species.

  • Jessica says:

    I am an extremely proud Canadian the Calgary Stampede disgusts me but that doesn’t define us as a country. I was watching a segment on the news about the Calgary Stampede and hmmm…it appeared that almost everyone there was american. Most Canadians find this cruel and horrifying and are working on raising awareness to get rid of the stampede for good. We need help to do this instead of rude untrue comments about the amazing country that we live in.

  • Kirsten says:

    Ive read all the stories about this in the local paper and one of the many things thats bugging me about it other then the fact that these innocent horses are dying is the fact that everyone involved in the chuckwagon races keep claiming that the deaths had nothing to do with human error or interference but clearly there ignorance is clouding the sheer fact that in fact it is because of human error forcing these horses to race.

  • Margarita says:

    It is definitely true that all the countries have their own ways of mistreating animals. There is not one excempt of it. In my small country they brand cattle with hot things they have roosters fight and who knows what else.

  • patricia allen says:

    I am a proud canadian and animal lover and a little shocked by the seal hunt and rodeo being ‘Canada’. Most countries have a horrible animal story from whaling to sealing to legal chicken fights. We can’t condemn the entire population we need to work together to protest and boycott. Budweiser an american company is a huge calgary stampede supporter this shows how these acts of cruelty are international. We should focus on being an international united front stand against promoters supporters sponsors and government agencies together!

  • Andrea says:

    I really do hope that Canada changes soon… if it doesn’t who knows all the financial loss Canada will suffer?

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    A few years ago my husband and I got a taste of how things work in Canada. We were touring the Northwest on our honeymoon and decided to cross the border and go to Canada for a few days. We get to the border show our paperwork and get ready to cross over when the border guard asks “Have either of you ever been arrested?” and my husband a reformed bad boy who believes honesty is always the best policy answers “Yes” and explains the circumstances. This resulted in us waiting for two hours for Canada to decide we were not good enough for them even though my husbands record has been cleared for over 20 years. Back across the border we go where again Canada hangs us up over the posession of…ready??? An air pistol. Why do we have that? To shoot at the targets which we showed them. Another two hours passes while Canada argues with the United States guards over whether we should be allowed to cross with an air pistol and why my husband was refused entrance into Canada. The United States border agents saw no problem and said Canada was causing all the trouble. The United States agent suggested that the next time we wanted to go to Canada that we go to the Canadian Embassy in Los Angeles and show them the proof my husband’s record had been cleared before attempting to cross. Now I was not a Christian in those days I was a biker woman and I had a biker woman’s response. We wasted an entire day at the Canadian border due to Maple Leaf red tape. Between that and the atrocious way the Government treats seals horses and any other animal in their jurisdiction I will not be visiting Canada…EVER. It’s just too time consuming.

  • Archie says:

    I am a 50 year old business man and a vegan. I am against the chuckwagon races. However I am a Canadian and I resent those of you who paint us all with one brush. This event is not sanctioned by Canadians it is sanctioned by the Calgary Stampede organization. By your methods we will condemn all Americans because of your factory farms. In fact Canadian farming practices aren’t nearly as brutal as in the US. Attack the correct people and not our whole country.

  • Melinda Chedid says:

    My husband has family in Canada. We refuse to visit Canada until improvements are made in their treatment of animals mainly in ending the seal slaughter and in this barbaric “race”.