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No, Canada

Written by PETA | May 5, 2010

Canada has a lot to answer for. Twenty years of Celine Dion albums, for one thing. Howie Mandel. Poutine.

OK, those things are just a matter of taste, but then there’s the annual seal slaughter. During the commercial slaughter—the largest massacre of marine mammals on Earth—tens of thousands of seals have their heads bashed in or are shot for their fur. Vile!

So PETA is launching the latest volley in the seal wars: a graphic video showing tourists exactly why they should “explore elsewhere”:


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We will debut the spot in Winnipeg outside Rendez-vous Canada, an annual event that hosts international buyers and travel trade media, and will be airing it around the world in cities in which Canada markets itself most heavily to tourists. Our commercial is in stark contrast to the cuddly seal who is shown playfully jumping on top of a tourist’s kayak in an ad run by the Canadian Tourism Commission, and it should encourage the public to choose other vacation destinations until the seal slaughter stops.

You can help us get the word out by showing the video to all your friends. Then leave a comment telling us where you’ll be vacationing this year—besides Canada.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Zoran says:

    First you have to convince people who wear fur, not to, than you would not have this gruesome killing.

  • jule says:

    Canadians, shame on you!! Why do you allow that???????

  • Nicole says:

    Althought I don’t agree with the seal hunt I find laughable how many people posting comments on this site are prejudice against all Canadians. How illogical is that? I am Canadian and I am against the seal hunt. I’m also against bull fighting and horse racing and fox hunting but I’m not boycotting Spain, the US and England. Oh and btw, I’m from Newfoundland as well. And NONE of my family have ever killed a seal. Some of you people need to think for yourselves and realize that not everyone is for cruelty.

  • rob says:

    Absolute cruelty!.

  • Carl P. says:

    All the more reason why we NEED to get a Canadian chapter of PETA! Please guys don’t leave us in the cold. We need you here really bady. to any canadians reading this who think Peta should start a canadian chapter please join this group!group.php?gid190270730494refts

  • Anne Gilbertson says:

    I’ve made a conscious effort to boycott EVERYTHING Canadian this last year and will continue until the Canadian government wakes up and stops this horrific slaughter. Canada or Italy in 2009? Went to Italy. Canada or Hawaii in 2010? Hawaii. Used to love to visit Canada but no more. I don’t even buy their lousy syrup.

  • Padster says:

    This is horrific. I had a relative retire from the police service recently. He saw it all bad car accidents grisly murder scenes decapitated children but nothing he ever dealt with was quite as bad as this.

  • Rachael says:

    “Well maybe we should have a yearly slaughter for the people that kill the seals and for the people who think that this is right” You people are all sick because you are considering murder you can’t condemn a whole country because of this.

  • Amelia says:

    If everyone who watched this video was sickened and brought to tears… if everyone had a heart within them maybe we would see an end to the senseless cruelty.

  • carrie vaughn says:

    you people make me sick. i watch it 2’s and i can say one thing. you all need to be shot how could you treat animals like that. you are mean cule and in human to do that to seals they are not hurting anyone why would you kill them. if someone come up to you and clicked you in the head theyed go to jail. well your the one that need to be put there…carrie prentice Vaughn

  • Krista says:

    Oh my God!! They are littlehelpless beautiful animals. To see them bashed over the head go into epileptic seizures. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! Don’t tell me these guys can’t find another line of work! You guys make me sick! Maybe Stephan Harper should get hit over the head like that too for his suit!!!!!!

  • David says:

    I am an ashamed Canadian… I am from Qubec and now live in Alberta. I will post this shocking video everywhere and call to encourage Senator Mac Harbs bill. Keep it up PETA!!!

  • zahra says:

    shame on canada. how can you do this murduring jobs. That’s why i never like to travel to canada. this is same as human murdering and think if somebody do it to yourself do you like and enjoy it?

  • Mackenzie Jahnke says:

    This is horrific. Thank you so much for getting this information out there and for hopefully shaming Canada into stopping this disgusting practice.

  • Crystal Doyle says:

    Canada should really think of what they are doing.Canada makes me sick to my stomach.They don’t care that they are hurting little innocent seals.Well maybe we should have a yearly slaughter for the people that kill the seals and for the people who think that this is righti bet those people would have something to say.People who commit this crime shoud have to pay and Canada should NOT let this happen.It’s cruel and it’s Abuse for all of the dumb canadians who think think that this is right.NEWSFLASHwould you like it if we had a slaughter for you?

  • Alperen AK says:

    Killing animals isn’t different then killing humans. They both living breathing feeling.. I hope some seal can hit your head with a clup when you die in the other world!

  • Deborah Pattinson says:

    I first read about this atrocity 30yrs ago when I was 16. I couldn’t sleep at night for worrying about the pain and heartache these poor creatures were having to endure. I was a supporter of PETA and IFAW for over 20yrs giving monthly donations to each organisation without fail until I couldn’t afford to do it anymore but thankfully now my current job should enable me to subscribe once again. I am so pleased that animal welfare organisations such as these exist as they are doing a lot to educate people. However I am also frustrated that after so many years we don’t seem to be any closer to ending this barbaric act. Is there anything us supporters could do in addition to boycotting goods writing to the Canadian Government giving donations spreading the word…… we’ve been doing this for so long now without much success. I would love to go to the ice flows and try to sabotage the cull…….would this be possible if a big enough group wanted to join me? Please advise as I don’t know how one would go about doing it.

  • jenni kiviranta-torkkeli says:

    Stop killing animals Please

  • C. Boardman says:

    Well first of all I have stopped buying ANYTHING from Canada and will NEVER set food in that country again until this antiquated practice of pure greed and astonishing sadism is STOPPED FOREVER. And I have enlisted many of my numerous Canadian friends as well. Next I want to know HOW WE CAN GET YouTube to reverse its hypocrisy and its ban on the video. Why is there nothing addressing that on your site or in your email? Thanks!

  • Carmen Gurke - South africa says:

    I cried when I saw this video. I cannot understand how people can be so cruel. Seals are sentient animals that feel all the torture that is inflicted upon them. Please show this to all you can to let others know of this barbaric cruelty. I am disgusted that the Canadian Government allows this in the 21st century. I thought man had evolved but obvious some have not they should be subjected to this torture be skinned alive!!

  • Burcu Zümr says:

    every year many friends want to go to Canada for education in my country Turkey. they don’t know much thing like another many people.. how is that possible to look at this picture in the world we are living and how can’t we do anything about it.? please stop it! or we must FLAY YOUR SKIN LIKE YOU DID..!!!!

  • Tami Smith says:

    This video just made me sick. They DO NOT need to be killing seals like this at all. Seals DO NOT need to be killed. Who ever is killing the seals. PLEASE STOP. You are murders.

  • Juli M says:

    I could not watch more than 4 sec. of the video. It is very disgusting. I know that many canadians are against it but the government is corrupt. I wish when the Olympics were there the canadian team would have rejected the medals until getting the government compromised in banning this B.S. But nobody remembered the seals then…

  • yolanda says:

    Es horrible y muy doloroso Debemos acabar con la violen cia a nuestros animales. “BASTA YA”

  • Ina Rautenbach says:

    Maybe they should get some of their own medacine!

  • Jacqueline Brandao says:

    It must to Stop!!!!!!!!

  • Teresa Wlosowicz says:

    That’s horrible and impossible to watch!