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No, Canada

Written by PETA | May 5, 2010

Canada has a lot to answer for. Twenty years of Celine Dion albums, for one thing. Howie Mandel. Poutine.

OK, those things are just a matter of taste, but then there’s the annual seal slaughter. During the commercial slaughter—the largest massacre of marine mammals on Earth—tens of thousands of seals have their heads bashed in or are shot for their fur. Vile!

So PETA is launching the latest volley in the seal wars: a graphic video showing tourists exactly why they should “explore elsewhere”:


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We will debut the spot in Winnipeg outside Rendez-vous Canada, an annual event that hosts international buyers and travel trade media, and will be airing it around the world in cities in which Canada markets itself most heavily to tourists. Our commercial is in stark contrast to the cuddly seal who is shown playfully jumping on top of a tourist’s kayak in an ad run by the Canadian Tourism Commission, and it should encourage the public to choose other vacation destinations until the seal slaughter stops.

You can help us get the word out by showing the video to all your friends. Then leave a comment telling us where you’ll be vacationing this year—besides Canada.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • peter says:

    Does this cruelty never end? Today they do it to animals in the 19th and 20 th century they also did it to the Africans and other “primitiv people”.

  • Patricia Lynch says:

    I can’t believe this cruelty is still going on in this supposedly enlightened age. Leave the seals be it’s dispicable to keep murdering them.

  • Patricia Tarant says:

    I am appalled by this barbaric slaughter of these beautiful animals. Canada will not be getting dollar one from me EVER

  • liberty says:

    thats horrible we need to stand out

  • B says:

    Was unsure how to DL this video. I grabbed a similar Peta vid and uploaded it. We will see how long it stays up.

  • Kate says:

    This was very disturbing to watch! those seals are so cute and intelligent. The way the one seal cried out before being killed broke my heart! it just brought me to tears! i am so angry with these cruel people!

  • Annie says:

    I wish that the seals could do that same thing to the seal hunters see how they like it.

  • Annie says:

    Good job PETA! I belong to an online role playing community and we have a set up a pro animal rights club and I’m on of the leaders. I first brought them to the attention of the Chinese fur farms and now I’ll have to show them this….. That video made me want to personally torture those people killing the seals. It made me REALLY mad.

  • Pamela Lyons says:

    I am Canadian. I am embarrassed and disgusted with the annual seal hunt and have been against it for years. MANY Canadians are opposed to this slaughter and yet our voices go unheard by our government. I approached my MP Peter Goldring North East Edmonton in a shopping mall parking lot and asked him his opinion on the seal hunt. He blabbered some nonsense and when I finally asked him out right he said he was for the hunt. I checked his official website and he is an avid hunter his approval of this cruel hunt. I support many anticruelty to animal websites and will continue to do so. I will continue to lobby against this hunt and will try to educate others as well. I post things on my facebook account and send info to familyfriends via email. Yes Canada is a disgrace to allow this seal hunt and it is sad that every country has some form of animal abuse tag attached to it. China skinning animals alive Japan dolphin huntsculls etc etc. We all need to help animals worldwide but also help out the animals in our OWN countries as well. This applies no matter if you are from Canada USA Brazil Europe Greece etc random picking of countries no disrespect intended..

  • LORENZA says:

    really gives me so much sadness and anger about this cruelty it is time to stop and those who massacred the poor seals directly I would say that I suck and have no heart nor a soul because otherwise it would not be able to do what they do those sweet innocent creatures. Going all to hell!

  • Robin says:

    I have been boycotting Canada and Canadian products more years than I care to remember because of the seal slaughters. This is the 21st Century FUR IS OUT! Please stop the killing once and for all.

  • Cathy says:

    I think whoever goes to Canada is a bloody idiot.

  • Hope Duchaine says:

    I just viewed this video and I am extremely upset and sickened by what I saw. I am an avid animal lover and I am very adamant about the safety of all innocent animals. I am also a proud member of the Humane Society of the U.S.. I am a Canadian and I am now not too proud of my heritage. If I had the money I would love to go to Canada in person and picket their government. The government is the most evil and disrespectful that I have ever seen. I posted this video to Facebook and I hope that more people will express their disgust for what these people are doing. It is time that we children of God get together and voice our opinion of this evil wrongdoing.

  • Sohail Ahmed Shaikh says:

    I post on my Youtube ac but youtube has delete the video.

  • molly napolitano says:

    If all people treated animals with kindness then this world would be a wonderful place to live in. Some people just “DONT GET IT”

  • Rosemary Brown says:

    This is absolutely unnecessaryCanada should ban this seal slaughter it is barbaric and disgusting

  • Lauren says:

    I can’t believe that Peta is doing EVERYTHING they can to put an end to this slaughter. This seal campaign has been going on for over a decade with NO RESULTS. It’s time for me anywayto start visiting the Canadian embassy in WashingtonDC to express my OUTRAGE against these murderers they allow to kill such beautiful creatures.

  • Marilyn Flynn says:

    I was born in Winnipeg and I have been forever grateful for the good education I received there. For example I am a graduate of St John’s High School which produced more Rhodes Scholars than any other school public or private however you wish to interpret that in the British Empire and that was when the sun never set on the British Empire. When I was growing up In Winnipeg we had the birth of one of the first ballet companies on the North American continent now known as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. We had and still have an outstanding symphony choruses theatre and museums. Many Winnipegers have had impressive careers in NYC e.g. Lorne Munore longtime first cellist at the NY Philharmonic and Morley Meredith distinguished baritone at the Metropolitan Opera for many many years. Others are Giselle McKenzie Diana Durbin. David Stein and Monty Hall are also graduates of St John’s. So the shame and disgrace of the seal hunt weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of decent Canadians. Killing seals is not part of the Canadian psyche. I have written to Jean Chretien his brother when he was ambassador to Washington and to Stephen Harper and have never had a response not an acknowledgement and certainly not a reply. We Canadians native born or Canadians by choice cannot hold our heads high nor feel pride until the abomination disgrace and scandal of the seal killing is ended once and for all. Marilyn Flynn St John’s High School 1947. UM 194749

  • Adriaan Vogelzang says:

    Sealslaughter is not only one of the upmost examples of bad taste but is an even more vivid example of decadence in it’s purest form. This always happens when “l’esthtique et l’thique se confondent” I suppose that most canadians living on this planet will understand some french as my english is not sufficient to express this statement.

  • panthera says:

    Appalling and unnecessary ! Please read informed arguments against this practice in Why Animal Suffering Matters by Andrew Linzey Oxford University Press

  • victoria says:

    CANADA SHAME ON YOU! And to those who are leading this country! It is barberic way to live! People who does this has no hearts!

  • Maria says:

    What kind of characters are sitting in the government of Canada that allow such a horror! Those must be the worst of the worst.

  • Doreen Barton says:

    Canada should ban seal hunting. Theres no masrket for it and the stupid gov’t still pays the hunters to kill them. I would hate to be married to the sick people who do this.

  • Vasilis Alekos Korallis says:

    I will NEVER visit Canada. I will NEVER buy any Canadian product. As long as these seal killings continue Canada does not exist for me. What a disgusting country!!! Vasilis Alekos Korallis

  • Rene says:

    Canada stinks if continue doing this.

  • Elisa says:

    Horrible!!! It is inconveivable that this still happens in the 21st century. Please compassion for these innocent and beautiful creatures and punishment for these heartless human beings.

  • janey abner says:

    not only across the waters but to the people who abuse right here in the usashould be hung. anything ever happened to any of my animals they would be dead in no time at all. please GOD make all this horrible torture stop.

  • joseph j giambattista says:

    as a proud canadian i’m quite disgusted at the shameful acts that have been taking place in the far north. as a proud supporter of peta and animal rights organizations around the world i will continue to get the message out so we can put a stop to these despicable acts. shame on canada for allowing this to continue as long as it has.

  • Judie Kell says:

    Why Oh why O’Canada. Please stop this horrible practice. God did not intend man to be so brutal. Please Canada don’t kill these beautiful creatures anymore so I can come to Canada. My heart breaks for these anmimals.

  • Fabienne Amnesty For Animals says:

    Canada’s HUGE shame…. It’s unbelievable that this is still going on every single coming year. I’m boycotting Canada for many years and I will remain doing this until the seal hunt has come to an end. My closes friends are doing the same and we are spreading this word among people to let them know what terrible things are happening in Canada in the hope people will join us in boycotting Canada. Please Canada reconsider your acts and stop for once and for all the brutal inhumane slaughter of innocents and loving seals!!

  • Jessica says:

    Thank you PETA for your efforts. I cried when I saw this video. Discusting. It makes me sick. This “annual slaughter” fest has got to stop! I never had anything against Canadabut now I do.

  • alejandra says:

    Never never I go to Canad when saw the died the hundred of animals cruelty. Never never Y visited Canad.

  • Rodrigo says:

    I want to learn more english business for my work but Canada is not more my option. I invite all my friends to do the same let’s go now to London. Canada pay this horrible act not with my money. Think more Canada.

  • Fiorenza Fossati says:

    I falled in love with Canada many years ago. But I can’t understand this atrocity.They are stupid people because they don’t understand that the seals like other animals flowers plants etc. are part of our lives. If they live we live. From Italy my support will last for all my life!!!!

  • Veronica says:

    I could hardly bear to watch the footage as these lovely creatures were being battered. Their pitiful cries will remain with me for ever. These men are barbarians and I hope they have nightmares. Thank God for PETA!

  • Cassie says:

    I’ve watched videos showing the awful killing of seals and cannot bring myself to watch another. This has to stop! I wish everyone would boycott holidaying in Canada until their government bans this cruel act on an animal that belongs to the world not just the Canadian government who choose to ignore the public outcry against the sealing industry! I will not be visiting Canada while this horrendous torture of seals continues.

  • Florence Stanley says:

    It takes a cruel man to have such a job to be doing that everyday.

  • aditya says:

    SHAME on CANADA….. Stop killing those poor seals… I am not going to use any far items and I am sure that others will also take the same decision…. DON’T DESTROY OUR MOTHER NATURE

  • Len Kruiskamp says:

    I struggle to understand how people can actually be so cruel. I must say the seal killing is terriblehorrific and even worse is the skinning of animals in China WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE still gives me nightmares. Peta I admire what you stand for. LK from South Africa

  • Marcie Gauntlett says:

    Bless you PETA for having the courage to show what really goes on it is beyond the pale. I am thoroughly disgusted with these ignorant sealers who can’t seem to come into the 21st century but appalled at our government which supports this continuing atrocity with no good reasons except for votes. I am ashamed to say I live in Canada and will never visit the Maritimes until this heinous slaughter is finished.

  • Mary Ann Roush says:

    I lived in Canada for 10 years my sons were all born in Ontario. I think the seal slaughter is the most disgusting inhumane act I’ve ever seen. Shame on you Canada and for what! I won’t buy anything made in Canada anymore. Stop this cruel act!

  • Maria says:

    I support the need to end the horrific massacre of Canada’s seals but there are MANY of us here who do not eat wear AND fight for animals everyday. To boycott visiting Canada for a small minority of those who under government legislation are allowed to do what they do is absurd. Just because they can massacre by law doesn’t mean we agree with it. As Americans PETA I am sure you can FULLY appreciate that sentiment in regards to past practices of your governments. Every country in the world has animal cruelty practices that I detest so I guess that means for example that I should boycott the US for their factory farms slaughter houses and feed lots that I think are inhumane and appauling. Seals are no more sacred to me than cows or pigs. All I am saying is that ALL of us animal warriors are fighting for the same goal. To segregate our country means to segregate the cause and that defeats the purpose. Also to insult my national anthem is SO wrong. My Canada is great and beautiful and is NOT defined by this one cruel practice. Keep the video take the anthem out and do not promote segregation. Help to end the slaughter. United not divided!

  • Yuriko says:

    Why do we need to kill those sentient beings cruelly only in the name of fashion. I pay my hearty respect to PETA for protecting all animals like seals. With PETAI believe we can see the world where baby seals can live peacefully in the future.

  • Clare Overton says:

    I immigrated to Canada 15 yrs ago. I’m now a Canadian citizen. Atrocities like this make me ashamed to call myself Canadian. I will encourgage all of my Canadian friends to contact the government and put an end to this. I also encourage those of you who aren’t living in Canada to stay away until this barbaric practice is outlawed!

  • silverio says:

    Shame on you Canada!!!We are in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J. Patti says:

    Shame on Canada and almost everything Canadian. I shall NOT spend one of my American dollars in Canada or for any Canadian product until this horror is stopped completely! Good Bye Canada! J. Patti Waterloo New York

  • Paulina Bartnik says:

    Since I’ve learned to use the computer found out about Peta’s site a few other ones I couldn’t believe the cruelty people do to defenseless animals.. they don’t even kill them with any amount of dignity. Not even making sure there dead skinning them alive. Skinning dogs cats in China the whole fur trade is beyond any words to explain the agony horror these animals endure for these insane nuts..just for a buck. Sick! I’ve passed out fliers for Peta before I want to do more than just give money I’ve got to do something. It’s all absolutely insane. Giving money is good but people have to start talking letting other people know about these horrors even if they sound like downers or animal fanatics. How can people knock Peta act like it’s a radical organization. Jesus have these people seen these video’s! Peta’s the Humane Farming Association etc. are my hope to a stop of all cruelty to animals. We need to protest. We need to have peaceful rallies. We need to become activists all of us must do more…not just talk about it on a web site even though this is a start because all of us are seeing with are own 2 eyes..the truth of it that it goes on. See World..People Can be Mean Mean Mean.. they need to be stopped. Paulina

  • Barbara Pietrowiak says:

    Canada’s seal slaughter is horrendous and I could not think of anything like this in my worst nightmare. A military sniper is too kind and too swift a death. The sealers’ torture and ultimate death should be long and drawn out suffering which is justifiable. These demonic dirt bags don’t understand nonviolence. So go to their turf and beat them at their own game. Doing to the sealers what they do to the seals is well deserved. And by all means make sure their families are present to see their flesh torn off their filthy bloodied bodies while still alive. And their mothers will watch in sheer terror as these slimy bastards get what they deserve and there will be nothing she can do to help them just like the seal pups’ moms.

  • Birgit Petersen says:

    Boycut canadian imported products as a whole. How can these people live their lives without feeling shame taking part in and allowing such cruelty. I first saw seal baby slaughters on television in winter 1988 and there has not been any progress to the better. This has really been going on for too long. I think it will take drastic measures to stop it.

  • Wayne says:

    I agree. Shame on Canada. Let’s try our best to stop this. At the same time please put this in perspective Americans. I’ve read comments from Americans complaining about how we “kill the innocent”. How many human beings have died at the hands of the USA? I believe all life is sacred but let’s stop killing each other first then we can worry about the animals.