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Would Canadians Eat Their Own Dogs?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 25, 2013

Kids say the darnedest things. So what would they say about a Thanksgiving table with a Fido centerpiece? That’s what PETA wants to find out with billboards that we’re trying to place near schools throughout Canada just before our neighbors to the north celebrate Thanksgiving:

Turkey: © Steidl • Dog: © Isselée

Turkeys are actually a lot like dogs. They are smart, love to be petted, and will even sing along with music like some dogs do. They are curious and love to investigate new sights and smells and greet new visitors. They also have tight bonds with their babies—a mother turkey will courageously defend her family against predators. And just like dogs, turkeys value their lives and don’t want to be slaughtered, stuffed, and stuck on a platter in the middle of the table.

PETA is hopeful that our pre-Thanksgiving billboards will inspire kids to ask their parents why they eat turkeys if they wouldn’t eat dogs—and to give everyone a reason to stop dogging turkeys.

For your own Thanksgiving inspiration, check out some of PETA’s tasty vegan recipes.

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  • Barb Tempesta says:

    I know this sounds petty but please use grammar check. I’m a PETA supporter so seeing the phrase “Turkey’s remember” made me cringe. Don’t give your detractors more ammunition.

  • sylvia says:

    FYI QR770 had some extreme comments about PETA and your advertisement. The level of ignorance out there continues to astound me on a daily basis. I for one am grateful you exist.