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Canada Taser Death Shows Pointlessness of Animal Tests

Written by PETA | November 15, 2007

Robert Dziekanski was killed by a Taser stun gun in a Canadian airport last month. Dziekanski’s death, which has been widely reported after a video of the incident was posted on YouTube last night, is one in a long list of fatalities that have been caused by Taser stun guns. And yet Taser International continues to claim that these weapons are safe, practical tools for law-enforcement. How are they able to do this and get away with it?

The strategy’s pretty simple, actually. For years, Taser International has been funding and performing crude experiments on pigs, horses, and other animals that serve no other purpose than to provide them with “evidence” that their weapons are safe for humans. And yet as Robert Dziekanski’s death shows, the information that Taser International has been able to gather from shocking pigs is utterly useless—except insofar as it serves to protect Taser CEO Rick Smith from mounting public opposition to the use of his dangerous weapons.

The Taser situation is a perfect example of a problem that is endemic to all such animal experimentation. As is the case with so many drugs that go to market after animal testing only to be pulled from the shelves when they’re shown to be dangerous to humans, the results of these experiments have no relevance whatever to how humans will be affected, because (as should be obvious to a first-grader) pigs and horses have fundamentally different physiologies to humans. We just don’t work the same way. And the inevitable result—as we’ve seen time and again—is that companies like Taser International manipulate the data from their meaningless experiments to justify whatever argument they care to make. And people like Robert Dziekanski pay the price.

This video shows one of the hideously cruel experiments that Taser International has been performing on bulls, pigs, and other animals since they first tried to rush their weapon to market. Do we really want to stake our safety on the word of a man who does this?

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  • Dave Bernazani says:

    I don’t care what the police use on methheads if they feel then need to subdue them with tazers or whatever to protect others and themselves without using lethal means fine. Just don’t bring innocent animals into it! They are NOT ours to experiment on. There’s already PLENTY of data one tazer use on THOUSANDS of human and nonhuman animals. There is no need for any more.

  • Kasey Jackman says:

    Someone said above that “would you rather they tested on humans?” well if you have been following the news they have been ‘testing’ on humans. Do you have any idea how many HUMANs have been killed due to stun gun use? This is getting out of hand and I dont care who or what they use these things on it should be outlawed. If a stun gun can take out a cow of that size can you imagine what it does to a human’s organs? But still these things are dangerous it is inhumane to use them on animals and humans.

  • Caboose says:

    Push for rubber ammunition

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Catherine Ugh an anti gun person. More firearmsless crime. More firearm restrictionsMore crime. Get it right. NO firearmsa North Korean life!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Catherine You are correct the world is laced with a tiny minority of rotten evil people who would choose to do us harm. Fortunately in the United States our constitution guarantees our right to defend our family and property from such evil with arms if necessary.

  • Catherine says:

    I think that taser technology should never be put in the hands of average citizens. the risk of serve abuses is too big to justify the liberty or rights about it especially when it comes to defenseless animals. Unfortunately there are evil and sick minded people out there you enjoy putting pain and suffering on almost anything…all firearms should be outlawed and only provided with strict licensing and education.

  • Sonny says:


  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Susan We have for a very long time tried to ignore this idiot. But then he attacts one of our people and all hell breaks loose. He is nothing but a raving “BULLY” who has nothing better in his tiny little life to do except come on this site along with the Mar’s mental midget and cause a whole lot of trouble for the new folks. But your idea is something we have spoke about for months. Let’s hope we can ignore these nobodys very soon. Judith P.S. If their posts were rejected by Jack and the other folks it would end. We have asked many times to no avail. They just don’t belong here with us. We have lost some wonderful posters because of these nobodys.

  • Ariel says:

    Excellent posts by ALL who are antitaser on animals! And Susan E. Davis I totally agree with you! The only reason why I have ever addressed his juvenile delinquent nonsense is because I wouldn’t want newcomers who are seriously interested in learning about ar’s to get the wrong impression that he is an ar’s activist and an authority figure on ar’s with him constantly broadcasting his worthless title whereby he continues to misrepresent the medical profession with disgrace.

  • Sam says:

    Why so much hate flyin’ towards Mr. Cochran? I mean I think he’s wrong but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was a “brain dead hooligan” or that his lover was inbred. He just has an opposing mindset isn’t that what forumsopen commentary is are? for? On the testing I think that no matter how hard they try that taser company is never going to be able to prove that pumping someone with electricity in order to hinder their muscular activity is 100 safe and that these tests are superflous cruel and greedy. I think that in some cases animal testing isn’t entirely unjustified but they are FEW and FAR BETWEEN and this is not one of them. In other words leave the damn cow alone.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Susan E. Davis I am sure everyone appreciates your advice. For the record the “apology” was not mine. It was posted by an impostor in a cowardly attempt at what I am not sure. Also thanks for your concern about my free time as well. I couldn’t care less about attention from the likes of you but I do like to express my views to people who don’t share them. I also like to read the points of view from people who oppose mine. I have learned a lot by reading this site and I have changed some of my opinions. For that I thank you. When you post a declaration to boycott me you sound scared.

  • Serina says:

    are tasers that neccesary? yeah ok if lives are seriously at risk but then again animals live on this earth just as we do just coz they dont speak our language doesnt the body langauge say everthing!! im sure there will be alternitives some brain box can come up with..theres plenty of them!

  • Susan E. Davis says:

    Suggestion to allplease just ignore Christopher Cochran. He posts here simply to upset annoy and antagonize others the definition of a “troll” in cyberspace. He posted what appeared to be a quite heartfelt “apology” a few weeks ago where he admitted that he was not using his time wisely by posting on an animal rights board. Apparently that apology was not genuine and Dr. Cochran still has lots of time on his hands. If we don’t give him the attention he’s so desperately seeking he’ll most likley find something else to do with his time.

  • Michele says:

    Reviews of police agencies in Canada are showing that Taser use has increased dramatically over the years. It may partially be because Tasers are now more readily available than before however it is also believed that police are using them more than needed just because they have these weapons instead of trying less intrusive ways of dealing with problematic individuals. Several police forces have cancelled recent orders of Tasers as they are now looking into whether these weapons should be used at all. Animal testing of Tasers is useless and besides harming numerous animals in the process it has harmed humans.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Why not go back to rubber tipped ammunition instead of tasers? since tasers should only be used in the military.

  • Vance says:

    Um.. You know the automobile industry invented this really cool thing. It’s called a crashtest dummy. It records information the the manufacturer needs to make their product safe. No pigs bulls OR HUMANS have to be hurt to be tested on. Isn’t that great. I’m sure if this guy wanted to he could developed the resources to make one that reads electric current through the body. We know they’re accurate. However the pigs are probably cheaper. So let’s dub this guy a pig for taking the low road and everyone else who thinks testing on pigs is o.k. Crash test dummies save thousand of lives to.

  • rojo says:

    jenn thats all very well but do you think they started off testing on cops? mike Q and daily veg I guess they haven’t tested it on enough animals with health problems. Pepper spray has caused 60 odd deaths in the US too. Plenty of documented beating deaths by police and plenty of injuries to police and public alike from offenders. No alternative to lethal force is without risk. A police officer who draws hisher gun shoots to kill I’d say fewer will die with the availability of tasers than without. Though in reality we should be beyond testing tasers on animals now that they are well and truly in the human domain.

  • bekki kalk says:

    to jennwhy are you even here? its clear you dont care for animals and are just another one of those idiots that are human loversso pathetic! so get off this site and go sign a human lovers guestbook or something and leave room for people that DO love animals!

  • octopus says:

    you michigan bondsman are no bond you soused spittle splasher go to wash your mouth and then look at the real bonds sir roger moore pierce brosnan sir sean connery and timothy dalton who are helping animals wherever they can! you bondsman are rather in bondage of a machine gun perforated useless brain!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    So the other lessthanlethal options would be…… or do you prefer the lethal options instead. I realize that the lessthanlethal taser is very imperfect but it seems to me to be a better option than to put an officer at risk or to use a more lethal form to subdue people. I do not claim to be an expert. Does the fact that some people have died after being tased make the taser a failure? I don’t know? What is a better option? What would be a better way to test lessthanlethal weapons for our police? Poor Pigs well fine but what’s a better option? The peta river doesn’t run too deep so I haven’t missed the point I just don’t think I agree with it.

  • Patricia Panitz says:

    Why is it that people like Cochran always assume that if animals are not tested upon then humans must be. These kinds of tests shouldn’t be done on any living creature. They do not provide information but rather misinformation as the company paying for these tests skews the results to its liking. Also at least 60 people have been killed by tasers wielded by police countrywide although I’m sure the number is higher now as the 60 figure was from several years ago.

  • DailyVegEditor says:

    Cochran did you take professional development classes in missing the point? Company claims taser is safe after testing on pigs Taser kills people Therefore pig tests pointless Did that make it any easier for you?

  • Michigan Bondsman says:

    Wow you’re idiots. There have been multiple studies not just the ones funded by Taser International but independent studies that have demonstrated that the Taser’s power would have to be increased by a factor of FIFTEEN in order to be lethal. It’s funny how you uneducated naysayers can’t get your facts straight and cry for justice where there is none to be had. The device saves THOUSANDS of lives every year in situations that would otherwise call for lethal force. If you’re going to open your mouthes at least educate yourselfs so you don’t look like total jackasses.

  • Jenn says:

    Wow Dr. Cochran that’s pretty cold. You missed the point that animal testing can be very misleading. Speaking as a cop I’ve been Tasered received the full 5 seconds at 50000 volts with two darts attached to my body as a prerequisite to carry. Our dept videotaped each officer being Tasered. This should serve as adequate testing to establish that Tasers do not kill otherwise healthy HUMANS. No need to inflict misery on innocent animals to prove this. Once again animals are not humans and are usually not coked up as are so many of the humans who are Tasered.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I truly do believe that people like these come from much inbreeding such as cockmanMarsand cockmans cousin or lover “I eat meat” I believe these tasers should be used on all the so called studly cops they can take it shoot they just tasered an 82 year old lady with severe mental problems. LINE THOSE BASTARD COPS IN A LINE and put a taser in an animals hand and help them shoot a few cops along with rick mars nococksimply subhuman creatures. That live in the bowels of this earth.

  • Michelle says:

    Christopher Cochran I don’t think that a few innocent animals should have to die just so a human could live. To be honest with you the amount of animals that have died just so people can wear make up or wash their hands is outrageous. What makes their life so worthless? I just don’t understand your logic.

  • jimmy the shark says:

    and here we go again with our all time brain dead hooligan cochran mc your cheesy comments are fretting my nerves you masochistic weirdo always shitting on this blog every pig is thousand times smarter and more intelligent than you because your balls are resting since a long long time on the deepest ground of the ocean now go and change your underwear you lowfat curd cheese!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher In effect they are testing it on humans and some are dying. This contrasts with the animal tests that indicated the taser recipient would have no problem. Hmm…

  • Jaclyn says:

    Jack I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Vegoconics says:

    Pointless suffering of animals. This guy Risk Smith needs something better to do. And I think he did not get enough love growing up.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Would you rather they had tested on humans? Or would you rather the police protect our safety with guns and just shoot people. How many people die from tasering of the thousands and thousands of people who are tasered? How many injuries to police officers and innocent people are prevented by tasers? I don’t know just asking. If the numbers are there then a few incontinent pigs are worth it.

  • Carla says:

    Robert Dziekanski’s death actually happened last month. Police had confiscated the video in a promise to return it to the rightful owner. But once they had it they kept it. He must have won it back in court since this was the only evidence leaking to the cops burtality in the use of a taser gun! Thats probably why people are just hearing about it now. How many more innocent people have to die! One is enough but their have been more I’m sure but its not something the police dept or the company responsible in these hideous tests like to keep records of. Now just imagine all the innocent animals that died while being tasered do you think they care nop!