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Canada: Take Your Seal Meat and Go Home

Written by PETA | January 19, 2011

Just when the Canadian government thought it had figured out a way to put the money-losing seal slaughter in the black by selling seal meat to China

Hmmm … if China doesn’t want the spoils of the world’s largest marine-mammal massacre, what’s Canada to do? How about, um, don’t club seals? Just an idea …

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Sanchita says:

    If some Chinese turn their back on seal slaughter, that’s great because the Chinese normally care nothing about cruelty to animals. And in a supposedly ‘first world’ country like Canada, the seal hunt is akin to mass murder. Surely the Inuit no longer need to kill baby animals for the sake of tradition?

  • CommonSense says:

    I think that people clubbing seals for no reason is cruel, but the Inuit who normally live in this area (not the commercial hunters) the Inuit try to live in a traditional sustainable lifestyle, use every single part of the seal- the skin/fur for clothing, the meat for..meat, and the bones as tools. they in fact live in the most environmentally friendly way on earth, they do not waste any thing, and use everything. you don’t have to agree with them, but at least see their point of view.

  • Lau says:

    I simply cannot understand the cruelty of mankind. Those who feel NOTHING when killing these little babies or animals in general. Seals are helpless and what can they do when they have a man with a hook, stick or weapon in front of them? They take advantage of that being selfish and heartless. I really don’t get it and will never understand their motives! I can’t not even bear to watch these videos of seal slaughter. They are HORRIBLE from every point of view! NO EXCUSES!

  • Jadewarlock says:

    To  Zhang and Rich – if you’re so certain as to what is being said, why don’t you guys actually tell me what everything says that’s in Chinese – and in the WAY that it would translate into English please, not the way that it’s written on the flyer.

    Yes, I know from friends who really do speak Mandarin that the way we write sentences does not match the way they write them.

    BTW Zhang, I’m not Canadian, so stop assuming that because I question the fliers being used in a country where dissent is well-known (at least outside of its own country), that I’m Canadian.

    Seriously guys – I bother to read the Internet and the REAL news. All your comments are ignorant.

    Especially now that we’re reading on this very own blog that China is known to sell fake honey that can be dangerous.

    So yeah, I doubt that they’ll turn away seal meat because of a minor handful of dissenters.

  • Rich says:

    @jadewarlock Haven’t you noticed the flyer has Chinese on top and english at the bottom? The Chinese part says exactly same thing as the english part, if you could read Chinese of course. This is to reassure you there’s nothing odd about it at all.

  • Zhang Wei Ming says:

    @jadewarlock You do not get arrested with every little things you do, as most people outside China tends to think. This is not a political issue but an ethical issue of global importance, and is directed at the Canadian government for trying to dump the clean ups of their mass murders into Chinese mouths. How insulting to China! Please tell your psychopathic citizens who murdered these babies to at least bury them in the country to which they were born in, but don’t even dream of using the stomachs of the Chinese people as burial grounds.

  • Mishelle says:

    “english” is very trendy in China, and most definitely the most spoken non-chinese language. Many schools teach english, as it is essential in the business world. I don’t know anything about how the Chinese feel about seal meat, but I do know that english is widely spoken (tho probably poorly, by our standards) in China.

  • Aneliese says:

    @jadewarlock, Not the point. I’m Canadian, and this sick slaughter needs to stop now.

  • jadewarlock says:

    Hmm… if this is really in China, why is most of the flyer in English? Plus, this is a prime way to get arrested in China, so something is odd.