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Canada’s Largest Chicken Producer Charged

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 9, 2012

Finally, a bit of justice for the most abused animal on the planet. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) charged Canada’s largest chicken producer, Maple Lodge Farms, with 60 violations of federal animal health laws after it let thousands of chickens freeze to death during transport.

The CFIA cites multiple occasions on which Maple Lodge crammed crates full of chickens into unheated trucks and drove them to slaughter in temperatures well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. CFIA inspectors even found snow and ice inside the crates of some chickens who were stacked near the truck’s freezing-cold metal floor and walls.

Our neighbors to the north seem to assert that chickens at least shouldn’t be frozen to death, unlike in the U.S., where birds have no federal legal protection from cruelty whatsoever while being transported to slaughter. The best protection that chickens currently receive in both the States and Canada is from people who say “No” to supporting torture and “Yes” to cruelty-free mock meats.

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  • Judy Delaney says:

    I will no longer buy my groceries at Loblaws. When they buy from suppliers who treat their animals humanly, I will return,

  • Dee Dean says:

    this is supposed to be the Western World!!!!!!!!!! I have first hand experience of how chickens are transported in third world countries, we have better education and better facilities than to continue these atrocities. Not only should huge fines be imposed, they should be banned from farming any sort of animal

  • Corinne says:

    I am vegan. Horrible what is done to the poor chickens, unbearable. Stop the killing of animals.

  • Anna says:


  • Chantal says:

    Disgusting. It’s about time I take that turn in my life to be vegan (I even have a blog about this). I started my ambition with vegetarian just recently and I’ll become vegan soon enough you’ll see. Can’t believe I didn’t check or care more where my food came from before. Also Denise, Peta has starter kits and you should look up Mimi Kirk for good recipe ideas!! 😉

  • Carla* says:

    Denise, right here on the Peta files! Sign up for free veg starter kits and hand them out! Care2 sites are also good place to start!! Good luck!! It’s the best thing you can do for your body and friends of the animal world!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I always find it depressing when I’m driving on Highway 401 in Toronto in the bitter cold of a winter’s night and I see a trailer full of scared, huddled animals on their way to the slaughterhouse. A lot of people who eat meat say they believe in the humane treatment of animals. So why don’t they speak up more? Let’s hope the CFIA clamps down on other animal abusers.

  • Dana Maslow says:


  • Xénia Edvinsson says:

    This is awful! These chickens must be given better treatment!

  • Paula says:

    If I were born a chicken, I would not want to be treated like these poor creatures are. Step into their lives for a moment and feel their anguish & pain. If we all work together we can make lives better for helpless creatures who do not deserve this appalling treatment.

  • gramagrunt says:

    I can’t believe they have no federal protection from cruelty. But at least they were charged. All animals should have the same basic rights, why is one animal species treated differently than another? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Cindy Roett says:

    I did not know they were the worse.How can they sell halal meat?

  • veronica todd says:

    This not fair or just or compassionate.. People are not going to eat these caged and battered chickens.. it is cruel..

  • Sara Carlson says:

    This is why I stopped eating chicken. This is atrocious.

  • Jill McCabe says:

    This is so sad and unnecessary. I have gone pescatarian for 2yrs because of this reason….and don’t miss the cruelty at ALL!

  • Donna Frie says:

    All animals deserve our respect. We as people owe that to them for their life you take.

  • Oliver says:

    Great news 🙂 But 15000 $ aint enough :S Shut it down instead..!

  • Brad says:

    Chickens are God’s children, too!!!!! They DESERVE to be treated kindly!!!!! BECOME A VEGAN!!!!!

  • adana says:

    how horrific and heartless!omg why dont they just put a heater on????

  • SUSANNA says:


  • Marybeth Fishman says:

    Stop torturing animals!

  • Denise says:

    a day will come when we all say “NO MORE” and put these people out of business by becoming vegans! The more I am involved the more disgusted i am with meat products and how they are obtained. I’ve had enough, anyone got a good site that will tell me how to become a vegan??? Seroiusly!!