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Can PB&J Save the World?

Written by PETA | June 30, 2007

There is little in life I hate more than being scooped by the hipper-than-thou scenesters over at the peta2 blog, or “blizzy,” as they call it. But, it happened here in a big way, and I’m man enough to admit it. They reported on the PB&J Campaign, oh, like a month ago, but it’s so cool I wanted to give it a shout out here too.

I love the PB&J Campaign’s mission statement. So simple and to the point: “The PB&J Campaign is working to combat environmental destruction and improve animal welfare by reducing the amount of animal products people eat. The PB&J Campaign approaches positive change one meal at a time by illuminating the differences one single dining decision can make.”

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  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    PBJ are the best sandwiches ever. Also the veggie sandwiches are also the best. The great thing about these sandwiches are that they are “CRUELTY FREE.” YUM! YUM! Judith

  • Scott says:

    but i dont like peanut butter D…oh well its not as bad as chicken i guess

  • katie says:

    what a great campaign!! who can resist a pbj anyway? one thing carnivores and herbivores can agree on is the deliciousness of this fine sammage! looove this microwave peanut butter until melty and gooey. meanwhile toast some white bread. when toast pops up spread with jelly or jam then pour melty peanut butter all over bread. may be served open face. probably necessary to eat with a fork and knife!!! yaaay for pbjs 0

  • Maya says:

    And it will help you to lose weight and be a thin vegetarian!! Doh…..

  • Brian says:

    Why can’t you just eat chicken… We were made to eat meat!!!

  • Safira says:

    I have an idea.. Have a contest of how much pbj sandwiches you can eat!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    PBJ is the best darn sandwich in the world and it’s cruelty free… Judith