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‘If I Can Dream’ …

Written by PETA | June 22, 2010

… that handsome actor Ben Elliott, stunning model Giglianne Braga, and hunky singer-songwriter Justin Gaston (also known for canoodling with Miley Cyrus) would agree to strip for PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, would my dream come true? The answer is yes!

We’re delighted that after viewing our exposé about the ugly, cruel fur industry (and in one case, receiving a little parental guidance), the three stars of the live interactive sensation If I Can Dream each decided to support our anti-fur efforts by posing naked for famed photographer Robert Sebree.

Watch the drama unfold—from their first meeting with PETA’s Michelle Cho to learning how to camouflage their naughty bits to the threesome’s steamy photo shoot—in this taped episode.



While their near-nakedness is possibly NSFW, it’s most definitely HHFSIA—as in “Hugely Helpful for Saving Innocent Animals.” We thank Ben, Giglianne, and Justin for helping animals by taking it off—and we ask you to help them by putting it on.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Jor says:

    I know peta probably didn’t control the commercials but I found it ironic that there was a Dove (Unilever) commercial…when they test on animals.

  • Saucy says:

    To the furriers……….. “Who are you to make sorrowful and sad those who GOD HAS MADE MERRY?” How sad and sorrowful do they the mink have to be to meet your expectations? Do you have a criteria on that? Is there a number of spins in a cage hysterical boredom locked away in a shed. No natural habitat every ounce of natural instinct ripped away spirits broken nothing but desperate stares hoping for an ACT OF KINDNESS…….to be set FREE. How sorrowful and sad do the tens of thousands of mink squirming in a cage in the USA have to be to meet your requirements? Before you gas them or break their necks skin them chop them up and put them on your backs. How miserable do they have to be to meet your standards? I got bad news for you. You are psychopaths participating in a psychopathological nightmare for those animals and yet you “think” it is a luxury How can you not “think” of “that” when clothing yourselves on your own bodies. And you call yourselves fashion designers? I think you skipped a few classes. I know your missing some brain waves that more evolved humans call COMPASSION! PLEASE END THIS NIGHTMARE.