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Can We Do Better Than Lobster Liberation?

Written by PETA | August 11, 2011

A group of Tibetan Buddhists now have 534 times the good karma—for their good intentions, anyway. The group gathered at the fishing hub of Gloucester, Massachusetts, on the anniversary of the first sermon that Buddha taught, and they purchased 534 lobsters, sailed out into the Atlantic, and set them free. One lobster liberator said: “It’s rethinking the way you normally see these creatures. You’re supposed to view them equally. Their happiness is as important as your happiness, their suffering is as important as your suffering.”

The group’s hearts were in the right place, and the lobsters undoubtedly appreciated a second chance at freedom. But the seafood wholesaler they purchased the animals from profited from the sale and will no doubt continue plying his trapping trade, while the lobsters risk being caught again and ending up in a pot of boiling water. PETA sent a letter to the group suggesting that instead of purchasing lobsters next year, they could potentially save even more animals by asking all their members to go vegan for a day—and preferably beyond.

Considering that every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year, going vegan is one of the most important things that any of us can do to prevent suffering. Get started improving your karma today by ordering a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • paula says:

    i often look at the lobsters for sale ,bound claws ,their eyes ,the cold death tank and talk to them ,they are petrified in a comalike ,thanks to the buddists i have a likewise conciousness.

  • kathy says:

    I have a feeling they only did this for symbolism since they obviously paid the people who captured the lobsters in the first place. Honestly, I don’t think they care if they contribute to the industry or not. I’ve just seen too many monks contribute to animal cruelty to think they are serious when they talk about respecting animals.

  • Carla* says:

    Awesome letter, Stephanie!!