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Camouflage Deer?

Written by PETA | April 1, 2007

As of this week, hunters have something new to worry about in addition to accidentally shooting each other and embarrassing themselves in public: Not being able to find any animals. At least that’s the idea behind HIDE (Hunting Is Downright Evil), an anti-hunt group based in Minnesota that has been tranquilizing deer in popular hunting sites, painting them camouflage, and re-releasing them into the wild. According to HIDE President Jamie Drysdale, the group, which has more than 60 members in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are able to camouflage up to 12 deer a week, and hundreds of infuriated hunters have already submitted letters of complaint to their state governments. Here’s a picture of a newly camouflaged buck from a hunting preserve in central Minnesota:


Amazing. Anyway, HIDE, here’s wishing you the best of luck confounding hunters around the country. I can’t wait to see the bear pictures!

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  • Michele says:

    Thank you so much for your positive comments Kealey I think that it is very uplifting when fellow animal rights advocates get together in person or in cyberspace and share their opinions experiences and ideas. PETA has completely changed my life I had become vegetarian as soon as I joined PETA but was not vegan at that time. It was when I attended their “Helping Animals 101” conference about 6 months later that I realized just how much eating dairy and other animal products supports animal cruelty and I instantly became a vegan. My coworker Diana is the one that got me involved with the animal rights movement and at our desks which are in a corner area of the office we have all kinds of literature and stickers available to anyone who is interested. It is great even just to share a tasty vegan recipe with someone who wonders “just what do you eat anyway?” Anyway thanks again for the encouragement!

  • Larry Buck says:

    STFU eli Michele and Basia Marie are examples of what good expression of opinion is.

  • Basia Marie says:

    Wow. Everyone needs to chill. It was a joke so why are people still posting ‘Deer shed!’. Duh. Hunters are not unintelligent. I’m a vegitarian and have been for nearly eight years. I in no way condone hunting. But this is all just ridiculous. And the post by ‘Eli’ is obviously fake. Dude. Your obvious attempt at discrediting hunters and making them look stupid is transparent. Hunters are not nessecarily rednecks. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and if you want to eat meat go ahead. I can’t stop you. I just tell you what you’re doing to yourself when you do. Oh and if i misspelled things so sue me. I’m fifteen.

  • Eli says:

    I represent most hunters and I’m gonna like eating the dead animal i hunts this season with my new rifel. Me and my sister and our five children love to eat meet its so juicy for you. They say we are insest but our kids still is smart cause theys eat meet and other dead animals.

  • Kealey says:

    Thank you Michelle! You are a beautiful example of an animal rights advocate. I was very pleased and proud to read your positive and helpful comments. I am a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and I think humans have an unbalanced amount of power on our planet. This fact absolutely behooves us to be more thoughtful more educated and more compassionate toward our fellow earthlings. We can do better. Building so much that we adversely affect other living populations and then try to rectify this unbalance by killing them for “sport” or some misguided supposed attempt at being humane doesn’t make sense to me. I think we as a civilized society are better than that and we can do better we just have to care.

  • chip says:

    Deer shed their hair you retards.

  • Michele says:

    Larry I am glad you had a chance to watch those videos and that you are as concerned as I and others are. I hope you can convince others to check out those videos too. You are right we do have different opinions but I believe that most people can agree on at least one thing even if they have very opposing views about other things. We do seem to agree that senseless killing is wrong with respect to factory farming and inhumane slaughter practices. You seem interested in getting a better idea of what PETA is all about as I have seen your name on a couple of other entries that I have been reading lately. I am curious to know how you feel about wearing fur not about native peoples who had to wear fur to survive but those who just wear it as a fashion accessory and who have plenty of nonfur options or about animal testing. Besides hunting these are some other serious issues that animal rights people feel passionate about and I think you are open to knowing more about them. Anyway I just wondered if we had even more opinions in common than we may have believed before. I think most animal rights people are realistic in knowing that they are never going to instantly change everyone’s opinions about vegetarianism hunting or animal testing and I like to think that I am one of those people. When I am talking to friends or coworkers who do not really know about these issues I try to get people to consider making kinder choices whenever they can like using humane traps to get rid of mice in one’s home instead of using glue traps for example. Anyway I hope that some of the things you have been reading about on these blogs and on PETA’s main websites have had at least a small impact on you and that you will see that we just want to end animal suffering and are not all crazy treehugging granolacrunching hippies

  • Larry Buck says:

    Michele thank you for the film recommendations after watching them it did pain me to see their suffering. anyone with a love and respect for wildlife most hunters would have to feel sadness about wanton suffering I have my opinions you have yours

  • Michele says:

    Since almost 99 of animals are factory farmed most meat does come from cows that are pumped full of antibiotics etc. While I advocate for a vegan diet for many reasons animal welfare the environment health… my biggest problem is not with farmers who raise a small amount of animals in a humane way where the animals get to graze and eat what they are supposed to eat and when cows are not artificially kept lactating. However even without the antibiotics etc animal cholesterol is bad for humans for many reasons check out and PETA’s fact sheets for those reasons from sound medical research not from research sponsored by companies and organizations that have a vested interest in “proving” that their products are healthy for humans. Larry your post included the following “hunters are normally peaceful toward peta but when they notice something as stupid as painting deer they’re gonna react. anyone who truly understands wildlife would” so that is why I was pointing out that NOBODY painted any deer. As you can see from “John”‘s post from April 9th he is yet another individual who still does not get that no animals were tranquilized nor painted. Larry I challenge you to watch PETA’s “Meet Your Meat” and “Chew on This” videos httpwww.petatv.comveg.html. This is why I will never eat meat or any animals products again. Maybe you will try to find other foods that go well with vegetables my 10 year old son loves couscous and “chicken” nuggets as well as veggie burgers from Harvey’s which is a large chain of fastfood restaurants in Canada. I hear that Burger King’s veggie burgers are also very good. I figure that if my son likes something most other people would as well.

  • Jason Lindbom says:

    Michele Do you really think that all meat has growth hormones antibiotics in it? We raise cattle that don’t see any of that other than there vaccinations for diseases. If they do get sick they are treated with an all natural non antibiotics bolusses. To each is own as to the way we live. Hunting is here to stay as the goverment makes to much money from taxes and permits to ever shut it down besides it is heart heathly meat to eat as it is hormone and antibiotic free and also very low in cholesteral. You ought to give it a try! Take care

  • Larry Buck says:

    Michele reread the first line of my post really. OMG! i like vegetables too they go well with meat.

  • John says:

    By shooting deer or any other wild animal with tranquilizers or any other means not expressly allowed under law and without holding a valid license to do so in the way prescribed by law those who do this are breaking Minnesota’s and any other states’ wildlife laws. Even if there are any deer that would miss being harvested by you doing this which I doubt what do you prefer death of more deer by being spattered across the roads and highways and those drivers injured and killed when the deer come through the windshields or make drivers lose control? There is an over population of deer in MN Wisc. and most other states. This very misguided. Just so you understand you will be turned in as poachers TIP.

  • Michele says:

    OMG! There are still people writing here who despite the NUMEROUS messages above still actually think that someone painted camouflage on a deer!!!!! IT. WAS. A. JOKE. DUHHHHH Larry! And Larry I hope you enjoy the cholesterolantibioticgrowth hormone burgers that you proudly claim that you eat YUMMY!

  • Larry Buck says:

    in all honesty that was a pretty good april fools joke. but… read a few of the comments the ones that highlight how much hunters help wildlife about how much hunters know about the animals about how we keep the animals from overpopulating and eventually facing a mass dieoff. also… peta is very vocal and assholistic about its opinions and their message hits the fan all the time hunters are normally peaceful toward peta but when they notice something as stupid as painting deer they’re gonna react. anyone who truly understands wildlife would. look at both sides of the arguement i have and i choose to enjoy my burger as well as my freedom Dusty Dan A hunter the rest who know what they’re talking about drive on Gerardo…if you were buried up to your neck in sand it would not be enough sand. a final note don’t hunt hunters they can shoot better than you.

  • Jason Lindbom says:

    This cracks me up! Do you really think that painting an animal is going to hind him any better? This comment is to everyone out there for or against eating animals. Because we as humans exist things will die and nothing is ever going to change that.

  • pcb says:

    in response to comment made by me….. You think the world will be fcked up if hunting was banned what fcking planet are you living on. My Dad and I use to hunt let me tell you something every hunter’s uses the same fucking excuse. Form of ANIMAL POPULATION CONTROL. Hunting in any form is ignorance and fcking cowardly. unless for survival To all Hunters it’s easy not to shit yourself when your not the one about to die. Hunters. Bunch of Pussies!!

  • Michele says:

    Way to go “deer slayer” and “Donnie” you must not have noticed the calendar date on the entry and even if that passed you by you certainly didn’t read anything beyond that because if you had you “dumass”es it’s spelled “dumbass” you twit! would have noticed just a FEW references to the fact that it was an APRIL FOOL’s joke. So for all of you “brilliant” hunters out there GET SOME SKILLS AND READ FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE!!!!! For those of you hunters who keep denying that there is a lack of intelligence amongst your group there sure are plenty of your “kind” who keep proving there is indeed something lacking…

  • Donnie says:

    Wow you guys make me laugh. Painting deer camo??? If I see one these “camo deer” I can’t wait to shoot it and send you guys a picture!

  • deer slayer says:

    first of all painting a deer camo aint gonna help a thing us hunters can still see’m do you think it makes e’m invisible or something dumass peta people eating tasty animalsi make sure i kill a extra 100 or so just for ya’ll morons

  • Molly says:

    This was a pretty lame joke. I mean seriously who would want to waste their valuable time painting deer who would shed out the paint in a month or so anyway. It’s just kind of rediculous. It’s just plain stupid to paint the natural camoflauge and leave the distinctive white spots. “Good Job GUYS!” People look at the photo can you say “Photoshop”? And people need to get a little selfcontrol! PETA people you can eat all vegetables and ‘protect’ the animals but don’t give hunters a bad name by saying they are all dumbass stupid rednecks who go out into the woods and shoot every living thing that walks by. And hunters just leave the PETA people alone. If they want to allow the deer population to get so huge that Cronic Wasting disease and other sicknesses become normal and the deer who don’t get ill die from startvation just let them. I mean they ‘are protecting’ the animals by putting up little jokes like this buying carrots instead of beef and by never ever ever hitting an animal by accident on the highway. Oh and I bet all the PETA people don’t live on land that used to be natural and full of wildlife. Nope I bet they live on little house that are on stilts that have been lifted off the ground so they didn’t disturb the habitat! Yep that’s how it probably is! haha…ALso to all people I hate it when hunters are taken as coldblooded killers. Hunting and killing are two totally different things. Hunting is going into the wilderness and watching nature in all its glory undisturbed. Also not all hunters are stupid rednecks. I have been a hunter since I was old enough to own a license and I am a college educated woman! Outside the lines of typical hunter huh?

  • Dusty says:

    Sean I wish you would attempt to hunt me. I have more “woods sense” in my left big toe than you have in your entire body. Also if you actually went hunting instead of merely judging it based on your biased uninformed views you might learn that hunters are first and foremost outdoors enthusiasts. I love spending time outside whether I shoot something or not. Maybe you and all your vegan cronies should spend some actual time outdoors with nature instead of sitting in some city miles from wildlife pretending to know what the wild animals feel. I have personally purchased several acres of woodland which will never be plowed down and serves as a sanctuary and home to over 70 species of mammals and birds I only hunt 3 of them. What have you ever done in your lifetime to help animals besides merely argue against the people who know them best?

  • Dan says:

    1st of all I would consider darting deer to be less humane than hunting them. Many deer die when tranqulized. I also wonder how people can love wolves hawks eagles bears couger’s etc. and love the fact that these predators kill and eat other animals but hate me for doing the same? I am a native American I have always had the greatest respect for wildlife. God gave me canine teeth the eyes of a predator and mind of a hunter. We are just doing what we were put on earth to do.. Just like other predators… I often wonder if the people who are so against hunting have an unfounded fear of death? Death happens to every critter us included. To die humanly and be eaten is better than the way nature kills.

  • serinity says:

    Hey idiots…didn’t you look at the calender? and the date this was posted? giggles and hunters wonder why we call them dumb

  • Sean says:

    I wish I could hunt hunters. It’s only fair.

  • Just Another Hunter says:

    Wow. I realize this was a joke out of good fun and even I had to laugh about it but the replies were no longer funny when it the maturity level of ‘you are this you are that’ started to come out. I am a hunter yes and like ‘hunter’ said closer to the bottom please do not take what some immature ”hunters” represent all of us are being dumb and blood thirsty. True I don’t agree with PETA most of the time but I still respect how they feel because I was raised that way To respect what people think regardless if I agree or disagree.

  • The Real Buck Rogers says:

    ok… So unless someone else goes by BuckRogers whoever runs this website changed what I said completely!lol wow. Basically what I said was that the principle was a great idea just use a good marinade instead of paint. mmmm. “Everytime I see a hunter hunting right off of my property shooting a turkey or deer I scream at them “Hey Asshole I hope it poisons you or you get real damn sick off of the meat”!” As far as this comment goes… In most if not all states disrupting a hunter that is legally taking game is against the law and can and should be punishable by jail and fines. “Unfortunately that is how you have to talk to hunters because they are so UNEDUCATED and TOTALLY IMMATURE about our environment.” This comment cracked me up. First off I am a college student as we speak and I am damn smart. As far as being uneducated about the environment…I live in Iowa where the deer absolutely decimate crops in many areas across the state what do you think will happen if we didnt have a deer season? Also I love asking this question answer TRUTHFULLY even though you wont… How much money have you spentdonated to conservation groups whose money goes into habitat restoration and protection? Also how much of your time have you donated to such causes instead of sitting on your lazy arse harrassing your nice neighbor? P.S. I really dont know why I wrote this maybe to open a few “squinting” eyes that are heading into the burning blinding sun that is PETA because as far as the hardcore PETA members go I might as well be telling this to my cat. Although he too is a hunter and knows the value of population control I write back to tell you if they actually posted what I wrote this time or just changed it.

  • Michele says:

    I love it when people who try to sound smart can’t even spell “intelligent” correctly hee hee! see the post from “george donald”. Hunters don’t need PETA people to make them look stupid they do a fantastic job all by themselves.

  • george donald says:

    I would guess that probably 90 of the comments on here from “hunters” are made by these PETA loonies trying to make us look unintellegent. Keep up the good work.

  • caroline says:

    PETA I think every thing you do is great.And I love your website thanks to you I am now vegetarian.And would NEVER go to the circus or wear fur. anyways good job on the deer.

  • Mrs. Moore says:

    Hey Hunters are very STUPID that is why so many of them shoot each other every year!! By the way I live in PA and I have wild deer and turkey in my backyard everyday!!! Everytime I see a hunter hunting right off of my property shooting a turkey or deer I scream at them “Hey Asshole I hope it poisons you or you get real damn sick off of the meat”! Unfortunately that is how you have to talk to hunters because they are so UNEDUCATED and TOTALLY IMMATURE about our environment. I don’t think they are smart enough to realize that within so many decades there won’t be a lot of wonderful animals in this world left. Due to hunters and their nonstop hunger for greed there will come a time whenever our entire world will suffer!! There will come a day when the only animals that you will be able to see will be at the zoo due to so many being killed for fur or other parts of their bodies to sell!

  • Tim Hunter says:

    Hey guys … Anyone note the date? April 1? Hmm … April Fool. Think about the joke before you work yourself into a lather.

  • SusanV says:

    LOL “The bear pictures!” Good one PETA!

  • A Hunter says:

    In defense of the hunters. Don’t let these ridiculous posts serve as representation for all of us. Sometimes the PETA comments left on some of our sites are just as intelligent. “oh my god!!!!???!!! how could you kill a enter random game animal here!?!? they are sooooo cute!!! i just want to cuddle one up and love it forever!!! tehe!!” You know… That type. When we live in such a wonderful country I just don’t understand why we have to bicker and take cheap shots at each other like this. It’s horribly immature coming from either side.

  • hunter says:

    Tree hugger you the man you said it all perfectly. Would it be mean of me to wish whoever thought of this that someone close to them get seriously hurt in an accident with a deer because it blends in with night fall. Anyone who hunts knows that deer are hard to spot in the woods how it is….and besides the whole molting thing lol…..if a deer walked under my tree stand i would know its a deer….you have got to be kidding me. i would like to see how many cars hit deer after just 2 years without deer hunting. It wouldnt even be safe to drive anymore it would be scary. As for the hunters who are being dumb be respectful we dont need to give these guys anymore fuel for the fire. We as hunters can sit back and have a good laugh at this because we know whats going to happen come fall. We also know that painting an animal is far worse torture then hunting will ever do to them. So as hard as it may be to stop yourselves from calling them morons just sit back and enjoy a nice laugh because if this is all they can spend their money on then we are guaranteed to be hunting for hundreds of years to come just like everyones ancestors did to live long enough to give them them the right to do such stupid things. P.S. i really dont think there is anyway that is real they cant be that stupid. I think they are getting exactly what they want….hunters going crazy over this. Just like Britney’s boobs……. its fake. JT

  • J. says:

    So you retarded PETA people think you can do a better job than God camoflauging deer from hunters. it’s obvious you people are dumber than we thought! Hunters love and want to perserve deer MORE than any of you. You idiots don’t realize deer are a renewable resource just like crops and when properly managed flourish for everyone’s benefit. Oh I almost forgot to tell you just how good deer taste. I especially like to slice their backstraps season flour and fry in olive oil. Mmm good eating right there. I can’t wait to take my kids hunting again this year. I’m so proud of my son he killed 3 himself last year. I’m glad you jerks don’t eat deer that just leaves more for me and my family. Take care and God bless.


    Peta you guys make me sick… think huntings inhumane loook in the miirrroorrr FREAKS HUUUUNNNNTTTTIIIINNNGGGGG RUUUULLLLLEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Great April Fools joke. It’s too bad not many people know how to read and comprehend. PETA was ostensibly “reporting” about this “organization”. HIDE which of course is nonexistent is not PETA. Has noone heard the expression “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

  • bunny steaks mmmm says:

    Yeah its a april fools joke so what but you think its easy to do what we do for one animal. If you think its easy for us how about the slaughter houses where the animals sit in a small cage for their short pointless lives before getting put on a conveaur belt so a large ice pick and go through the top of their head.Yeah my grammor sucks who cares get a life.

  • the peta know nothing says:

    i think that you peta people are the stupidist fuckers on the face of the earth. and if hunters are so stupid then how did we get into so far into politics. also you guys kill more animals than us when you build your $1000000 homes. and what have you ever done for animals besides kill them. hunters do more for them than you guys ever will and thats a fact. and if you ever do banish hunting all your precious animals will disapear because conservation groups will shut down. and how would you like it if we released wolves and bears in your backyards and then they started eating your cats and dogs

  • Nicole says:

    ok for the hillbilly moron saying that the world would be “effed” up without hunting and trapping mountain lion attacks are up?! you mean maybe we’re building more into their natural habitat?! how dare those damn cats live on what is rightfully our prime real estate! the only reason hunting is around is because animals are seen as a nuisance since they dare to show their furry hides in our suburbs. I’m no vegan i love some deer chili but i also understand that stuff like say rednecks with a bad beer buzz and a hunting rifle should be strictly monitored

  • Tree Hugger says:

    This has to be the funniest thing I have ever read. LOL Deer are naturally camouflaged so in reality you are taking something that GOD made naturaly and ruining it. Wonderful idea. Hope it isn’t too costly especially since deer will molt their summer coats and have a new winter coat by the time most hunting seasons open. Great idea though. Keep up the wonderful work. HAHAHAHAA Its a shame I read this today April fools day would have been much more fitting to read something this silly. Next week in hopes of slowing burger consumption PETA plans on painting thousands of beef cattle to look like lettuce. Future plans also include Painting chickens to look like tomatoes turkeys disguised as carrots and pigs that look like potatoes. At which point the massive population of meat eaters will become extremely confused and not know where their meat has gone to. Bringing about a nationwide mandatory vegatarian diet. I will make sure to include plenty of “lettuce” “tomatoes” “carrots” and “potatoes” in my diet. LOL…. If I ever think of something as stupid as “camouflaging” deer please put me out of my misery. LOL

  • Let's Hunt Hunters says:

    Simply put I would love to hunt hunters.

  • Hambone says:

    I dont think the picture is real and i dont think that this idea would work even if it was real. The problem isnt in the animals not being camoflaged enough it’s with the humans hunting them. They’re deer they’re born with better camoflage than you could ever hope to put on them. You’re just making them look funny. Traps don’t care if a deer is camoflaged. If you want to stop hunting you need to stop the hunter. I don’t agree with hunting and I think it’s good that you’re trying to do something about it but please put some more effort into the thought. If anything you’re just making the hunters go after more deer because they can’t put the painted ones on their walls.

  • Craig Petersen says:

    I think ALL you jack asses should check your calendar it’s April 1st you know…

  • Tracy says:

    The most disturbing thing I’ve read here so far is what Jim had to say. He is the 8th one down from the top. I hope you end up in jail too! If you were not serious that sure isn’t anything to joke about. Just sick! That’s more sick than a painted deer!!

  • Michele says:

    This is hilarious! The joke is certainly on these hunter types who seem to think they know everything yet they cannot get through one sentence without serious spelling and grammatical errors! They sure spent a lot of time “dissing” us treehugging granolacrunching types to the point that they did not even consider that it was an April Fool’s joke HA HA!!! I guess they should read the research that shows that vegetarians and vegans have higher IQs than meateaters.

  • Arise says:

    This has got to be the lamest thing I ever heard of. MORONS!

  • Jay says:

    Too bad I didn’t catch this April fools joke yesterday it would have been fun to have posted a followup “story” on how the Elmer Fudds are catchandreleasing the camo deer after painting great big red and white target circles on their sides!!!

  • lindsey says:

    You hunters are so stupid you can’t even realize that this is an April fools joke! What idiots…….

  • Shannon W. says:

    People who kill animals are heartless fools. Hunters are too scared to use their hands to kill the animals so they hide behind their guns…..Buck Billy Bob Jim Bob Joe Bob and Billy Sue need to stop hunting and pursue an education.