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Camouflage Deer?

Written by PETA | April 1, 2007

As of this week, hunters have something new to worry about in addition to accidentally shooting each other and embarrassing themselves in public: Not being able to find any animals. At least that’s the idea behind HIDE (Hunting Is Downright Evil), an anti-hunt group based in Minnesota that has been tranquilizing deer in popular hunting sites, painting them camouflage, and re-releasing them into the wild. According to HIDE President Jamie Drysdale, the group, which has more than 60 members in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are able to camouflage up to 12 deer a week, and hundreds of infuriated hunters have already submitted letters of complaint to their state governments. Here’s a picture of a newly camouflaged buck from a hunting preserve in central Minnesota:


Amazing. Anyway, HIDE, here’s wishing you the best of luck confounding hunters around the country. I can’t wait to see the bear pictures!

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  • Shannon W. says:

    Hunters are incredibly stupid and selfish. Reading the comments they posted was like a comic show. 99.9 percent of them are illiterate fools. Animals have a right to live freely without some jackss wo an education killing them. I suppose hunters think this show they are TOUGH MEN. How sad….Make it fair to the animals use your bare hands. If it was done like this the dumb hunters would be the one’s that were killed. Not so tough now are we??

  • Amanda says:

    Dear PETA haters Thank you for spending so much time on our websites! Love A bunny hugger

  • Denise Carew says:

    You must be kidding me. Who was the moron who came up with this idea??????

  • ethan barnes says:

    very well spoken gerardo!!!

  • kari says:

    I can’t figure out what to make for supper tonight. I know a couple of venison steaks on the grill tonight sounds good.

  • DailyVegEditor says:

    Christ I hope these comments were part of the April fools fun. If not then these antiPETA posts were made by the dumbest rednecks on the planet.

  • rob doerre says:

    deer have been using thier own camo for a long time quite successfully. it’s funny these pets people color the animals like hunters. heck they might be easier to see this way.

  • Ryan Thompson says:

    April Fools

  • Curtis says:


  • Larry Buck says:

    the picture is fake look at the antlers the surroundings look too green to be anything but springespecially in minnesota and the antlers would have dropped by then. look at the ears they are too “shiny”. this is not hunting season so no one would be writing in anger. the eyes dont match up. it is stories such as this that proves how ignorant peta is. they have no clue about the great american deer hunt. keep your kids away from them. “for every animal you dont eat I’m going to eat three” Perfect Examples of Total Assholes

  • Gerardo says:

    I am not surprised by all this “comments”. U.S citizen often view themselves as superheroes. I can understand that the hunters think that with such a “sport” they are saving deer and the whole planet.. Every time a bunch of morons go to the “wild” to become Indians or Tarzan they leave a trail of garbage destruction and dead. Hunters racists born again christians …all product of the same “light” culture the plastic fantastic culture the convenient and fastfood culture and the moneybuysall culture. I would be happy if you all hunters can grab a book at least once a year. What a waist of time resources and energy on this socalled “sport” wander this is a prozac country…

  • kelly says:

    Any of these hunting jackasses take a look at the calendar and figure out what day it was? Now we know what kind of people think it is sporting to shoot deer

  • PFW says:

    Best. Prank. Evah. Beats the manure outta Google TiSP by a lagoonload. Happy belated AFD!

  • dirk digler says:

    Hey dumb fucks When hunting season starts deer will grow out their winter coats! Then the camo is gone! Didn’t think of that did ya… you fucking brainless scums of the earth. Why don’t you start killing deer with a more potent dose of tranquilizers so hunters can kill them! It’s humane right? You did it with dogs and cats… You big ass hypocrites…

  • J. Teeple says:

    Just now realized this is an April Fool’s joke.

  • Dean says:

    Wow chill out Fred. Hang on a moment this was posted on April 1st none other than April Fools Day. Am I right in thinking this is an April fool? If so it looks like a few of you hunting supporters are going to look like fools. Nice post Jack.

  • Bo Overmyer says:

    This has got to be the dumbest fucking Idea I have ever heard of…Camoflageing deer…you would think people could come up with a better way to waste good tax payers money….none the less the damn paint would kill the fucking deer anyway let alone some..not all…of the fucking deer will be shot and eaten to feed the faces of many starving people around the country…but oh wait thats right you belong to PETA you know everything there is to know about anything…I catch one of you in fucking woods I will kill you…no ifs and or buts…Shoot shovel and shut up….simple procedure.

  • Quwen Qyiz says:

    I can’t believe some of you people. LOOK AT THE FRIGGIN CALENDAR. Three guesses as to what day it is.

  • Nancy says:

    Um can’t we all just get along? Seriously this is getting way to shrill and ridiculous when the original story was ridiculous enough. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll start by saying that I am a PETA member. But I do not “break laws on a daily basis” or otherwise aside from occasionally jaywalking though walking anywhere is probably illegal here in LA. Anyway some valid points are being made on both sides but everyone seems to be forgetting one thing… this was posted on April Fool’s Day. I give Jack’s “source” big points for creativity but as a graphic designer of over 15 years this image looks suspiciously and conspicuously “Photoshopped” to me. We’ve been had folks. But cheer up… at least it was well executed.

  • Laughing in Georgia says:

    Wow just wanted to say thank you PETA. As a confirmed outdoorsman and hunter for almost 10 years I get as much entertainment from the crazy stuff you come up with as I do from tinkering with my guns bows and other equipment. Keep up the great work guys and gals I’ll be sitting in a tree come fall remembering this and laughing to myself at least until lunch steps out and gives me a shot.

  • Me2 says:

    The only reason animals get overpopulated in certain areas is that humans have taken their habitat. If you leave them alone in an area with a proper ecosystem then animals control their own populations with natural predators. Some animals don’t breed when there isn’t enough food or water.Old and young animals can die but it is the survival of the fittest which makes them have a stronger gene pool. It is humans that have ruined this earth to the point that so called ‘hunters’ seem to think they are justified.

  • Larry Buck says:

    this is to Todd Edwards sportsmen huntersfishermen have done more for wildlife in this country than any antihunting organization. also ecoterrorism is a BAD thing it destroys property and lives peta sponsors it look it up even if HIDE does exist tranquilizing deer and painting them can’t be good for the animals. anyone who has been in the fall woods would be happy to say that the natural coloration of deer is an extremely effective camoflage. a final note this is for the group of people who know about wildlife not peta i know you guys get confused thanks for posting keep buying licenses and morel mushrooms are a great compliment to grilled venison.

  • mark says:

    all you peta people do is take credit for the good things that hunters do then try to use it against us. and if you thing you can improve natures own camouflage your wrong. i was walkin through the woods today and scared two deer that were 5 yards from me. i didnt even see them till they jumped up and ran off. also all you peta people kill all your precious animals when you build your 1000000 homes. if you really wanted to help them. quit building your homes in there homes and give them something back

  • john says:

    You guys are the dumest fuckers ive ever seen. Please camo deer? Ill still find em and shoot em

  • Meat is so good says:

    that deer sure looks tasty

  • Swoosh says:

    That sure would make for a nice mount

  • The Fool says:

    Funny Stuff and even funnier comments. It is April 1st People. Good one!!!

  • xokad says:

    hi folks i must say that a camo deer is a great ideal.. it would make sure that those stupid hunters wouldnt be able to spot a deer at all!!!!! ohhhh wait a second they would be able to spot deer as long as they are in the wood..but most hunter wait until the deer is in the clear before shooting at themand deehunter also use their ears as well as their eyse to hunt and you can here a deer coming from a ways off if they are scrapping or grunting. so i guess us stupid hunters will still have lots of fresh meat to eat and heads to hang on our walls..mmmm i love deer meat.. anyways i hope all of you nice folks live happy with your store bought meats that are packed with all kinds of nice healthy stuff like growth hormones and fat and for all of you murdous vegetarians out there who kill innocent sould be ashamed of yaselves

  • Fred says:

    Ok I did a little checking and I can find no valid information on any organization called HIDE Hunting is Down Right Evil. That automatically makes this whole story total bullshit. Unless you can come up with some creditable data Jack then those baby blue eyes should be brown because you are full of it. Second if there is someone out there who is entertaining this idea they had better think twice since the drugs used to tranquilize animals is a controlled chemical and requires a permit to own and use. Not to mention darting wild deer is completely illegal but if you are a PETA supporter then laws of any type don’t apply to you since you break them on an almost daily basis. Third it would be completely asinine to think that you could improve on natures own camouflage. That only goes to show that these so called animal lovers know nothing about nature animals and the natural circle of life. I ask all you PETA morons have you ever seen a wild deer in its natural environment? With the answer probably being “NO” that would explain why you would think this was a neat idea. I also notice that you dont post any of my comments Jack. Are you scared of me? Perhaps it is because I use a false name and email address to discourage pranksters. I am not stupid enough to give you any personnel information as you PETA people have no scruples and capable of most any atrocity. Perhaps I should come to Norfolk and introduce myself and then we can have an intelligent conversation about how stupid you people are acting. I also noticed that you only post the comments from the opposition that have lots of errors in them. I assume to advance youre Hunters are stupid theory or maybe you change them before posting. Either way I have an idea. Make the BLOG an open forum and let every one fight it out or are you the cowards I always took you for and not will to fight fair.

  • TR says:

    Y’all know what day it is right?

  • AR redneck says:

    Are you really this gullible??? First off IF that picture is suppose to come off as recent then your dumber then this blog is….Do you really believe that the woods are that green filled in this time of the year in Minn.? As to the picture do you not know photoshop when you see it? What purpose would it serve to camo the already camo part of the deer and not paint the very visual white on the animal? How many times have you or any of the dimwits claiming to be involved in this deal every took the time to sit in the woods and observe deer in the wild??? A lack of camo is one of the VERY last thing a deer has to worry about…it is absolutely amazing how easy quickly a deer can disappear in the woods even with you looking right at it. With the drab background of the fall woods and the shadows bright spots provided in the wild the Good Lord has provided the deer all the camo it would ever need…some added green and black isn’t going to help in that category at all. PETA comes up with some dumb ideals daily but this one takes the cake at proving that you all know very little about the sport that you so hate hunting and even less about the animals you claim to want to protect.

  • Hillary says:

    The camouflaged deer is pretty adorable. I bet his buddies can’t wait to get their cute new lifesaving outfits too!

  • TR says:

    Kelly I must apologize for calling you an idiot. I seriously doubt that is the case. Young and misinformed is more likely the situation. Best regards.

  • J. Teeple says:

    Does that really work? I can see how you can miss them on a precursory glance but it just doesn’t seem like it would help that much…

  • BuckRogers says:

    Wow…Wow…God you people are dumb…you might as well torture those deer. or how about when they all get wiped out by cars at night because they cant be seen… Also it’s pretty bad when an anti hunter thinks what you do is inhumane! If you want to do somthing productive… paint them with some great tasting marinade! YUM!

  • TR says:

    Kelly you are an idiot. Only in your sheltered world and miniscule circle of friends do “most” people laugh at hunters. There are nearly as many huntingfishing licenses sold in one state alone as PETA has in it’s whole worldwide membership. Get a grip on reality!! All my best.

  • speaking for all hunters says:

    Speaking of being stupid….”somne” isn’t actually a word there idiot. It’s spelled some and I bet that I am smarter than most camouflage painting morons. I mean a deer thrives by smell those deer are gonna be running scared to death for days from smelling the paint.

  • John says:

    Me you give hunters a bad name just by opening your mouth so dont talk. As for you Kelly that is a very disresptful thing to say. I have been hunting for the better part of 5 years now and you would never know unless I started talking about it. There is a difference between killing and hunting a real hunter appreciates every day that he gets in the field regardless if he kills something or not. It isnt about killing an animal it is admiring animals in their natural habitat. And whether you admit it or not the only reason many animals are still here today are because of us. We create protect and manage habitat for thousands of different animals.

  • mike says:

    Not bad cammo im sure they know its going to be gone by the time seasion opens.

  • Aaron Ramirez says:

    Im 14 years old and I cant believe how stupid you peta members are. You all are either vegtarians or hipicrits and if your vegatarian then just do your thing and dont screw with hunters and if your a hipicrit then get your head out of your ass. If you outlawed hunting more animals would die then with hunting they would starve from exhausting their food supplies and have dozens of diseases from their overpopulation.

  • Buckshot says:

    I think you guys are a bunch of tree huggin’ idiots to tell ya the truth. Painting deer to save their lifes? Dumbest thing iv ever heard.

  • kelly says:

    After reading somne of these posts is it any wonder most of society thinks hunters are stupid? I mean you just have to say “hunter” and people start to laugh

  • jim says:

    Thats actually a good idea i think ill use that idea and go camouflage all your wives so when im raping them and they’re screaming for their lives u won’t be able to find them

  • Todd Edwards says:

    PETA People Eatin Tasty Animals.. That paint you put on the deer was very harmfull. You all are freakin morons

  • me says:

    howbout i shoot all you dumb fuckers that are trying to ruin the world by getting rid of hunting and trapping do you no how fucked up this world would be if we didnt hunt and trap look at california the moutain lion attack numbers are up since trapping was made illegal there this world will be the biggest damn mess if trapping and hunting are outlawed we as trappers and hunters kill everything as humanely as possible and build are traps to cause as little pain as possible like the conibear when that trap fires the animal is dead instantly

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    camouflage is very ok if it saves animals lives! now an information for peta when you have a look at today’s ecorazzi website it seems that leo is tired from al gore and environmentalism i already commented on their site. as i know leo is a vegetarian so if you catch him for a veggie burger ad catch him if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dw says:

    What a great idea! Maybe we should do the same with animals in labs.

  • jay says:

    That sounds like a great idea! Jack do you have HIDE’s contact info? Also do you know if this is legal?

  • jerry says:

    You people need to be shot with a tranq and como added

  • Jambi says:

    Ok I understand the want to stop the hunting but tranquilizing deer and then painting them? That doesn’t seem very humane.