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California Statewide Spay-Neuter Bill Headed to State Assembly

Written by PETA | June 3, 2009
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Kudos to caring California residents, including the folks at Social Compassion in Legislation, for helping to get SB 250, known as the Pet Responsibility Act, passed by the California Senate.

Introduced by state Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, SB 250 would require that nearly all dogs and free-roaming cats be spayed or neutered. (Breeders would be required to obtain permits to keep unaltered animals.) California spends $250 million every year to shelter homeless animals, many of whom are eventually euthanized.

If it passes the State Assembly, SB 250 will save lives. After Santa Cruz County enacted similar legislation, the number of euthanized animals dropped by 60 percent, so it’s crucial that this legislation becomes law.

Concerned Californians—please don’t wait to write a letter (calls and e-mails won’t be effective at this time) to your state assemblymember in support of SB 250. Put this quick, simple task on today’s “To Do” list and it can lead to a huge victory for animals on tomorrow’s “Ta-da!” list.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Jen says:

    This is poorly planned and misleading. This will negatively impact those in the animal world working to do right by animals and cost the state of California more in the enforcement of this bill than it would reaching the same goal by different means. Guide Dogs for the blind search and rescue dogs service dogsanimals people involved in show etc. All of these people will be punished for their work and responsibilty. Education about spay and neutering is free. Vaccines and altering is available and lowcost. The feasibility of this bill will drive the cost of vaccine and altering skyward and the availability will decrease. There are other ways. Plenty of other options. READ THE BILL be openminded and think about the concequences and impact this bill will have on EVERYONE before you push for it passing.

  • Carolina Pagani says:

    Wow California!!!!!!!! Please tell us how this was done. Here in Miami is like a slaughter house. Dogs and cats are killed by the thousands and just driving you can see at least one dead dog and one dead cat on the road a day. Please contact me to let me know how this law can me implemented here. This city is a mess!!!! Im so happy for pets in California. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  • carla says:

    Go Cali!!! Wake up Connecticut there’s more to life than working on the damn roads!

  • Linda says:

    This is so weird that I am hearing about this today for the first time. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read “My dog my choice say no to spay and neuter laws” Even before reading about the law i was appalled that someone thinks more about themselves then the well being of millions of animals and was wondering what law they were even talking about. Hopefully it passes though! Go California!

  • simara says:

    all animals should be spayed or neutered but no animal should be murdered just because they are homeless.PLEASE PLEASE read the book Redemption the Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America by Nathan J Winograd we as a speciesist society keep people who are are considered brain dead alive by machines we house rapists and murders in jails and yet we “euthanize” murder healthy and innocent animals due to lack of a home? that has got to change. “there are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the roots” Henry David Throreau “custom will reconcile people to any atrocity” William Shakespeare

  • Chuck Bridges says:

    The progress in reducing the killing in CA shelters has been phenomenal. You understand of course that Santa Cruz actually lagged the rest of the state in reducing its killing?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I hope California remains a champion of animal rights vegetarianism wildlife conservation and nature preservation.