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California Healthy Pets Act Passes Assembly

Written by PETA | June 8, 2007

I know I’ve been going on and on about this, so I wanted to give you guys the good news. It’s not over yet, but the California Healthy Pets Act has passed the Assembly, and is on its way to the State Senate Committee! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to push the bill this far—I’ll keep you updated on the Senate vote as it progresses.

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  • kelly says:

    The forprofit breeder lobby will do anything say thing to stop this!! They don’t want to be licensed and they want to keep their in the dark under the table sources of income that are not taxed plus the AKC wants to protect its puppy mill business partners Be aware of people from the breeder lobby who pretend to be “media” like Christie Keith who writes a pet column for the San Francisco Chronicle Christie Keith is NOT ONLY a dog breeder herself but she lobbies for animal breeder profit interests. She wrote an article opposing the Healthy Pets Act but neither she nor the Chronicle even mentioned that she is a dog breeder! Needless to say it was the usual breeder propaganda concocted to fight the Act. Kinda sleazy? Yes.

  • Sacred Cause says:

    This is just great! Let’s hope that the senate gives his green light!