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“Buy One, Kill One” to Air During Dog Show

Written by PETA | February 11, 2008

If you haven’t seen this ad yet, you should check it out. It’s all part of our new campaign to let the world know that the breeders bear a direct responsibility for this country’s massive animal-overpopulation crisis. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection that people who are deliberately breeding animals for profit when millions are dying for lack of a good home are making a bad situation worse—but the breeders have a powerful lobby. So we’re hitting them where it hurts: This simple but effective ad will be running on the USA network tomorrow during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is like prom night for breeders. More on this after the show.

There was a great piece about this in The Washington Post today, and you can watch the ad below.

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  • Reno says:

    Boom shakalaka boom boom, porlbem solved.

  • MH says:

    This I agree with. MY family has always gotten dogs from shelters and my current dog is the most amazing creature ever. The seller in the ad looks familiar though… who is he?

  • Casey says:

    WTF. Tactics like these are wrong for the Republican Party wrong for the NRA and wrong for PETA. I will be amazed if this gets posted. If it does at least you are doing something right. Casey SLC Utah.

  • Pash says:

    I am very confused by this??? Breeders are the reason for overpopulation? Surely it is irresponsible ownership? Take a look round animal shelters and the majority are not purebreds infact there are little. I agree that puppy farmersmills are a big problem but they have nothing to do with dog showing. Infact I dont think they would ever show their face at a show. I do not agree that the dog showing society are at a whole responsible for this. I do however feel that in terms of the puppy farmer pet stores or just the ignorant pet owner that thinks breeding molly to the dog down the road is ok well they are what is wrong with breeding. Not the AKC or any dog governing body accross the world. The real people that are to blame are those who dont care about the welfare and health of the dogs they are breeding and they are the ones I listed above. REAL dog breeders care about their dogs.

  • LouPeb says:

    Great ad!!! Some people just can’t get it. Or they don’t want to get it. When they buy a dog from a breeder a shelter dog lose a chance to find a home. And the breeder will breed more. Of course there’re people who never think about adopting a dog from shelters. I pity them. As for socalled responsible breeders they still make money by breeding dogs. If they really love dogs they wouldn’t be doing that.

  • Samantha says:

    I was shocked by this commercial in a few different ways. At first I was happy that it was so supportive of adopting shelter dogs. However making the point that every puppy from a breeder kills a shelter dog is false. I volunteer at a nokill shelter and we do not kill the dogs to make room for new ones. We do the best we can to get them adopted. I myself have adopted a dog from there. Comparing RESPONSIBLE breeders to puppy mills is completely inaccurate as most people have already said here.

  • Rachel says:

    Puppy Mills versus responsible breeders are two way different things. It just irritates me that people think that all breeders who aim for purebred dogs are bad they’re not. My friend is a breeder they produce magnificent show quality pups that go to good AKC show homes. PeTA just wants to make us feel guilty and adopt their dogs before they destroy them THAT’S the real message.

  • Mike says:

    Did the family in the ad adopt their daughter from an orphanage? If not they sentenced another child to a parentless existence. How dare people people make their own babies.

  • Tabitha says:

    Isabella since NOOOObody seems to want to answer you it’s very true and very easy to look up on the internet. There’s even pictures of the cute healthy animals that were senselessly murdered by PETA. Which makes this commercial pretty hypocritical doesn’t it?

  • ed says:

    the ad while compelling I thought it was a bit over the top. Yes That is the Truth of the matter. 1 dog gets bought from a breeder 1 less dog gets adopted from the shelter. We should find ways to discourage people from buying overpriced dogs from breeders when there are thousands and thousands of perfectly good dogs who need homes in our shelters. I do not trust breeders and do not care for their ethics or lack there of and general snobbery and yes I agree that they are part of the problem. Perhaps educating the public further is key..and sending messages across the message in a less abrasive way. I did however agree with the overall message of the ad.

  • Geri says:

    1. Research the difference between a reputable breeder of dogs cats horses etc. vs. someone who puts two animals together in the backyard to breed purely for profit. 2. A breeder many of whom handle their own dogs in the conformation ring doesn’t breed to show off how pretty their dog is or to collect ribbons and trophies. They breed to improve the physical and temperment quality of the specific breed which they’ve studied for a lifetime. 3. Adopting from a reputable breeder is exactly like adopting a child. They don’t ask your name hand you the dog then run to the bank to cash your check. They judge whether the dog is a good match for you and whether you are a good match for the dog. Yes they will refuse to sell to you regardless how much money you offer because it isn’t solely about profit. When you buy from a breeder’s line you join their family in a sense and they will maintain contact with you through the years. If for any reason you cannot keep the dog the contract says they will take the dog back. 4. Contracts are usually on a spayneuter basis. This means that the dog must be spayed or neutered prior to 8 months of age. In addition no offspring of that dog may be registered with the AKC. It says so right on the dog’s papers. You are buying one dog. This ensures that you are not buying a brood bitch or stud dog from which to indiscriminately reproduce. 5. In case you’re wondering why money is exchanged at all? Research how much it costs to properly feed and care for the dam the stud and a litter of puppies to ensure they are healthy and happy when they are allowed to go to approved homes. For example collie puppies are taken to a canine opthamologist at 7 weeks for an eye check to avoid Collie Eye Syndrome from which they could lose their sight. 6. Would I bring a dog into my family of which I knew nothing of its background health and temperment of the parents and genetic problems it could be harboring for the future? No. I did that with our previous Rottweiler. It was eight years of pure hl stemming from severe hip dysplasia xrayed at 6 months of age and a nasty temperment from four years of age on up. Summed up Know your breeder as they will know your dog.

  • Anonymous says:

    All my animals I have are rescued animals I think this commercial says alot.

  • Janet Warner says:

    I found all the Westminster Ads to be compelling

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Love you Carla!!!

  • Isabella says:

    I would absolutely love to know if what Ann Robinson has written concerning the PETA’s shelter in Norfolk to be true or not. No beating around the bush just the truth please. Supporting hypocryptes is not what I want to do. Thank you Isabella

  • Tamara says:

    Boy PETA you just slapped me back to reality here and I have to thank you. I got all caught up in the dog show because the Beagle that won was born in a town about 10 miles from me. So it’s a big story locally. And Beagles are cute. The story in the local paper talked about Uno’s the winning Beagle stud fees going up and all kinds of sickening stuff. Oh and Uno’s momma still lives locally and I’m sure her services might be requested a time or two extra because of Jr.’s win. Just repulsive. Thankfully you brought me back to earth. That is a great ad. Now when somebody says something to me about that dog I can give them a brief synopsis of the commercial. “Here’s the dog you killed”. Nothing says it more to the point than that.

  • andie says:

    mitch….how right you are. you have put the problem in a nutshell. thanks. but you will never see a free spayneuter program because that means someone would have to be donating time and equipment. follow the money trail. this new legislation of mandatory spayneuter in some localities will sure bring in a lot of money for someone.

  • black man m 16 says:

    i cannot believe that peta is that insenstive. if no body buys dogs what will happen the the dogs that have been breed what ar they supposed to do? dogs that come from good stock that either work or have health guarantees or screened to homes or have anit euthinasia and shelter contracts how can peta be so in sensitive and ignorant aim at the right target peta we need to address the real estate agents and the housing authorities to lift the strict rules on dogs in thier buildings the way to solve this problem is to network an work with people not produce insensitive commericals. once again aim at the right target peta

  • Gina Lane says:

    This has always been the case. When we buy an expensive pet from a breeder or pet shop each time it’s one less chance for an animal to be adopted. We do not need more dogs or cats. Please stop breeding.

  • Lauren says:

    A long time ago we bought from breeders and the dogs we got there were great. This was before my family realized we could get an equally great dog from a shelter that desperatly needs a home. Anyone that buys from a shelter is supporting cruelty.

  • caitlin says:

    aleasha judith and kelly you guys are sooooo right and i TOTALLY agree with you!!! i agree with a lot of others who posted also breeders are liars!! why anyone would even think of killing or hurting a dogor any animal for that matter is beyond me. i LOVE animals and i dont see why anyone would ever want to hurt one!! PLEASE ADOPT FROM SHELTERS!! it is cruel to buy from breeders!! GO PETA!! you guys ROCK!!! keep up the good work PETA!! PEACE!!!

  • rose says:

    peta or anyone who advocated this ad go to a shelter. tell me how many purebreds you see. also theres a big difference in a dog from a breeder and a dog from a pet store. breeders are proud of their dogs accomplishents just as peta is when it makes fun and harasses people they dont even know.

  • Millissa says:

    I would like to comment on Kristina’s comment as it realtes to her extensive interview with the breeder. I never in my life knew of anyone who experience that with a breeder. My father bought from a breeder and only asked his name and if he was paying check or cash. They did not ask for any family background nothing. About 3 years ago before I was well educated on the facts of the horrors of purchasing dogs from pet stores I purchased a dog from Petland. Although he is an amazing friend they did not question me about my living conditions if I ever owned a pet how old were my kids just a simple address and credit card. However about a year ago I adopted from a shelter and they wanted to know everything about me. They had the shelter officer speak to me what I can expect from a new dog they wanted to be sure that the breed would be a fit for my daughter they asked for income. Although the breeder interviewd you did you interview them? did you do a background check or check their breeding habits ie inbreding or breeding litters to close? I can understand people wanting a purebred but how about contacting a rescue organization?

  • Diana says:

    I thought it was a good eye opener. I like how they have the little girl in the commercial. I just hope children can relate with the child and become aware of the horrible truth behind puppy mills and how a shelter dogscats can be just as Knowing they have a second chance. loveable and thankful as a purebred. I have 3 purebreds myself 1 boxer 1 lab and 1 minpin. I love them all to pieces and they are all fixed. Which I did purchase from breeders but breeders I personally know. Let’s not all forget if you are the type of person that feels they just gotta have a purebred…remember there are plenty of them in shelters and rescues. They just won’t have their papers for you to show off. So what! Do you want a pet for it’s papers or a pet because you need love and companionship just as they do? After joining PETA and having my eyes opened to alot of truth I will either adopt from a shelter or rescue. Keep up the good work PETA and put more eye opening commercials on TV. You know that’s America’s favorite way to pass time. The more you put on TV the more people become aware of the truth!

  • mitch says:

    Adopting animals doesnt address or solve the issue. Pure bred owners are a hundred times less likely to have a pet wind up in a pound. If we really want to solve the shelter issue we will create free spayingneutering prgrams. Way to try and blame breeders when the issue is irresponsible ownership. Whether it be of a pure breed or a mutt. Both of which are equally lovable! The KKK discriminated against race and as far as I can see you have done the same.

  • Carla says:

    Love you Judith!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Dorrit So very right you are. Cats like dogs have been victims forever. And until something can truly be done for their welfare they will continue to be victims. Peace!

  • Dorrit says:

    A few yrs ago our kitten wandered. Someone took her to the animal “shelter” and when we arrived there to search for her she had already been gassed to death. We were devastated. Cats too are victims of breeders. It’s a powerful ad.

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    What a WOW commercial. But how true is it. There are so many unwanted animals in our shelter who honestly make wonderful pets. I know I have had several of them and although I am not ready to get another dog yet because mt other one just passed when the time comes that is where i will go to rescue another one to be my little angel or my little prince!!

  • eg says:

    How about assigning blame to the individuals that abandon their pets? Why blame the AKC? Furthermore why don’t the legions of PETA members adopt an unwanted pet from an animal shelter? Problem solved. Put up or shut up.

  • Carlotta says:

    I watched the show but I didn’t see the ad.

  • Ann Robinson says:

    And who kills a greater percentage of PETA? After all PETA’s ONE AND ONLY “shelter” in Norfolk killed 97 of the animals taken for “adoption” last year while the local humane society placed 70. People are importing pound puppies from overseas because they cannot find dogs locally. These are often sick and some carry rabies. But when the “surplus” of shelter dogs runs out what will PETA do to raise money?

  • Kristina says:

    I am more than willing to believe that breeders kill shelter dogs … if I have some evidence. Some slick ad is not going to convince me that because I bought my dog from a breeder I killed a dog. Anyone? Some hard facts here? What about the company that rents dogs? That isn’t good as well. Where is the uproar at that? I had to go through a more extensive interview to get my dog than I’m sure most people go through to get a baby. I love my dog … are you and PETA going to fault me on the sole fact that I got my dog from a breeder? And Aleasha Once again you exhibit your amazing brain power. Really? “Souless evil being.”? And you close with “lmao.” I don’t have the words to even begin to address that. I admit that was a potshot but I would like to ask have any of you looked into any breeders that you so quickly villaify? If they are on the up and up I can’t see how you catagorize them with puppy mills.

  • Andrew Hopkins says:

    The funny thing is though that Pedigree Mars Inc. is promoting the Westminster Show with their shelter dog campaign. Little contradictory there don’t you think?

  • Brandon Becker says:

    I agree with Jay W. these are excellent ads. They get the point across clearly and effectively. Keep up the great work!

  • Jason says:

    You guys are on a roll!! Another excellent commercial! And my respect to the USA Network for airing it and not backing down like the other coward networks.

  • Aleasha says:

    This is an excellent ad. Anyone who knows the truth and STILL buys a purebred puppy is a souless evil being. Which constitutes every single breeder in the world. lmao

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    USA Network you are the best and you are very brave people and that is what it takes in this world of ours. To be outspoken is the way of our world. We would never get anywhere without our voices. Look how far we have come and we shall continue fighting the good fight!!!!! Peace!

  • Carla says:

    Jay W. Right on!!

  • Jay W. says:

    Jack this is great and so was the KKK ad. I think both of these are two of the most effective pieces PETA has ever createdI am sure they will turn out to be successful and I hope PETA will take heed and continue along this route. While I still feel that there is a place protests and leafletting I also think ads like this in the mass media can reach hundreds more people and will make them consider the issues quite a bit more seriously than something like ‘Milk Gone Wild’ ever could. Please pass this comment onto the higherups and keep fighting the good fight…all of you folks there do a fabulous job everyday.

  • Carla says:

    This ad is going to be aired. I’ll tape it and fast forward to the commercials! USA Network Animal Planet? Anyway WAY TOO GO PETA!!!

  • Yoei Kitsune says:

    Why anyone would even think to kill a dog is beyond me I’ve always told my friends to adopt their pets and never buy them. Animal cruelty should be stopped for our sake and the animal’s sake.

  • Denise says:

    Great Ad! I think it will open a lot of people’s eyes. Breeders and puppy mills are contribute to the deaths of so many innocent animals and people need to know. Thanks

  • Addie says:

    Great Ad!!! Its about time people understand that there are wonderful animals dying in shelters because people are buying dogs from breeders and pet stores.

  • Kelley says:

    Go USA Network! I am amazed they agreed to run this ad.

  • kelly says:

    Breeders are not a powerful lobby. They are loudmouths and liars however that spend enormous amounts of time screaming about their “constitutional rights” to abuse dogs and hide illegal businesses. Normal sane good citizens are not breeding dogs. Selfish marginal disturbed people are. But the AKC and its gang of weirdos make large amounts of money from abuse and tax fraud so they don’t want any laws or rules to diminish that. The only way the AKC can even hold dog shows or sponsor them is because BLOOD MONEY from the puppy mills pays for this activity. Puppy mill registrations now makes up most of AKC income. Any wonder why all those AKC freaks want the puppy mills to keep going strong? Why they oppose laws and licensing and regulations for the mills? Not to mention they themselves are cheating the government and other citizens with their undeclared income. The dog breeding business is corrupt.