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Buy American! Syrup, That Is

Written by PETA | August 19, 2009

This week at the summit of North American leaders, President Obama discussed his stimulus plan, which is aimed at improving the U.S. economy. It includes a “buy American” clause that requires projects funded with stimulus money to use only American goods.

Guess who’s up in arms?

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Prime Minister Harper is concerned that if America switches to products made in the US of A instead of buying those made in Canada, his country will suffer a significant financial blow.

That’s exactly what we’ve been saying!

By boycotting Canadian maple syrup—one of Canada’s major revenue sources—consumers can help pressure the government to end the annual seal slaughter.

You heard the prime minister—buy American! But before you head out to the supermarket, check out these pictures from our latest demonstration outside the Canadian Consulate in Denver, Colorado:


Buy American maple syrup


Buy American maple syrup


Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Matt says:

    Hey folks. Great discussion on here. Just one thing. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up. I’m a Canadian and maple syrup is not one of Canada’s “major” resources. Lumber…yes. Oil…sure. Maybe even hockey sticks. This being said this is a very important issue of the day and I am glad there is conscious discussion going on.

  • Tim Smith says:

    Edward the inuit and other indigenous groups do have the right to autonomy and sovereignty and respect without anyone telling them otherwise. It’s a pity that people like you create a bad impression of Americans as a whole because I’m sure most of you are decent folk.

  • amandae82 says:

    I just joined this site and became a fan and a supporter. I would really appreciate if someone could post the link to where PM Harper ate the meat. That’s disgusting and appauling to say the least I can say without getting kicked off a website. Thanks

  • pat ciochetto says:

    we can make syrup from fruit and not have to waste gas sending to new england for maple

  • Craigh says:

    Why does PETA only go after the seal hunt in Canada their are seal hunts in Greenland Norway and Namibia

  • Edward says:

    Well Tim in this rapidly expanding world we will eventually completly take over all land previously owned by Inuits and Native Americans for that matter. We’ve taken land ever since the Pilgrims in 1620 and now the Natives are clinging onto a few reservations. We will eventually take that too. They might as well just conform to our society now before they are forced to. It’s imminent. The only place that the average Inuit should get seal meat is at the supermarket or one hunted with a permit.

  • Tim Smith says:

    Meg your comment relating to the inuit is extremely disappointing to say the least. The issue here is the COMMERCIAL seal hunt not the inuit SUBSISTENCE hunt which are two completely different things. I should also point out that at least some significant headway is being made on this matter re Fkface Harper’s comments. The end is nigh but let’s not start popping our streamers just yet.

  • Mickee Mallonson says:

    I will personally never buy an American product until the United States of Slaughterland stop killing innocent animals and that goes for Canadian products aswell!!! Shame on you America and Canada!! the world should goin together and stop total trade with North America.

  • Michael Banks says:

    I do not buy Maple Syrup and I am Canadian. Our Prime Minister is a joke and an embarassment to all Canadians can we trade Obama for Harper and I am not laughing.

  • Caroline says:

    I just buy whatever syrup is on sale it is usually never maple because it it too expensive

  • Suzie says:

    I’m against seal slaughter obviously and am boycotting Canadian maple syrup though I admit that it’s a bit easier for me because I don’t even like maple syrup in the first place!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I carefully read labels on everything I buy at the supermarket even though it drives my husband nuts. If it says Canada on it I put it back. I don’t care if seal hunting is a tradition for the Inuits it’s time they realized this is the 21st century. Not everything that is traditional is good.

  • Tom says:

    People in the United States should be buying American goods anyway protest or no protest. It is imperative that Americans support their own country’s economy instead of propping up the economies of China Japan and yes Canada.

  • tyler says:

    Im deff down lets all work together and teach them that their cruel and destructive ways are wrong and that everything will catch up to them! so lets club and slaughter their pockets!!!!! love tyler

  • Aneliese says:

    I’m Canadian and I seriously don’t care what Harper thinks I just know that he thinks the seal hunt is just fine and “humane”.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Obama is not an animal friendly president. All the years he was in Chicago he NEVER DENOUNCED DOGFIGHTING AND ANIMAL ABUSE. Chicago’s Reverend Jesse Jackson has embraced Michael Vick and he’s never denounced animal abuse or dogfighting.

  • Joshua Cohen says:

    The Canadian seal trade is just another example of how barbaric a world we still live in. Much of the guilt from this and other heinous acts rest with the consumer who provides the demand for such supply. Once people begin respecting other creatures and stop acting as though the world begins and ends with the human race then can these crimes begin to be alleviated. The human race is capable of such wondrous acts. Its time we mature.

  • maxine b robinson says:


  • NT says:

    I am a Canadian and will ONLY buy American maple syrup. Yesterday our Prime Minister ate SEAL MEAT with the Inuit again in defiance of what most Canadians want ! I am so mad I can’t wait for an election to give this loser the boot. All Americans don’t just boycott Canadian products but let the PM and Canadian media know why!!

  • Gail Abramson says:

    I will not knowingly buy any Canadian products until that brutal and senseless slaughter stops. Nevertheless efforts need to be made to help people dependent on that seal trade to find other ways to live. Is that unrealistic?

  • Edward says:

    Well if it will help the U.S. economy…

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    Go On People Buy American!!