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Burberry Protest!

Written by PETA | November 21, 2006

Burberry, still reeling from PETA UK’s little visit to their London store last week, got another unpleasant surprise this afternoon when four activists showed up at their 57th Street store in New York. Here’s how it went down, according to one of the campaigners who was there:

Two activists went in the store with posters while 2 more waited outside with their bloody fur coats inside out and tucked under their arms. The 2 activists inside were picked up by security (literally) and removed from the store, but not before one activist managed to get inside the Burberry store window and start spreading fake blood all over…

Meanwhile, on the outside, the protesters spread fake blood all over the window display, summed up the finer points of the fur issue for passersby with chants like “Burberry tortures animals!” and (for the visual learners in the crowd) used TVs strapped to their bodies to show footage of animals being skinned alive for their fur. Check it out:


Burberry 005.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest3.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest1.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest6.jpg

More pics after the jump.

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  • marissa says:

    i liked the idea of the protestors using TV’s for the benefits of passers by. This will show the crowd whats the fuss about and that PETA is NOT overreacting. Everyone should know the real reason behind the protests. I think allot of people dont really understand the reason behind the protests and just assume its a bunch of animal fanatics or ‘crazy people’ as i have heard in the past. Seeing the videos for themselves is the most effective. GREAT JOB GUYS! please keep it up!

  • Tatiana says:


  • PATRICIA J.S. says:


  • Ohm a.k.a Stigmata says:

    This is great what you i’ll support this as much as i can from here….they can’t keep doing this ! It’s outrageous ! I work in the fashionphotography but it’s no need to use FUR !

  • Anne Nott says:

    Well done. Now lets nail the bastard who shot that 10 day old tiger cub in the Daily Mail last Saturday and stuffed it for an ornament. I would prefer the tiger cub alive to thinking of it as a 20000 ornament!

  • Anouk says:

    Keep on with that good job ! why wont Burburry stop taking part in animal crualty

  • Sabrina says:

    I thought Burberry was fine and stylish and in fact I still do but I was shocked when I heard they’re using fur in their clothing… I’m totally against it and because of that… GOOD JOB PETA! From Sabrina

  • Renee Huxham says:

    WELL DONE PETA!!!! I commend you for your incredible work. I will be sending out this information to everyone that I know in south africa. I cannot believe that this company still defiantly refuses to ban fur from its range being fully aware of the incredible torture that these beautiful animals are exposed to. I think that the Burberry Shareholders should all be skinned alive. PETA YOU ARE ALL ANGELS….

  • Jessica says:

    Great job! Hopefully more people will stop giving more money to the fur industry.

  • Pankaj Duggal says:

    I think these people shouldn’t be protested just like this such people should be tortured mentally as they torture poor animals.

  • Judy Wicks says:

    thank you PETA for your compassion courage and tireless efforts on behalf of our friends the animals.

  • Marjorie says:

    Keep protesting. I would like to know if these people have and feeling and how would they like it if it was done to them. Animals have also got a life.

  • Dustin says:

    I do not understand how people in America are still getting away with this murder!! I can not take it any longer! Tell me what to do to help stop this tragedy!

  • susanne petersen says:

    great job. I hope people think of what they are wearing. A dog who is skined alive for the fur who wants to wear that.

  • kyra says:

    i think thats awesome what theryre doing. i wish i could do that. and i hate the fur industry with every single piece of me. go them!

  • kimberly mason says:

    my heart goes out to these animals……. i couldnt beleive what i saw after what they done to raccoons beat and skinned them alive….. i saw raccoon eyes so sad and helpless i feel like we failed them. we have to do something to stop them doing to them……. i cried and cried . its really so terriable of them what they done to those precious animals. Those men ough to be in jail for animals abused!!!!

  • Jenny says:

    Hell yeah!!! it’s about time!!! I don’t think those rich S.O.B’s really care beyond there own self existance’s the least that can be done is an eye opener and a way to get there attention is bringing it to them for certain!

  • Nikki says:

    Thank you PETA for all that you do for animals. These precious creatures do not deserve this torture! I only hope that this will cause people to realize that animals are not here to serve humans in any way that those humans see fit! I will continue to support and assist PETA in any way I can. Awesome job here!

  • Sue Shigley says:

    I just want to thank all of the animal rights protesters. THANK YOU for your efforts to stop the suffering of animals!!

  • Anya says:

    The footage from PETA’S Protest Compain is very strong and sure influenced allot if minds even though it might take them some time to process the IMAGES OF BURBERRY’S CRUAL ACTION AGAINST COMPLEATELY INNOCENT CREATURES THAT MAKE OUR WORLD ONLY A BETTER PLACE! unlike those murderes that make it only better for themselves!!!

  • Jenifer Ast says:

    It’s about time that we show our INTOLERANCE to the Fashion Industry Burberry by Speaking out Against the HORRIFIC CRUELTY that Animals must endure so that “we” can look good by wearing something POPULAR because of society’s HIGH STANDARDS for what is BEAUTIFUL! There is NOTHING Beautiful about Bloody Bludgeoned Animals usually Skinned Alive for their FUR!!!

  • Lady Alexandra Wolf says:

    PETA you are making a differance I will support you with my dieing breath.

  • Pamela Haze says:

    The true calibre of a person is revealed in the way heshe treats animals. The ignorant refuse to look at exactly where their fur comes that makes me angry.

  • Siobhan says:

    Good on you PETA!! I support you 100 you are such an effective voice for these voiceless and defenceless beautiful souls. Good work!

  • Carroll Hall says:

    Just wondering how humans can be SO cruel and kill all those beautiful animals. The designers will not be happy until all animals are dead and none exist. THEN what will they do to make a living? The horrid creatures who buy these furs are despicable scum.

  • Miriam & Bill says:

    Great Job hopefully they will loose their business and change their way to fake fur. It looks better anyway.

  • fiona says:


  • Jessica says:

    God Bless all the members from PETA. The work you guys do is something to be proud about. I wish you the best of luck and really hope you get to save many innocent valuable lives.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Shame on companies that put profit before caring and compassion. You make yourself look very silly selling a product that is intended to have flair when really people just feel sad that you have such low compassion. Drop the fur and show us the REAL you. We like an honest company.

  • angelique abbamonte says:

    c’est vraiment super continuez encore comme ca et vous arriverez mais quand merci

  • Liz says:

    It only takes a few people to make a difference.This it where it starts!

  • Venus says:

    I Hope what your doing is getting through to those assholes. I love hearing about these protests knowing that other people care about animals.

  • Megan says:

    Great to see PETA. Its time for paople to wake up and REALLY THINK about what they are supporting.

  • kendall says:

    Great job! Amazing work! Way to show those dirty bastards!!

  • Marisela Pacheco says:

    Teach Burberry that animals have feelings Good job PETA. I support you guys 100. I love animals 100. I protest against animal cruelty.

  • nancy warbutton says:


  • tina james says:

    be the change you wish to see power to the peaceful vanity really has taken our sanity

  • naru says:

    why in this modern age..vanity..profit..don’t we see that unless we take care of the planet and it’s animals there will be nothing bloated CEO’s pay or shareholder beamers or learjets..there will be nothing..are we as a species so dumb and cruel?..sadly we are..I hope our children will make the difference that we seem unable of do. Perhaps we should remember the words of Mahatami Gandi “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”

  • KOT says:

    I couldn’t even watch a minute of the fur production video. All I kept thinking was ohmygod and how much the animals looked like my own companions. Sickening. If I didn’t live in Canada where to my knowledge Burberry doesn’t have any chains I’d totally be out there. Can’t wait for 2010 to come so I can be 18 and ditch my fair country to become a PETA intern. Get those murdering fucks out of the fashion industry. If you can even call it that. BURBERRY MURDER!

  • Leo says:

    While I am a passionate advocate for animals and genuine protestor of furs leathers and wools I will continue to buy merchandise from Burberry that is animal friendly. I am glad PETA is bringing the violence of the fur industry to the house’s attention but I beleive there are many companies that are using fur much more in its collections. i.e. Prada’s racoon coats and bags and Fendi’s floor lenght coats

  • c.r. says:

    your work is really appreciated!!! these companies should be ashamed.

  • Petra says:

    Awesome work…..Keep doing the amazing job. I support you 100 someone needs to speak on behalf of the animals.

  • Jro says:

    I’m just curious are all these protests within the legal limits?? You’d think the paint smearing would infringe on some sort of legal issue…but more power to the individuals who will go to jail for our furry friends.

  • Amber O says:

    I love that you guys are sticking up for what you believe in. If there was a burberry anywhere near here i would definitly do the same thing!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  • Daniel Morrison says:

    U guys rok put those bastards out of buissness YES

  • Milla says:

    great done! hopefully more people got to realize what cruelty they’re supporting and got other more aware that burberry is bad too.

  • gabriele says:

    good job peta!! you guys are amazing.. keep on protesting! guys are doing great.. maybe those dum asses will realize what their doing and finally STOP!

  • paul bateman says:

    Those activists have done a great job exposing the truth behind Burberry and it’s fur links. I think anyone that supports the neglecttorture slaughter of animals all in the name of fashion has BLOOD!! on their hands. From Paul

  • Janet says:

    Good job Peta. That probably made a few people think about what they were buying.

  • Alexi says: