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Burberry Protest in Moscow

Written by PETA | May 2, 2007

Man, PETA Europe gets around. It seems like every day I’m seeing clips of their demonstrations in some far away land. Check out this coverage of a Burberry protest they held yesterday in Moscow. Admittedly, the article would be much more entertaining and informative if I could read Russian, but I still love it because it’s just so cool to sit here in Virginia and think about all the things people are doing to help animals all over the world. Animal rights has truly gone global, and that, friends, is exciting . . . innit?


The World, aka, PETA’s oyster.

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  • lobbo says:

    Transalation The animal right protectors had an action in Moscow against killing the animals for the fur. By the store Burberry people have poured themselves with bloodyred paint and laid down on the sidewalks pretending to be dying animals.

  • Robert Rodriguez says:

    Anyone want to translate that for us Russianimpaired folk?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Andrew It is truly amazing at what is taking place in Russia and all over the world. It shows that people are listening. This is very simply fantastic. Judith The Buddhist

  • Andrew Woods says:

    This is a very important action because Russia together with China is a furtopseller and people there are not at all educated! Good luck PETA in Russia!