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Bunnies Drowned at Ohio Petland

Written by PETA | August 4, 2009

Update: The Petland store has closed, and the employee has been charged with cruelty to animals. Click here for details.

Warning: disturbing image.
Drowned rabbits

This photo was taken in the back room of a Petland store in Akron, Ohio, and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Carlisle, who can be seen grinning as she holds two dead, soaking-wet rabbits by the scruff of the neck—rabbits she just drowned while on Petland’s time clock. On Carlisle’s Facebook page, she confirmed a friend’s guess that she had drowned these two rabbits and wrote, “[T]he manager took the pic for me. [S]he reminded me that there were people outside as [I] was swearing at them to just hurry up and die but then she was so kind as to take this picture.”

These horrific deaths followed what was apparently an equally horrifying life for these rabbits. Other comments Carlisle posted made it clear that the rabbits were drowned after sustaining agonizing injuries when they were allowed to “attack and eat each other.” The rabbits suffered from “deep wounds all over,” “an eye missing,” what Petland staff “suspected was a broken jaw,” and paralysis from the waist down—injuries that would not have occurred had these animals been provided with proper care and supervision.

Undercover investigations have revealed time and time again that companies that breed and sell animals are concerned about profits, not animals’ well-being. We are urging Petland to think long and hard about what this incident makes clear: The company has no business selling any animals.

To prevent future incidents like this one, please, never buy from pet stores and urge Petland at the very least to stop selling rabbits.

Click here to take action against Petland.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Melloney says:

    Keep these atricles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  • Melloney says:

    Keep these atricles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  • Neville Panthera says:

    That hairdo even looks like “blood” ! Carlisle must be mentally disturbed and I pity any children that may be in her charge. There is a proven link between animal and child abuse.

  • becky says:

    I think she should be drowned then photographed hanging by her neck. It is un F-ing believable that she could get away with this. Fired is not nearly enough punishment and I really wish I were close to there so I could beat her senseless. But that is just me~!

  • Wendy says:

    WTF – how? why? Complete psycho. If anyone ends up burning in hell, it will surely be people like this.

  • Heidi says:

    The witch should go to jail, or at least do community service scooping up animal poop in a shelter. Better yet, this PICTURE SHOULD BE PUBLISHED IN HER HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER … I would gladly contribute my share of $ contributions to take out a full-page ad. God forbid this monster ever has kids of her own. If possible, her name should follow her like dirt, should she ever, ever try to adopt a pet in her dirty name.

  • Wendy Becker-Metivier says:

    How disgusting! I hope that whoever hires her next does a background check!

  • debbi says:

    the psychotic look in her eyes is obvious

  • OMG that's sad!!! says:

    Is she going to jail? Why does she look so happy to be a murderer of cute defenseless rabbits? Wtf? Sicko big time. People need to keep their pets and children very far away from this psycho.

  • Wendy Blanchard says:

    Horrible to realize that there are such people existing in this world who find entertainment while inflicting pain & suffering on the beautiful creatures. My brain cannot comprehend this!

  • darla hill says:

    Sadly these rabbits are gone,but no more pain can sick humans do to them anymore,as for The other animal,I hope that sick bunch gets whats coming very soon!What goes around comes around and her fame was short lived,hopefully she is in a place that makes her feel trapped and all alone for very very long time!!!!

  • darla hill says:

    Sadly these rabbits are gone,but no more pain can sick humans do to them anymore,as for The other animal,I hope that sick bunch gets whats coming very soon!What goes around comes around and her fame was short lived,hopefully she is in a place that makes her feel trapped and all alone for very very long time!!!!

  • freetogofish says:

    Where is she at/ working now? Any update on her activities?

  • Helen Smith says:

    She’s demented and needs to be put away for life! Her next picture will be with human babies that she has killed. She has serious problems! How can anyone that is sane do something like this? She looks like she’s in a satanic cult! Lock her up for life and do humanity a favor!

  • patygirl says:

    I hate her,

  • ayesha gaylor says:

    no need to worry anymore though these rabbits are in heaven where they will have a much more happier life but what an evil women she is hope she rots in hell 😀

  • Diane says:

    What a truely sick person she must be. Those bunnies belong to God. They are such loving, innocent creatures. I am sure she will be judged by their makers and hers.

  • LARIB says:

    Lock her up and throw away the key, before she continues to torture animals and eventually moves on to people! I’m just glad she was dumb enough to get caught the way she did. And the manager should also be charged! Animals should not be sold as retail items. Didn’t they have an video surveillance at this place?!

  • alh2012 says:

    This woman is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Hopefully she drowns someday.

  • Chloe Wooding says:

    She’s an evil woman. She should be locked up! She might grin and kill something larger next time.

  • Jude Ferringh says:

    This makes me sick. Apparently Petland seeks out employees that hate animals even little bunnies.

  • Jen says:

    What’s scary is her face and the smile look totally normal until you look at the rabbits, at first I thought she could of been holding up something anyone else would be proud of.

  • Kado says:

    Those poor, dear animals! It sickens me that they suffered so. Never a happy moment and then tormenting deaths. What is this capering, grinning pink-haired cadaverous freak made from, anyway? Clearly something WAY wrong with this young woman. I hope she was jailed and I hope she will be watched forever. I wouldn’t want to share the sidewalk with her. EVIL SCUM. Maybe she’ll get lucky and die in a car wreck but I’m hoping an animal lover gets ahold of her on a dark and lonely stretch of road.

  • Cheryl says:

    She is disgusting

  • Diane skinner says:

    Sick, pathetic excuse for a human being! She should be shot for being so evil!

  • Anja says:


    This woman is NOT HUMAN, she’s EVIL up to all of her pores!!!

  • Mia says:

    thats disturbing and the fact that she’s actually smiling after drowning 2 innocent bunnies is absolutly disgusting!!!

  • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    How on this planet can a “civilized” person do this to innocent defenceless rabbits? What an evil moron Elizabeth Carlisle is. I would love to give her the exact same treatment as she gave the rabbits. Also – please tell me how Petland is still open? Why has no official closed it down and sued the owners for billions?????

  • Ewa says:

    My god, don’t they know that killing animals is the first step to being a sociopath.

  • Cheryl Williams says:

    I certainly hope this [text cut] was punished, fined and is never allowed to work around animal again and will never be able to own any kind of animal for the rest of her life!!!!

  • Dogsgalore217 says:

    Elizabeth Carlisle should go drown herself. viva la bunnies!

  • Rachel says:

    Ugh this makes me sick. And its even worse that she is smiling. I was doing my research about petland stores and there are complaints about he puppies they sell their being from puppy mills and when you buy them they don’t livelong.its a shame that they do that to their animals.

  • elly says:

    2009 or 2012, it does not matter, this is disgusting, indead the same for her to die and then to hell!

  • bjg55 says:

    Yes i agree with everyone on here and what they are saying. Poor animals are treated so vile and inhumane. How can this stupid cow do this to animals. I hope shes gets prosecuted. Shes probly a thick dumb bimbo. thick as a plank. Evil and cruel to these poor animals sick people.

  • Corinne says:

    She needs the same thing done to her,that is so SICK!! Hate people that hurt animals!! Sick individual….Makes me MAD!!!

  • gail says:

    This incident took place in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Vannesa says:

    This woman looks disturb and mostly sick in the head to do such thing to these poor animals! Hope this picture pops out when her own children see what a sick mother they have!

  • blackcoffeeness5 says:

    Why was she the only person in there? Were there any costumers who could’ve stopped her!?

  • D-R says:

    Why? Why? 🙁 Good grief. How horrible.

  • Elizabeth Eiler says:

    For anyone interested in contacting Petland in Ohio to protest their cruel neglect, abuse, and murder of animals, go to the following link: This is a chain who, in Iowa, sold puppies bought from filthy puppy mills, many of whom were sick with Parvo virus and died shortly after being purchased. Also at the same Iowa store, customers saw rodents for sale who were laying dead in their cages. This company is a habitual abuser of animals and a supporter of puppy mills. They need to hear from us about the outrage they have sparked!

  • Deb says:

    I hope they prosecute that sick [text cut]! Watch your back bunny killer…Karma will get you!

  • K says:

    God’s watching them. These people will get what they deserve. DISGUSTING PIECES OF CRAP!

  • Seji says:

    This is how serial killers get their start and this young woman looks the part. I’m sure we will see her face in the news as a serial killer. She’s scary, disgusting and has no place in civilized society. Put her in jail where she belongs before she hurts another animal or worse, a person.

  • Carolyn Cooper says:

    Oh, i’m speaking of the Pet Land chick drownding the bunnies. Oh God what a horrible thing . I have a pet bunnie 10 months old. He is black like those babys in the picture. That is so nauseating.

  • Melissa says:

    Evil… Why harm a bunny like that? Whats the bunny ever done to her? Poor innocent bunnies being killed like that! Would the girl like it if someone tried to drown her? R.I.P poor bunnies…

  • karen_deppe says:

    I tried to follow the link to do something about this but it was no longer available. I thrilled to see that that Petland had been closed down and that women and her boss were prosecuted. I felt such loathing and revulsion when I saw her smiling face and the little dead bodies. I hope Carlyle has a horrible time in gaol. I love bunnies and I hope those little ones can rest in peace. I never buy from petshops. I have made so many complaints about them to the RSPCA. I have to little bunnies that I love. They are such precious little beings. I never buy from petshops. The only reason I got my little Bracken from a petshop was because I had fallen for and I had been told he had been left there by a breeder. It is not just what Carlyle that is so revolting but the fact that she could smile about it.

  • Lisa says:

    My God, what a horrible thing to do and what an ugly girl!

  • guy says:

    What a horrible thing to do…

  • Mr. Trololo says:

    Great job Liz! I’m so proud of you! 😉