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Bunnies Drowned at Ohio Petland

Written by PETA | August 4, 2009

Update: The Petland store has closed, and the employee has been charged with cruelty to animals. Click here for details.

Warning: disturbing image.
Drowned rabbits

This photo was taken in the back room of a Petland store in Akron, Ohio, and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Carlisle, who can be seen grinning as she holds two dead, soaking-wet rabbits by the scruff of the neck—rabbits she just drowned while on Petland’s time clock. On Carlisle’s Facebook page, she confirmed a friend’s guess that she had drowned these two rabbits and wrote, “[T]he manager took the pic for me. [S]he reminded me that there were people outside as [I] was swearing at them to just hurry up and die but then she was so kind as to take this picture.”

These horrific deaths followed what was apparently an equally horrifying life for these rabbits. Other comments Carlisle posted made it clear that the rabbits were drowned after sustaining agonizing injuries when they were allowed to “attack and eat each other.” The rabbits suffered from “deep wounds all over,” “an eye missing,” what Petland staff “suspected was a broken jaw,” and paralysis from the waist down—injuries that would not have occurred had these animals been provided with proper care and supervision.

Undercover investigations have revealed time and time again that companies that breed and sell animals are concerned about profits, not animals’ well-being. We are urging Petland to think long and hard about what this incident makes clear: The company has no business selling any animals.

To prevent future incidents like this one, please, never buy from pet stores and urge Petland at the very least to stop selling rabbits.

Click here to take action against Petland.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Kalna says:

    I say we do to her what she did to those innocent Angel’s. R.I.P babies see you at the RainbowBridge. No more pain or suffer for you little Angel’s

  • Robyn Faith says:

    Please tell me this ‘person’ was arrested and fired???!!

  • Cheryl says:

    Gee I hope she has an 8×10 of this photo in her house. She should be real proud about this photo. Wonder what her friends and family think?

  • Jenn says:


  • annick le parque says:

    I don’t like pet stores they should have toys food stuff like that but no animal and clearly with these images of the drowned rabbits they are not worthy of having any animals in their business!!!

  • Mary Pat says:

    What a disgusting scumbag

  • Sasha Martinez says:

    Please do something to STOP this kind of cruel acts!!

  • cristina D says:

    This is disgusting and to be smiling about it. What is wrong with people !

  • Francesca says:

    I just sent a complaint to PETLAND… this is terrible…

  • Sarah says:

    This is so disgusting and upsetting… How could someone actually do such a thing and then have no remorse at all and have a photo taken smiling. May she rot in hell.

  • Ashley Forrest says:

    This is absolutely horrible. She should be fired and get some sort of animal cruelty charge. That place should be shut down.

  • la shanda Esposito says:

    someone should take you to court like Micheal Vick your commiting animal curlity your staff have posted proof all over the web!! you should be ashaimed of your selfs!!

  • Erika Rodgers says:

    I would like to request that follow up info be posted about measures that are being taken to prosecute the two employees here as well as the steps being taken to heavily fine and possibly shut this company down altogther.What are the options here? Where does the law apply here what can realistically be done and to what extent? Education is the key to fighting and shutting down these miserable places that care only about their financial gain at the expense of the sweet “pets” they pretend to care about.

  • candace says:

    ummmm. i really hope she removes her facebook page because shes in for one. what a sick girl… ugh. people like this really anger me

  • Jerri Hawks says:

    That’s disgusting and horrible that she is so proud of killing these rabbits. At the VERY least she should be fired. Sick human being

  • Ruth Lammert says:

    why would anyone do this??? it is totally sick! disgusting!

  • Rebecca Tanda says:

    Dear Elizabeth Carlisle and Petland repreesentatives I am a Neopagan living in Europe and am absolutly revolted. Where I am from the selling of animals is seen as the last legal form of slavary. Take the hint. Go to hell

  • Jennifer Larkins says:

    Will this crazy individual who was caught on camera grinning after killing innocent animals clearly shows she’s not mentally healthy be arrested for this crime? Murder and animal cruelty are both criminal.I want charges brought against her. The store chain should also be involved since she was on their property and on the clock.

  • Rachel says:

    This is so sick. She should be banned from ever owning or working with living creatures. I do not shop at Petland and it seems I will not be going there anytime soon. Who is the manager? I live in Akron OH

  • Shari merkle says:

    I called Pat Land they said she was terminated. Bad Karma like this evil karma comes back to haunt people. Im so sad….

  • Arzu Laypan says:

    You are one sick girl Elizabeth Carlisle. But let me tell you something Karma is a bitch!

  • Jessika Pickford says:

    Who is this person? I can’t believe she can even do this worst be happy about. My god! That is one horrible woman.

  • Gabrielle says:

    What will happen to this Elizabeth Carlisle? Any cruelty charges pending?

  • Chantelle says:

    This is a sign of a sociopath! I hope she receives her karma for this horrific act!

  • alex gerry says:

    This is outrageous!

  • brianna says:

    that is revolting.

  • Roxanne Sutton says:

    Is this for real!! Im horrified and can only say that I hope this woman pays for what she has doneshes obviously veryvery sick or veryvery Evil!

  • Mary Ann Martorana says:

    Where I live we have a special place for people like her…it’s called JAIL

  • Cloudette Heichel says:

    I hope that Akron is conducting an animal cruelty investigation on this store and also the woman who was responsible for doing this. Petland states that they have a vet that comes in weekly to care for animals. Why couldn’t the vet put the animals down if Petland didn’t want them. This also qualifies in the same sector as dog fighting if the employees let the animals fight to the death. I can’t believe someone this demented is allowed to work with the animals that the store states “all employees love.” What Bullshit! She needs jail time and the store needs to be shut down!!!

  • Katelyn says:

    absolutely disgusting. this women if you want to call her that should be ashamed of herself.

  • Christina Tracy says:

    I think that both Elizabeth Carlisle and the manager that took the photo should be fired and arrested on animal cruelty charges. Even if they are not convicted maybe having an arrest record would prevent them from being hired at any other business that deals with animals. Maybe if the police investigate Petland further they might find more employees that practice the same cruelty.

  • Elena says:

    She’s gonig to pay for this right?

  • Melody Paris says:

    Disgusting. I will encourage all friends and family not to shop at Petland.

  • sandi says:

    This is appalling. Those rabbits died a horrible death and now your making light of it. Shame on you. You should be arrested for animal cruelty. I will NEVER shop at Petland again and I will tell EVERYONE i know to do the same.

  • Matthew Baker says:

    Horrific I hope someone has reported acts of cruelty to the authorities.

  • amani says:

    PLEASE STOP USING animals as toys…this is sooooooooooooooooo cruel..please please stoppppppp abusing rabbits and and all animals…what benifit do you get from this? i really cant understand…its disgusting

  • Rafal says:

    she has beautiful smile but the fact what she does is horrible!!! poor thing

  • Greg Collins says:

    What horror. I hope someone makes sure this woman and the manager are charged with the crime they committed.

  • Laurie says:

    you people are sick!!!!!

  • Andrea Campbell says:

    what a scumbag.

  • Laura says:

    This is horrific and criminal charges of animal cruelty should be brought against this person and the manager.

  • Briana says:

    This is so f up! I love rabbits they are such aweet loving and gentle animals! Seriously how can you just take the life of such a wonderful animal! It’s like drowning a baby…

  • danieljack says:

    this is disgusting.

  • Kristal Ortega says:

    How could you let this happen? A manager you employ encouraged this and documented it for fun. Wow.

  • raphaella says:

    this is sick !!!!!!! PETLAND needs to not sell animals anymore !!!

  • Lisa says:

    This is DEPLORABLE!

  • Aneliese says:

    I cannot believe someone would do something like that nad SMILE for a photo. What sick twisted person. Petland needs to shape up now and that chick needs to be fired and get charged with animal cruelty.

  • Courtney says:

    This story is so disturbing. That woman and her manager should be charged. How could anyone be so cruel to defenseless animals?

  • Mary Ellen Skinner says:

    So is there any action being taken against this sadistic psycho?

  • Denise says:

    this is seriously disturbing and heartbreaking. ugh…don’t let me see this stupid whore who did this to these rabbits!! wtf are you doing working at a pet store if you don’t like animals? wtf are you doing DROWNING rabbits?!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!