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Bullfighting Banned!

Written by PETA | May 11, 2011

Voters in Ecuador recently banned bullfighting in the country, ending 500 years of stabbing bulls to death for “entertainment.” While it is still legal for matadors to fight bulls (as long as the animal is not killed), a similar 2004 restriction in the city of Cuenca resulted in the virtual disappearance of bullfighting.

Bulls are still being killed in the ring in Panama, which is home to actor Patricia de León. Last night, the vegetarian and strong opponent of bullfighting gave a live interview on CNN en Español to talk about her anti-bullfighting campaign with PETA and why the cruel blood sport should end worldwide. You can help by not patronizing bullfights and by educating your travel agent about the cruelty behind bullfighting if he or she promotes it.

In another victory for animals, Ecuadorians also voted to make cockfighting illegal.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • PC4TW says:

    Stop in activities barbarian, we are in 2011 traditions archaic has to cease. PC4TW

  • Esme says:

    Great victory! Now let’s make toro de fuego illegal too. I don’t know if it’s practiced in Ecuador, but it’s a horrific torture-sport that needs to end.

  • evetmp says:

    GO ECUADOR! rest of the world take note, this is a good idea and should be followed and expanded upon immediately

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Of all the beautiful and effective images that PETA has created, this is one of the best. Kudos to Patricia and the PETA people involved in devising this powerful message. But why such a low-res image on this page?

  • Darcy says:

    I have visited Ecuador many times and each time i was there i tried to explain to any one who would listen how barbaric bullfighting is. I am so happy it is now banned in a country i find so beautiful. It is now even more beautiful and i cant wait to visit again!!

  • Claudia Marrapodi says:

    This is a great day – and I would like to personally thank the ecuadorian President Rafael Correa for his courage and standing up in great public against this atrocity! He is a shining example for the whole world and Spain and France should urgently learn from him, what makes a real man!

  • Ann says:

    Wonderful job, PETA!!! And Ecuadorians should be so proud of themselves for this humane decision!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    How can people sit and watch an animal being tortured, abused and then killed all for ‘fun’ and ‘entertainment’ Have they no compassion or moral ethics? Well done Ecuador, perhaps other countries will now follow your example.

  • Desiree says:

    As a half Ecuadorian I’m proud to say my country is finally understanding animal cruelty Last summer I help so many animals like dogs in the streets and the animal street fights. We need more PETA help in Ecuador

  • MA Moore says:

    I have never understood the attraction to “blood sports” other than sick entertainment for sadists and violent criminals. Kudos to Ecuador! Lets end this blood sport for good! Great articles Michelle, keep em coming 🙂