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No Bull: Half-Nude People Line Times Square Sidewalk

Written by PETA | June 26, 2009

No, it wasn’t a resurgence of hookers, but PETA’s “bloody,” “dying” babes were out to solicit New York City tourists—for compassion for the bulls who will be taunted and tormented by drunk morons during the upcoming Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. After the bulls are sent stampeding in terror through the streets of Pamplona, they will be dragged into the bullring to be mutilated and killed for the “entertainment” of cheering crowds.


Local and international media crowded around our “bloody bulls.”
Banderilla Demo
Causing this kind of commotion in Times Square is no small feat.
Banderilla Demo
Bright lights, big city, huge turnout! Well done!
Banderilla Demo


Similar demonstrations have been held in Paris, London, and other cities around the world. You can check out some NSFW action shots from similar demos here.

Pamplona’s “festivities” kick off July 7, which is just around the corner.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • debra says:

    I love PETA! you might think their stunts are outrageous but they get the job done. You’re reading this now. Keep up the good work PETA and Ingrid N.

  • Pragmatic says:

    To the previous questioncomment The reason they don’t hold a similar demonstration in Pamplona is that they would gets their $$$ handed to them.

  • Stevie Drang says:

    Is Peta doing anything to stop Sarah Palin? She’s still killing wolves with AK47’s from helicopters. I’ve adopted Symbolically2 wolves to help but I’m only one person. Sarah Palin kills innocent animals all the time for sport. There’s plenty of food in our stores she doesn’t have to eat a mooseburger. Poor moose!

  • mel says:

    Few points 1. I’m surprised that PETA doesn’t get public indecency citations all the time for being nude in these locations. 2. Things like this are why PETA is not taken seriously anymore and why the media will cover the more ridiculous news such as “Flygate.” 3. More people die running with the bulls than the bulls themselves. I agree it’s stupid but there’s more than one side of the story.

  • Natalie says:

    It makes me sick just to know how many people out there support this kind of entertainment. I understand this type of entertainment its a tradition although traditions change through generations and its time for this to change. Hope the message gets out there on time to change the future of those bulls that are going to die.

  • Ciara Lanza says:

    AWESOME! Anything to prevent the bullfighting! It’s sick. How could people want to see a bull getting killed like that? Well other animals too but yeah. Viva la Peta 3

  • Curtis says:

    Good job! I’d love to see this demo recreated in L.A.

  • Dave Bell says:

    Hey there’s a scumbag hunter who is planning to attack some kids at a school for supporting PETA lets all try and stop him somehow. Maybe we can flood his website to stop his message of hate!? This his scumbag website trochronicles.blogspot.com200906petawhyidespisethem.html

  • ellen says:

    i think that this is a great way of getting the message across and making a bold statement. And who cares where it’s taking place!? Weather New York or Spain as long as it’s happening and peope are doing something about it who cares!?!?

  • Percy says:

    Its a great demonstration idea. It gets the word out to people in New York. Criticisms of the demo 1Its in New York. The running of the bulls is in Spain not New York. I understand the thought process behind it raise awareness hopefully someone will write to a congress person and convince them to do think about it. Other than that it will not stop the bulls. 2 I like that it is being done else where global campaign great idea. Why not take the same action directly to Pamplona Spain where the event actually takes place? Do the same thing in front of the gates where the bulls are released. Stop the event from happening or at least delay it. That would get world wide press coverage and bring the discussion to the headlines of the world for at least a day. The action depicted in this article reached as far as I can tell zero national coverage. Think bigger and be braver. Else you will not change a thing. The point of demonstrations and actions like this are to get the attention of someone who doesn’t think like you. If you are not getting national coverage and have no one out there as a intelligent spokes person for your cause your probably will not be heard and change nothing.

  • barbara says:

    what else can we do??? where do we write a protest?

  • rick says:

    What an amazing demo btw im so glad you are using thin fit and attractive healthy vegans unlike all of your other demos .

  • Brien Comerford says:

    If I had a nice party I would join the probull nudefest. Bulls are cool !

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Does PETA still sponsor “The Running Of The Nudes” in Pamplona as a protestalternative to watching the bulls run? I have not seen it advertised on this site this year. Also this has nothing to do with bullfighting but I just thought I’d let someone out there know this week’s sports illustrated has a full page close up photo of a greyhound strapped into a muzzle while being forced to run around a track…apparently this magazine still considers greyhound racing a sport.