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Bryan Adams Takes On Most KFCs in Canada

Written by PETA | December 4, 2007

Canadian Rocker Bryan Adams, a vegan and a friend of PETA who has donated his talent as a photographer to help us create our ads, took it upon himself this week to let John Bitove, the CEO of most KFCs in Canada, know exactly what he thinks about KFC suppliers’ treatment of chickens. Adams said, “[Y]ou could set your company apart from KFC operators in the U.S. and elsewhere by eliminating the worst abuses on these birds, as … chickens killed for KFC in Canada are scalded to death in tanks of hot water, suffer broken wings and legs, and worse.”

Thanks Bryan, for, um, “Everything You Do” (I’m going to be singing that song all week now).

And if you’d like to write to KFC’s execs yourself, you can find their contact information here.

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  • Veronica says:

    Bryan you still are sexy as ever!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I find it very funny when people have to resort to name calling such as Tree Huggers for they can not come up with anything intelligent to say. I also find that it take very egotistical and ignorant people to say such things…egotistical because they are the majority of humans that still think that we are superior to nature but never even stop to think how well nature can get along with out us…we however would parish without it. Ignorance comes in with the fact of such little concept of that we need trees plain and simple! As for compassion you will find that the ones of us concerned about the environment are just as concerned for the effect it has on the ones that hate us and deny that there is a problem at all. So we will keep hugging trees if thats what you want to call it but at least the ar here have found a purpose in life what might I ask besides sitting in front of the tv and fussing about people trying to make a difference is yours? Rojo It is a proven fact we are not living longer we are dieing longer thanks to modern technology.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Dana I never advocated doing research on chimps rather just pointing out that if they are so incongruent to human physiology that experiements on them are invalid then comparing their eating habits and tool use may not be particularly helpful in understanding human diet. I would also like to point out that we did not evolve from chimps either. I am very interested in animal rights but I may not share all the views of other posters here. I do not mean any offense but I can not glean meaningful pertinent points to the topic at hand based on your last post. I look forward to you clarifying but I would appreciate if you would refrain from attacking my ability to practice medicine as you have nothing to base your theory that I have lost my license. If you do a database search you will find I have never been censured in any way or nor have I had any litigation brought against me. I can’t see how that is relavent to this discussion though. Cheers.

  • Karen says:

    we are all meant to be vegetarians…we are not animals in the wild who instinctively need to hunt..or kill to survive… It all boils down to this …for hunters it’s a sick thrill …for meat eaters it’s a selfish choice

  • Dana says:

    Cochran I think your name without a title really fits you best…for I am not convinced at this point that you actually hold any type of degree at all. I also have to add that in fact I think that you are a closet animal rights activist just looking to bust out of the closet wide open. Why else could one explain your fascination with spending all of your time on a forum that is based off of everything you are not? Could it be that you are actually seeking soul salvation? I would have to say if you are in fact a doctor you have recently had your license revoked and are no longer allowed to practice based on the fact that the valuable time you would be spending with patients is being spent here. My diet is fine and I am in tip top shape thanks for the concern. It is however a very touchy situation that we are in as ARA it is proven that chimpanzees do make up 97 percent of our DNA pattern which does link a very strong connection to humans…therefore they are a huge target for animal research. I think where you are missing the point here is yes in a medical research stand point humans have evolved into a much different species than monkeys we continued to evolve they did not…this is the problem with the medical research end we may have likenesses but we do have differences…these differences single handedly play the biggest part on why some things will react differently to our systems than theirs so any medical research performed on monkeys is not conclusive evidence. Now on to the part about where you are wondering how I can say you can not get conclusive medical research from the study of monkeys but you can defend a vegetarian diet from many years ago by their habits. Evolution is the key word in this during evolution we would have had the same diet as what we evolved from millions of years ago….human form after evolution in the present day is a whole different ball game….Also I feel the need to make you understand that as an ARA anything that has the ability to feel pain should not be a product of a research lab no matter if we were identical to them. What kind of world do we live in when in order to save a life we must inflict great pain and torture to try and accomplish it? If in fact we did evolve from monkeys then it would be fair to say that the ones in research labs are our relatives and therefore should have the right not to be tested upon. There is a big difference in the research of diets based off of what Monkeys ate at one point and placing them in torture chambers with little hope of their ever being a out poohing amount of factual data to even start to try and justify the testing at all.

  • KFCRUELTY says:


  • mlo says:

    I dare anybody to criticize PETA’s bloggers or ar activists as “crazy tree huggers”. You’ll never find such intelligent factbased as well as compassionate debates on any other site. Go PETA!

  • tojo says:

    We have far more important things to worry about than if a chicken has a hot tub. From the FBI Web site Inner city males ages 14 to 35 commit 56.6 of all violent crime in America while they comprise less than 3.5 of the population and contribute less than 110 of 1 to the gross national product. Please join the National assocition of black law officer’s and tell your Congressman and Senator you want money from homeland security allocated to clean the “Criminal element” out of the inner cities. Call now before your mother is “Beaten to death” for a “Couple of dollars” and your wife and teenage daughter are repeatedly “Gang Raped” and “Sodomized” or your son is “Murdered” just because some “Under privileged” young man thought he looked at him the “Wrong way”. CALL NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caboose says:

    Ummm no we have medium intestines which means its an omnivore and has potent stomach acids to digest plant or meat. Ruminants have long intestines which means herbivore and short for carnivore. What are canines for since they are useless on plant?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike I do not advocate an Inuit diet my point was related to their nearly absent atherosclerosis. I expect their osteoporosis has a great deal to do with their near complete lack of sunlight during certain times of the year resulting in poor vitamin D metabolism but that is a guess. In 2007 meat is not essential but it is also healthy and not harmful if eaten correctly not unlike a vegan diet. Like all vegans the athletes you cite all must take dietary supplements I contend pond scum is not a food rather at best is a dietary supplement

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Dana I never intended to imply that protohumans didn’t eat vegetables. Once again the authors of the paleodiet theories do not add meat to it to appease the likes of me. I am glad you have a good doctor as well because I want you to be healthy. If you continue to eat a HEALTHY vegetarian diet you will be. Stay away from all those processed grain products! We do share a great many similarities to Pan troglodytes but we do have many distinctions such as hyoid bone structure allowing efficient phonation os penis we don’t have one body hair proclivity to swim we are the most hydrophilic ape upright posture female sex organs are shifted forward in humans relative testicle size is smaller in humans et cetera. Chimps are intelligent tool using primates but they are not human. Your point is that we are vegetarians because chimps dig up yams in the jungle. You I assume are very quick to point out the pointlessness in making animal comparisons like this when it comes to animal research. Isn’t the argument the same here? All the best. PS The conventional title is doctor not mister in the US when someone is degreed with a PhD. MD DO etc I don’t know what country your in or what your conventions are but all the same have a great healthy day!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher The Inuit Eskimo have the highest osteoporosis rates in the world. In a study of 217 children 89 adults and 107 elderly Inuit in Alaska researchers found that they had lower bone mineral content onset of bone loss at an earlier age and development of bone thinning with a greater intensity than white Americans. The scientists attributed the greater degeneration to the acidic effects of the Inuit’s high meat diet. All that animal protein has a price A Michigan State study found that by age 65 the average woman who ate meat had lost onethird of her skeletal structure. Meanwhile vegetarian women of comparable age had less than half the bone loss and were more active less likely to break bones maintained erect postures and healed bones more quickly. Kurt Meat is not essential. Protein is essential. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the success of the many vegan athletes represents that proof. EG Kenneth Williams Robert Cheeke Robbie Hazeley Pat Reeves Jane Black Anthony Aureilus Martin Whittred Mike Mahler Jonny Gibbings Jim Morris 72 years old Vegan bodybuilders Scott Jurek Ruth Heidrich Brendan Brazier Carl Lewis Track ultramarathons etc. I’ve got lots more if you want.

  • Kurt K says:

    You say our intestines are designed for plant fibers only huh. Okay I did some reading. Most herbivore’s have intestines that are about 201 ratio compared to overall body length. Meaning a horse’s intestines are 15 10 20 times longer than the area between its front and rear legs. Pure carnivores like lions have a 31 ratio because meat breaks down faster and doesn’t need as long of a trac. Humans on the otherhand have on average about an 81 ratio. Suggesting that we have the capability of digesting both meat and vegitation. You are entirely right about meat rotting in you intestines only if you eat to much. If you balance vegitables and friut fiber with meat you can move the meat along faster with less harm. Furthermore since our intestines are not as long as pure herbivores we can not break down cellulose and extract all the minerals that a horse or cow can. That is why meat in the right balance is essential to a healthy diet. Okay lets hear the rebutle!

  • rojo says:

    mike I shudder to think what raw chicken tastes like but the WedgeTail eagle that took one of our chooks recently didn’t seem to mind it. lancelot so many people are dying from cancer somewhat ironically because they’re living longer.

  • Dana says:

    Oh my dear Mr Cochran Every time I read one of your comments I am just so glad I have a good doctor and am not relying on your medical advice to keep me healthy. Keep in mind that when defending your great Paleolithic diet that the basic foundation of this diet is vegetarian with a little meat added in for you drama queens that just can not handle the thought of never chewing on dead flesh again. Now Mr. Cochran I shall feel you in on some new research that I am sure you are unaware of because you spend all your time in this forum trying to convert animal activist into hunters and meat eaters good luck with that by the way it will never happen. We have all told you time and time again that your body is not designed to eat meat but since you are a doctor and all thought you already knew all that. Chimpanzees seem to love to dig for tubers and roots even when things above ground are plentiful. The discovery of the Ugalla savanna woodland tools of the western Tanzania in Africa provided the first evidence that our closest living relatives used sticks and bark to dig for underground foods. It is quite possible Mr. Cochran that the million dollar questions about our early himinids diets could be soon answered leaving you very disappointed about your food choices. It is quite possible that the spear was not used to consume meat or hunting instead it could very well have been used for the skills needed to uncover carbohydrate rich and sometimes proteinladen roots bulbs and tubers. Some researchers have actually suggested that what made us human was actually tubers…yes Mr. Cochran I wrote tubers one can only imagine your surprise….Roots and tuber chow could help explain the dental changes found in fossil records for the earliest humans…fossil evidence dating 34 million years ago has revealed changes in the teeth and jaws of the first himinids that indicate some fundamental change in diet that would require very hardy chewing…more than required by eating meat. There was definitely a change for the teeth got bigger especially the molars the enamel became thicker. Eating meat does not require you to need thicker enamel even though people determined to eat meat try and use this as a reason….I know Mr. Cochran you will most likely tell us that back then they drank soda and orange juice so the enamel started to grow thicker so that the teeth would be stronger for such drinks……drinks they enjoyed while tearing raw meat with their so called canine teeth………….

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Lancelot Your data is biased and as a result understandably quite skewed. Humans have the shortest gut relative to body mass hey but we have the largest penises of all the apes. The editor of the AJC is a reformed vegetarian who eats fish. He does this I am sure because of the overwhelming research showing diets high in marine lipids have significantly fewer CV events. He doesn’t I imagine eat a much if any grain fed pork beef or poultry. The Inuit who eat almost no vegetables and are one of the few truly “meatbased” diets have a very low incidence of cv events or colon ca. The most unhealthy diet is grain based which is what most people eat. The byproducts of corn and wheat including pure grain fed livestock are killing Americans faster than anything else. The vermiform appendix is a vestigium of a much larger cecum. Like horses or deer our distant little brained tree climbing relatives needed this large cecum to culture large vats of fermenting cellulose eating bacteria because of a pure vegetable diet. For the record fresh meat is nearly sterile or at the very least free of pathogens. Tyson brand poop dunked chicken breast is not what I am talking about. I am sure you did your research but from a biologists point of view I can tell you that your arguments are very biased. I don’t blame you though you really want this to be true because of your passion for animals. You can continue to eat a vegan diet and you will be very healthy for it but try not to evangelize those of us who do make healthy choices in our omnivorousness. You are not walking the only road to healthy and you don’t need us to join your road for you to be right.

  • Michele says:

    Kurt K crops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of edible animal flesh. Go to httpgoveg.comworldHunger.asp if you really are interested in learning more.

  • indycar01 says:

    we did not evolve as carnivores a meatless diet helps elimlnate the farms that breed infectious disease mad cow ect vegan eating habits also eliminate artery clogging animal fat and cholestrol heart attack this blockage also occurs in the arteries to the brain. when they close off part of the brain dies A STROKE no species past infancy drinks milk try rice or soy milk is designed for there young baby cows remember dick chaneys history of heart problems and dave letterman regis philbin ect

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Rojo is correct. The problem is not calories it never has been. The problem is sustainable protein production. The whole tooth argument is always silly but it does get repeated from time to time. Bottom line a person in 2007 in an urban area with lots of available choices can live a perfectly healthy perhaps superhealthy life by never ingesting an animal product from birth to death including breast milk. But I have always contended that this artificial support hearkens to some weird futuristic soylent green world where eventually you have no idea what your eating. Especially all these weird fake meat products which I know Mike doesn’t eat who could blame him yuk! A paleolithic diet is the healthiest diet because it is the diet we evolved with but it too is unattainable by most. I feel fortunate that I am lucky enough to have all these choices though. I choose the diet my body is designed for meaning lots of fruits and vegetables lots of lean animal protein eggs very little dairy and very little if any grain products and absolutely no processed grain products or corn glop. I do make an exception when faced with a 20 year old MacCallan but if your going to imbibe barley make it good!

  • Lancelot says:

    Caboose The human body is not able to accept meat with no problem. It starts to rot in your intestines which are very long and designed to EXTRACT THE NUTRIENTS from plant food sources in comparison to short carnivorous intestines designed to lessen the amount of time bacteria from the dead animal can spread. According to the editor of the American Journal of Cardiology a meatbased diet increases your risk of colon cancer heart disease and stroke. We would not be getting colon cancer from eating meat if our bodies accepted meat with no problem. Kurt K “The reason we became humans is because we started to eat animal protien which in turn made our brains grow larger than our cousins the primates.” This has not been accepted by the majority of biologists and anthropologists but they have accepted that our intestines are designed for plant foods. They bring up the argument that hominids past “human” species would have already needed large brains to begin hunting and fishing. During the long stretch of time since our divergence from a common ancestor with the apes humans have needed to scavenge and hunt when food was scarace. But that short period of time in evolution’s eyes did not make eating meat safe for humans. If the passage of time did then why are so many Americans dying from cancers and heart diseases linked to meatbased diets? Like I said before please research the topic before you debate. I have researched this subject endlessly for a semester project for Intro to Bio at University of Maryland my teacher was also a vegetarian bc she knew all of this and more.

  • Kurt K says:

    How could not eating meat cure the world of hunger? My mother just had a major surgery in whih she was hospitalized for 29 days. She lost about 35lbs and is pretty week to boot. I talk to the doctor the day she came home to ask how to get her strength back and gain some need weight. In his diet plan he included beef and chicken for protein and much needed fat. If you can get all these nutrients from plants why would he include chicken and beef?

  • Veronica Knight says:


  • Caboose says:

    Yet why is the human body able to accept meats with no problem? Excessivly its a problem though. I do not have that problem because I am no lazy dumb American Look at Argentina and Chile no problem.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt What’s the difference chemically between animal protein and plant protein?

  • Karen Falkingham says:

    Way to go Brian!! The animals need a voice such as yours. Anyone who gives their time and effort to help these animals not suffer as they have is a hero in my eyes. Thank you for speaking for them as they cant. I feel saddened that we as human beings think we can treat living things in this manner. How can these people be so horrible to a living thing? An animal that looks you in the eyes and almost pleads with them to be kind. I just wish one day that “some” of those KFC employees come back as birds!!!

  • Caboose says:

    Whats so bad about eating meats? Besides how it is raised

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo A few types may not be cooked but 99 isprobably a good idea. And what would raw chicken taste like…?

  • rojo says:

    michele there is no impediment to ending world hunger now other than the ability to pay for food. Or as a result of govt corruption. There is no shortage of food look at the number of ethanol factories popping up. No sheep dies to provide wool unlike fur.

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q we don’t have to cook our meat and in fact some isn’t sashimi carpaccio steak tartare. I do admit cutting it up is handy.

  • Pamela L. says:

    I have always been a big fan of Bryan Adams his great rock and roll spirit and passionate music. Now I am an even “bigger” fan of his de votion to animals his actions and devotion to the KFC campaign are motivating and heartwarming. MORE POWER TO BRYANRocknRoll!

  • Michele says:

    Lancelot you must be in the dental field good summary hopefully the unconvinced will not dismiss it outright just because they don’t want to stop eating meat Kurt K if you have any understanding of PETA and its supporters you will realize that we absolutely believe that killing a human is just as bad as killing a nonhuman animal. I have already given you the name of a book that explains it all just perfectly. And for what it’s worth my main point about using “tradition” as an excuse was that for centuries people justified many activities that are now considered barbaric by saying it was “tradition”. Some day the world will realize that meat eating IS just as barbaric as was slavery etc. Humans who were on this planet hundreds of millions of years AFTER other animals for those who want to use the “animals were put on this planet for humans to eat” nonsense are the ones who are messing up this entire planet. Humans have caused global warming humans have polluted our waters humans have killed off many many species with hunting fishing polluting land clearing and deforestation humans continue to engage in horrific child abuse elder abuse genocide and murder. That is pretty deplorable isn’t it? Well it is also deplorable to kill billions and billions of animals every year for the sake of clothing which we can make without animal skinsfurwool entertainment that is just sick there are plenty of activities in which people can engage without USING a single animal food go to if you don’t believe it and socalled medical advancement animal testing actually HARMS humans read “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” if you don’t believe THAT. By the way if everyone became vegetarian we could also nearly eliminate world hunger so our efforts to save animals also has the added benefit of helping humans. Meanwhile the animal rights people here will continue to convince others to show compassion toward our nonhuman earthlings by creating videos writing letters holding signs handing out leaflets and talking to everyone possible. Again way to go Bryan and to everyone who does their part large or small to help animals.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Caboose Then we’re the only omnivore that has to cook and cut up its meat.

  • Kurt K says:

    We are not Chimps or Monkeys. The reason we became humans is because we started to eat animal protien which in turn made our brains grow larger than our cousins the primates.

  • Lancelot says:

    Caboose Other than the fact that carnivores and omnivores don’t enslave their prey deny them sun and light or feed their prey ground up parts of themselves research mad cow disease… Let’s clear this up so there does not have to be any further discussion on whether or not we are herbivores. You should research the matter for yourself. I did when I was skeptical at first but after hearing excellent source after source stating humans are natural herbivores including American Journal of Cardiology the conclusion makes so much sense. I’ll give you a head start though 1. Primates are our closest relatives. 2. Primates are predominately herbivorous. Orangutans eat only fruit. Gorillas eat only leaves. Spider and howler monkeys eat only fruit leaves and flowers. Chimps’ principal diet is fruit but also eat leaves buds and blossoms. Yes there are exceptions as Chimps hunt and eat monkeys and enjoy termites however this constitutes about 5 of their diet. So 95 of our closest relative’s diet is plantbased. If I were a chimp in a jungle during decreased plant food availability I would have to resort to other sources but thankfully that is not a problem for us. 3. In regards to your teeth argument which was less than one sentence view the following from Dr. Milton Mills who wrote on the subject Teeth Incisors Carnivore Short and pointed Omnivore Short and pointed Herbivore Broad flattened and spadeshaped Human Broad flattened and spadeshaped Teeth Canines Carnivore Long sharp and curved Omnivore Long sharp and curved Herbivore Dull and short or long for defense or none Human Short and blunted Teeth Molars Carnivore Sharp jagged and bladeshaped Omnivore Sharp blades andor flattened Herbivore Flattened with cusps vs. complex surface Human Flattened with nodular cusps

  • Kurt K says:

    Michele I think its a little farfetched saying that eating meat as a tradition is comparable to slavery and child labor. Being inhumane towards humans is far beyond more deplorable than eating a cow for food. They don’t even compare! I do understand the point you are trying to make however. I just don’t think it is fair to associate us meat eaters with slave owners and child labor abusers.

  • Michele says:

    Kim you obviously have some compassion for animals as indicated by your concerns about animal experimentation. Please extend that compassion for ALL of the animals on this earth that are tortured andor killed for human entertainment consumption and clothing. Please do not be critical of PETA and its supporters for wanting to spare animals from abuse and death. Please do not use the old “it’s tradition” excuse otherwise you can apply that to slavery child labour etc. Please take the time to go through PETA’s websites or read “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer and open your eyes to what is really happening to your fellow earthlings the animals.

  • Caboose says:

    Lancelot NO we are OMNIVORESUnless u have filed down ur incisors. How do u think our bodies are able to accept meats?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Thank You so much Bryan. When I recieved an alert text message from PETA last week asking to call and tell KFC to stop the horrific abuse to these poor babies when I called it was as if these brainwashed people were reading from a script. They went on to say that these chickens are treated so well. I sent this text to many friends and they told me the same thing. These people at KFC said this ended in 2002 and PETA just won’t let it go I told this lady that she needed to watch the news on many channels to view what many of us did I told her that the stations showed your people SLAMING these poor birds up against walls etc just like Butterball. For those of you who would like to call KFC here is their 5028748300 Judith

  • Kim says:

    Okay so i really think that everyone is overreacting to KFC. KFC would be closed without a doubt if they did were inhumane to the chickens. PETA seems to over exagerate some of the things but some topics they dont. Ofcourse nobody wants to take fur away from animals or their lives for meat but that is why God put them on Earth. They were put on Earth for us to eat but not to be treating inhumane. I think eating meat and wearing fur is fine if we do not make them suffer what they dont need to be suffering. With the expirements i think that is HORRIBLE and i think that is inhumane and that needs to be stopped. So that is why i come on to PETA to read updates and things on the science part of it. I think everyone needs to open their eyes and realize eating meat will happen and ONE person cannot help it one thousand people cannot help it it will be a growing thing forever. Eating meat is a tradition it has been forever. We can however stop expirementation because that is a matter that everyone can riot against and it is unneeded. Animals suffer from expirements and it is CRUEL. You need to realize that tortue in most countrys are not allowed and there is laws against it.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the blossoming of the fast food industry is one of the downfalls of healthy America. I don’t completely blame meat however rather the whole unhealthy gamut of crap they serve. I am pleased that peta et al. do work to keep the chicken farmers minding their p’s and q’s. I am willing to pay extra to know that my meat is treated more humanely. I am trying to be polite Jack. Please don’t blackball me.

  • kathleen wissenz says:

    Thank you Bryan for once again speaking up for the animals.

  • Holly says:

    I sent KFC a letter this was their responce to me December 4 2007 Dear Holly Thank you for expressing your point of view on animal welfare. KFC is committed to the well being and humane treatment of chickens and we require all of our suppliers to follow guidelines developed by us with leading experts on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council. Our suppliers receive audits at their poultry facilities to ensure they are in compliance. Failure to comply with our strict guidelines could result in termination of our supplier agreement if remedial action is not taken. Additionally we have taken a leadership role with our trade associations to establish standardized guidelines for the entire poultry industry including quick service restaurants. Our company also adheres to the American Meat Institute’s Animal Welfare guidelines for the humane treatment of other animals bred for consumption. We recognize that the breeding of any animal for human consumption may not be palatable to you and we respect the choice you have made. However we also respect the choice of millions of our consumers who frequent our restaurants for the high quality delicious food we offer. We would like to assure you that we will continue to take the matter of animal welfare very seriously. For further information about our position or the guidelines we follow please feel free to view our websites at or Thank you again for taking the time to share your perspective. Sincerely KFC Consumer Affairs Request 3406015

  • Kurt K says:

    I don’t understand what is so wrong about eating chickens. Seems to me that we as humans have domain over them to do what we will with them. I’m not trying to upset anybody I just feel that people who are omnivours are getting sneered at by vegitarians. Thanks for listening.

  • Michele says:

    Thank you Bryan!

  • Ana says:

    Lancelot I agree with your comments. I spend my time promoting a vegan diet not on “happy meals” where the animals did not die happy deaths no matter in what manner they were killed.

  • Lancelot says:

    We are herbivores! No one should even eat chicken! I hate that people in our country consider themselves so intelligent with new technology then chew on flesh. I hate that other countries view American dining as fast food like KFC and Taco Hell and I hate that these places have spread into the world.

  • Carla says:

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou Bryan! But what took so long! All the letters here in Canada will help the cause especially coming from a celebrity lets hope!!

  • Franceso Valle says:

    My admiration and thanks to Bryan Adams who dedicated a good part of his life to animal protection! His outstanding personality is allowing him to be present in every important situation animal cause as an artist and as a marvellous photographer when we all admired the beautiful picture he shot from Sady Frost who preferred rather going naked than in fur! Great job Great personality and strong presence at PETA!!! Grazie Bryan per il tuo aiuto per gli animali maltrattati in questo mondo si crudele ed indifferente sei un gigante nel firmamento degli star!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Way to go Bryan. Bryan’s ohsotasteful lead guitarist Keith Scott is a veg too.

  • Holly says:

    Way to go Bryan Its a good letter. I dont know how the CEO and other KFC workers can sleep at night knowing how these wonderful birds are treated as a direct result of their not caring. I do hope your letter brings change. Thank You for writing and your great care of these birds who cant speak except through there great pain and suffering. Holly

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