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Bryan Adams Takes On Most KFCs in Canada

Written by PETA | December 4, 2007

Canadian Rocker Bryan Adams, a vegan and a friend of PETA who has donated his talent as a photographer to help us create our ads, took it upon himself this week to let John Bitove, the CEO of most KFCs in Canada, know exactly what he thinks about KFC suppliers’ treatment of chickens. Adams said, “[Y]ou could set your company apart from KFC operators in the U.S. and elsewhere by eliminating the worst abuses on these birds, as … chickens killed for KFC in Canada are scalded to death in tanks of hot water, suffer broken wings and legs, and worse.”

Thanks Bryan, for, um, “Everything You Do” (I’m going to be singing that song all week now).

And if you’d like to write to KFC’s execs yourself, you can find their contact information here.

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  • Joe says:

    I raise chickens for a living, and I can tell you chickens raised in Canada are treated as humanely as possible.  Bryan Adams does not raise chickens!  But like many musicians & celebrities they automatically think they know more than the people that do!!  They use their notoriety to pretend they are experts in area’s they have never devoted a week of their life.


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  • June says:

    You forget to mention the hundreds of mammals etc that are killed and crushed in the cultivation of crops all over the world not to mention organic veg still has the allowance of certain pesticides just not as many as some veg. AND the fact that veg is intensivly and factory farmed too which is basically veg abuse. i dont agree with factory farms but im certainly not against meat eating.

  • joanne says:

    it’s wonderful what you did bryan!

  • Josà says:

    Thank you Brian! Hope it helps. All companies testing on animals should be boycut. Maybe a nice letter to Stephen Harper regarding the atrocities done to the seals would help too!!

  • Caboose says:

    Heather Then dont use electricity if you dont like companies that pollute.

  • Heather says:

    In our fervor to support our opinions let us not lose sight of what this blog is about. Whether or not you eat meat there is no excuse for torture or causing any living creature prolonged misery. And profit is the worst of reasons. About the letter that was written to one of the posters here. These types of letters are canned corporate responses. I’ve received my share. I do not believe there is any evidence that what these letters say are true especially when large amounts of money are involved. PETA is far too busy to waste their time with witch hunts. They rely on hard evidence video does not lie when targeting animal abuse. They have no motive other than the desire to stop animal abuse and torture. The abuse and torture absolutely exists in the factory farming industry. Any organization that spends its time and resources to eradicate it has my support. Any person Bryan Adams who spends even a small amount of their time to try to make a difference has my admiration. I am a vegetarian because it is my choice not to support an industry that tortures and pollutes. Thanks to PETA and Bryan Adams.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Anonymous As a physician I am always aware that eventually all my patients will die. My goal I suppose in the halfempty philosophy you support is to ensure people take as long as possible to wither away and die as long as they are having an enjoyable time of it. I hope the sun comes for you today.

  • Dana says:

    Cochran Its really not that hard to understand so not sure what your problem in understanding that view animal activist take you seriously when you believe in doing more harm than good to nature. Now I hope you understood that. Now on to a much bigger problem than you…..I emails to everyone that I just recently dropped for they appeared on PETAs list of companies that test on animals. Clorox S.C. Johnsons are the only ones at this point I have heard back from. Clorox gave me the story of that they only test on the products that the FDA requires them to test on before they can register the product for market. They also went on to explain that they follow strict regulations when it comes to the bringing as little suffering to animals as possible. I for one will not purchase any of their products until they drop animal testing all together maybe with that it will force them to go after the EPA for changes. As for S.C. Johnson they said nothing about any EPA regulations just that until they there are other ways to make sure of the safety of their products they will remain to test on animals. They also went about telling me that they are looking into other options but at this point they are not at a point to stop animal testing. Also they said they subscribe to the Russell and Burchs three Rs approach with animal testing. To me nothing they explained could justify animal testing or that they are working quickly to change the situation. So I will refuse to buy their products as well. I as of now have about 20 more to hear back from and I feel sure I will get the same from all. I at least figure the more emails they receive will prompt them to see that animal testing is a concern for Americans.

  • rojo says:

    anon you could put it that way as essentially we are on the road to death from the moment of birth. Now it takes twice as long to die as it did only a few hundred years ago. I for one am pretty happy about that but it means I’ll probably die with prostate cancer though hopefully not because of it.

  • Caboose says:

    Yes Mike but they are good on meats. For defense DONT get me started

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Dana I am afraid that try as I might I still can’t follow your argument. Obviously you are very passionate about your cause and I am sure the fault lies with me but for the life of me I am not sure where your argument is coming from. There is no debate whether or not we evolved from chimpanzees we didn’t. There is some debate as to how far back we share a common ancestor with chimps but no one I know of except you of course believes that humans evolved directly from chimps. Anytime you have a subject you believe is not open to debate you run the risk of looking like a zealot…and we all know what happened to those guys. All the best.

  • Dana says:

    Cochran I am sure some would argue with your theory of evolution but at present time that is the great debate. Yes you keep pointing out that we cant use the eating habits of chimps to determine our own diets millions of years ago but based off of your theory of we did not evolve from chimps it rather explains your resistance to acknowledge that our diets may very well have been the same. To me it does not matter one way or another how you feel about how or when humans became humans it only matters that the evidence of us not being carnivorous is there for all to see…the way our systems are designed are clearly not to consume meat and with that said your arguments seem based on your theory alone. As for your Doctor status it is not I that came in here to start with and rubbed in everyones face the fact that you are a doctor…you opened that can of worms when it was irrelevant not I.. It is ok for you to try and make your points more valid by portraying yourself as a doctor but it is not ok for anyone to have doubts about your status is that what you are getting at? You seem to be very one sided on all of your opinions Cochran………..As for your interest in animal rights I think that is great the only problem that I have is not one ARA will ever agree that you do great harm to animals every time you put on your hunting clothes and pick up a gun. I just cant see someone with great concern for animals hunting them down and killing them and then trying to justify your hobby with the controlled population theory…or the help of not spreading disease……You ability to practice medicine really is not my concern either that is only the concern of the ones that use your services. I do think that you need to be aware though people are going to question your ability when you so proudly use it to try and make points seem more valid. To me you are just one of those people in the world that I do not have likeness for because of your treatment of animals. You claim to be an animal lover based off of the fact that you have a dog…..that Cochran does not even began to touch the surface of what animal rights are all about. You also defend puppy mills by saying that you are glad people in your area are breeding dogs for there is no shelter around you or you would have to take too much time out of your schedule to rescue a dog….I furthermore think that you would not adopt from a shelter based off of your need for a hunting dog….purebred of course…see you use animals to your own advantage you do not help them you meet the normal hunters stereo type even down to your hunting dog….its not what companionship does my animal give it is more on the side of how can my animal meet my needs when we go hunting. If animal rights is a interest to you I would suggest you start learning from the people here instead of every time we say white you say black just for the sake of an argument…..animal rights is not your interest arguing however is…………I must say that I love your cop out from my last post it is always great when not having the ability to intelligently respond to someone elses post to try and make yourself look smarter by sending out the message that you could not understand what the other person is talking about………………

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher The traditional Inuit diet is very rich in Vitamin D already. In the article I cited the scientists attributed their osteoporosis to high meat intake. That pond scum you deride is where the fish get their DHA from in the first place. Vegans that possess good ALA to DHA conversion need only to take B12. Caboose Prominent canines can be used for defensive or mockaggressive posturing. The vegetarian gorilla has got a set of choppers that make ours look piddly.