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Britney Removed from Worst-Dressed-List Consideration

Written by PETA | January 8, 2008

Britney in Furs

You know, maybe there is something to all this “Leave Britney alone” hoopla. Given her recent trip to the psych ward, it’s becoming more and more clear that she’s not entirely accountable for her actions—and that includes her poor fashion choices just as much as it does her bad parenting decisions.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to give Britney a bit of a break this year, and take her off the Worst-Dressed-List poll, despite the fact that she had established herself as a strong front-runner in the first two days of voting. Here’s what PETA Vice President Dan Mathews had to say about the decision:

“People with l’il kids shouldn’t dress like L’il Kim. But at this point, Britney needs a break—from everybody. Maybe when her head is clear, she’ll have a change of heart about wearing fur. If not, we’ll be back biting at her heels.”

So there you have it, but the question is, did we make the right choice in giving Brit a break this year despite her unfortunate penchant for, um, flaunting her fur in public? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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  • william says:

    right choice she’s not mentally stable at the moment however hopefully when she is she’ll stop wearing animals on her back.

  • John says:

    “DON’T TAKE HER OFF THE LIST! She’s still part criminal for wearing and accepting fur!” Sorry kiddo but buying and wearing fur is legal. The criminals are those property destroying vandals that toss paint on people wearing it.

  • Kristina says:

    I just can’t believe that we’re actually giving any more time to the media whore that she is. Who cares? Why doesn’t PETA go after all the designers who still use fur? Instead of one obviously not right in the head person?

  • Susannah S says:

    Licorne In addition to the reasons you listed for not wearing even faux fur a lot of “faux” fur from China is actually German Shepard. Or fuzzy Chow. I don’t have a moral issue with faux fur but I hate the very thought that I could be perceived as someone who wears fur so I don’t wear it. As for Britney being on The List or not it’s good to show compassion but I doubt that wearing fur is part of her mental illness. Still I guess it’s not so bad to give someone a chance.

  • ann says:

    This was a smart move. It’s unfortunate what has happened in her life and hopefully people will leave her alone so she can get help and be able to take care of herself and her kids maybe leave LA for awhile would be a good start. She doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing now and any attempts to convince her about the cruelty of fur would be futile. Plus animal rights activists are often said to care more about animals than people so it’s good that PETA made this act of compassion. Once she’s been treated and has her life back in order she may be willing to listen to PETA bc she knows they were willing to give her a break when she needed one. We knows she loves animals although she’s wrong to buy them at the pet stores so maybe she can even be convinced to put her celebrity to work supporting a campaign like rescuing dogs from shelters and not supporting puppy mills by buying them at the pet stores! She’s had her kids taken away but has anyone checked to see how the dogs are doing???

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    That moron x husband of Brits also wears fur coats. I saw a picture of that piece of crap in Vegas. Yuck!

  • leisa clark says:

    Please This is the last thing she needs a break onTHATS HER PROBLEMSHE NEEDS NO I SAID NO BREAKS.Cant believe you even consider giving her a breakbut I will forgive youyou do so much else right. Leisa Clark

  • Eva says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo ! Please we must leave her on. Choices choices choices !

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Elaine AMEN for your comment! Watching today’s “celebrity news” any alien visiting Earth would think that men are just saints and that only girls and women drink and drive mistreat animals etc etc. There is a vehemently denied SEXISM pervading our entire culture. Blessings to you for your comment. On another note I apologize for cursing like a sailor in my previous comment. I was horrified when I read it later. Won’t happen again.

  • Sukeerthi G says:

    I had good impression on Britney. But…

  • Lisa says:

    Awww poor Britney. As someone said already she hasn’t and isn’t suffering like the animals she’s buying and wearing. I think PETA knows what they’re doing so whatever choice they make I agree but I don’t see her life problems as an excuse to continue to wear fur especially if she has been exposed to the the horrific cruelty of the industry. There is NO excuse for someone still wearing fur!

  • Stevie says:

    There is NO excuse for wearing fur.

  • PeaceSurge says:

    Very humane decision. After all people are also animals and humane treatment is what PETA is about. Never kick a dog and never kick a person when they are down. The road to real change comes from within perhaps Britney will learn something from the empathy that is directed her way during her own difficult times and realize that animals also have feelings.

  • Ross says:

    DON’T TAKE HER OFF THE LIST! She’s still part criminal for wearing and accepting fur! So we feel bad for her? but not for the animals? Give her a break? Sure y not but that wouldn’t mean the animals will be given a break themselves…

  • Jenny says:

    she should still be on the list her being unwell is no excuse for her to wear fur.

  • Carla says:

    I have to agree with my fellow Animal Rights people. “You made the wrong choice”. Yes I maybe one of the few who don’t think she has a mental problems! She just needswants more attention!!

  • Natalie says:

    I think this was the right decision. She is wrong to wear fur but given her mental condition I believe any efforts against her decision would be fruitless right now. It’s better to direct our energy and attention towards people who are well able to listen to common sense!!!

  • Mark says:

    By the way there’s a great article about it on Fox News httpwww.foxnews.comstory0293332093200.html

  • Licorne says:

    Attention please Furs are not just dangerous for animals to be skinned alive but also for people and here is my proof You all know that elderly dogs have not a very good sight so Years ago i was sporting fauxfur i never had realones because of the cruelty and it happened two times in my life that i was almost attacked by dogs because they took me for a giant bear or something! in the first case my mother could keep the dog he neither knew her but he was keen on me so i started to reflect why and i came to the conclusion we wanted to adopt that 11 year old st. bernard dog with a bad sight and he really took me for a huge wild animal! the second time it was on the street when on a distance of about 40m a dog run furiously towards me without hearing at the shouts of his master! but i had already an experience and quickly took the fauxfur off and threw it on the ground! the dog stopped in front of me stared at the coat and then run back to his master! from that day on i never put anything with a furry appearance and was quiet! so when dogs are attacking people it’s very important to ask what they were wearing because it’s obvious that wearing a heavy furcoat could cause such incidents! i know also from another case but that woman she was wearing real fur a huge beaver and just could save herself into a house!!! SO FURS ARE NOT FOR PEOPLE NEITHER REALONES NOR FAUX BECAUSE ALSO THOSEONES COULD BE TAKEN FOR REAL!!!

  • Karen says:

    Britney is an idiot and mental health issues or not I don’t think she cares at all about the suffering of animals or anything else for that matter.I would’nt hold my breathe for her “recovery”.

  • Christopher H. says:

    I love PETA for a few reasons…but am really proud of them when they’re compassion for animals extends to all animals…including humans. Great move…compassion always wins.

  • Mark says:

    I dunno Jack. I think this might be a case of speciesism. Remember everybody the point of animal rights to CHANGE “common sense” you too SteveO by overcoming our prejudices against taking other animals seriously. It would be pretty tough to “leave Britney alone” if she were supporting a similar amount of pain inflicted on say homo sapiens. Talking of changing “common sense” I’m not totally sure why this so wellhidden on PETA’s website but httpwww.peta.orgaboutanimallibsinger.asp

  • Lindsay says:

    yes you made the right choice. the girl needs a break. Ifonce she gets her ducks in a row then hit her hard if she doesn’t see the error of her ways.

  • Tania says:

    I don’t think it’s the right decision. Even though she may not be able to make her own decisions I’m sure that she pays someone to choose her clothes!! THat people should learn too!!

  • Dana says:

    I agree this was the right choice..Peta is not a group that needs a reputation of kicking people when they are down. I do also agree with you K about being held accountable for actions..but as VegetariansVegans it is important for all of us to continue to be looked upon as having compassion for all living beings. This girl is in serious trouble and if she keeps being pushed I am scared the end result will be her ending it all….Regardless of the fact she does not exactly get the mommy of the year award it would be devastating if she took her own life knowing that there are two children involved. Maybe one day she will take a 360 degree turn around but I feel as long as all this negative pressure is placed on her she will continue to make stupid choices.

  • Curtis says:

    Britney is too sweet to wear fur! I hope she stops soon!

  • vida says:

    its definitely the right choice simply and plainly because if she were to win and seemed like she was going to its not as if she is in a state where she is really going to care and make an effort to talk with PETA and understand why wearing fur is lame. I think madonna should win she seems like the type of person that should not only know better but would be willing to make a change if she got this type of bad publicity. Britney is just…gone.

  • Michele says:

    There are still plenty of other horrible fur hags out there to focus on so I do not think it is a bad thing to take Britney off the list. J. “low” is one of the worst offenders because she is apparently not insane not in constant crisis supposedly an adult with no apparent substance abuse problems yet she still refuses to listen to PETA and other animal rights activists regarding the cruelty in wearing fur. Britney is VERY immature and she probably did not get much of a stable upbringing and she still needs to deal with growing up and deciding if she wants to truly be a parent to her children. Once she has some stability in her life then she can go back on PETA’s “to do” list if she is indeed still wearing fur.

  • DS says:

    I feel this is a good move on PETA’s part as leaving Britney on the list would weaken their message. If she won the title the focus would be on the Britney bashing rather than the antifur campaign.

  • Richard says:

    It’s not right to kick somebody when they’re down. Thanks PETA

  • je says:

    Isn’t PETA an advocacy group for animals? Why is Dan Matthews patronizing us with a comment on how mothers should dress?? You guys can take the first sentence of that quote out. PETA does its best work when focusing on specific issues instead of trying to sell a lifestyle.

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    Right choice. I feel very sorry for her. She’s just way too young and her life is too invaded. She doesn’t need any more pressure from anyone right now. I also think PETA should work more on applying this pressure to more male celebrities. Stop hating on women so much.

  • kinnyc says:

    She’s crazy she deserves the bad press. She does it to herself and refuses to get help. Keep her on the list!

  • Kyle says:

    Peta made the wrong decision. Britney is a selfish person who unlike the animals she wears is a even more selfish mother.

  • K says:

    …but on the other hand I can see this as being a wise choice for PETA. I can imagine if Britney wins this people will be picking on PETA for picking on her given her condition and how much she’s been picked on already. But I still think she is still accountable for her actions.

  • K says:

    Ugh no she shouldn’t be removed from the list. She isn’t stupid she knows between right and wrong. Her bad behavior shouldn’t be an excuse to let all those little animals suffer!

  • Susanne says:

    My first time to the PETA site. Following the links in this article I watched the undercover Chinese fur farm video. I’m not a vegetarian but I’ve never owned fur and don’t subscribe to the killing of animals for fashion. I just have to say I had NO idea whatsoever that animals were being skinned alive. I’m still crying and in distress over this movie. Perhaps this information of animals being skinned alive needs to be put out there through other channels as well so more can learn about this. I can’t believe a person with any heart at all could wear fur after seeing that video.

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    I agree with you BullyDawg. PETA prides itself on encouraging people to let go of their ‘caveman ways’ like wearing fur and eating meat but another caveman issue out there is the oppression of mentally unbalanced. And despite everything PETA shouldn’t be abandoning human rights.

  • captain nemo says:

    and what’s with kate moss? i thought that she stopped wearing fur and that PETA sent her flowers???????

  • little big woman says:

    the problem is that i think that britney truly loves animals but for the moment she is not herself! also she is a member of the humane society and did ads for the first step against cruelty to animals! in this sence i would say that PETA did the right thing to take her out for the moment! furthermore i think that deeply in their heart lindsay lohan kate bosworth vanessa williams and eva longoria are animal lovers but committing some fauxpas! the best would be if PETA would send for them all the necessary material for information to bring them up into the right conscience! those i mentioned here are not to put into the same pot with mean stubbern freaks like stone blige and jlo the infernal trio! concerning the male furwearers they are all selfish and stupid people and deserve their place on the list! and i add also celine dion!

  • Canaduck says:

    I think it’s the right choice. She’s got enough to worry about right nowthere’s something seriously wrong with her brain. Give her a chance to recover and thenback at it!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I remember a few years ago she was at a McDonald’s just after she had her baby. She was trying to give the baby its bottle and some real jerks were literally shoving tv cameras in her face. She was crying and the baby was crying. The level of disrespect and harassment was in my opinion criminal. She was obviously trying to just escape and they kept blocking her from leaving the restaurant. Where the FUCK were her parents her glorified boyfriend or any chivalry obviously dead to defend this young girl and her crying newborn baby? If I had been her mother I would have made sure those idiots suffered for harassing Britteny and her baby. Shame on all of America and the media for the low life and sexist display of underweardrawer obsession they have over celebs. Oh I’m sure there are NO male celebs who drink and drive or have no idea how to raise a baby! Jesus Christ there’s a war going on and the planet is collapsing don’t we have better shit to focus on?? That said it is shocking to me that someome could wear even one fur much less hundreds of furs. It really is a tragedy. However the level of torture we have put this woman through maybe we can just focus on celebs who haven’t been through hell. A compassionate move PETA.



  • Anonymous says:

    I think you made the wrong choice

  • Russell says:

    if someone is crazy and kills another person the person who got killed is no less dead i say put her ass back on there nut job or not helpless animals died for her coat screw her

  • Tamara says:

    Yea I think it is probably right to leave BritBrit out of this round. I know people who suffer from mental illness and it’s not easy or pretty. BUT Can we get Brit on the pink wig and the crotch shots? I could have done without both last year…P

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Granted Britney has had a rough time but not nearly as rough as the animals had giving up their fur for her to wear! Please keep her on the List! Peace!

  • Ana says:

    You made the wrong choice!

  • rachel says:

    Brit got over $30000 worth of fur coats on her birthday a month or so ago so she seems to be worthy of PETA attention. That said she has other issues to worry about and I think PETA is right to leave her out of this one for now.

  • BullyDawg says:

    I think PETA made the right decision in this case. Britney is obviously NOT well mentally and is not in her right mind. She needs serious longterm psychological help and no worstdressed distinction or other PETA action will have an effect on her. After she has undergone treatment hopefully she’ll be open to leading a better life one that doesn’t include cruelty of ANY sort!