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Britney, Britney, Britney

Written by PETA | July 17, 2007

Britney snapped with her latest “accessory”

A couple of weeks ago, I made a solemn vow not to waste people’s time with more news about Britney Spears’ trainwreck of a life. So much for solemn vows, I guess. Seems like everyone’s favorite walking disaster has added a new fur to her collection, though unlike her previous forays into buying animal accessories, her latest acquisition is still alive, for the time being. According to People magazine, our Brit wandered into a Bel Air pet store last week and bought herself a Yorkshire terrier on a whim for $3,000. Apart from the lousy example her choice to buy instead of adopt sets for all five of her remaining fans, her track record of abandoning puppies whenever she gets tired of them—not to mention her propensity for dropping babies and, I don’t know, shaving her head and checking herself into the psych ward—don’t exactly make her the ideal candidate for responsible pet ownership. Or, as PETA VP Dan Mathews puts it,

“Britney needs a new puppy about as much as Lindsay Lohan needs a drink. She can barely look after herself and her kids, and she’s tossed away so many dogs before. The only dog Britney is responsible enough to care for is a stuffed toy.”

Spears, who was awarded the title of World’s Worst Celebrity Dog Owner in 2006 by The Hollywood Dog Magazine, has already been photographed carrying her new Yorkie like a handbag, and spotted bringing the unfortunate animal to an L.A. night club, which is about as suitable a place for a puppy as it is for a recovering alcoholic mother of two.

MSNBC covered the story, and you can read that here.

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  • Maria Barradas says:

    Make her tell everybody were are the previous pets.

  • Dstar says:

    With all that is in the news about Britney Spears this week what is going on with the Yorkie she bought? If she treats her kids the way she does what about the dog? Does anyone know if this matter has been looked into?

  • Kim says:

    Im so torn on how I feel. At one point I know that by buying pets at pet stores you are encourging the puppy breeders and puppy mills which is pretty sad. But I would be lying if I said Im not affected by the sadness in those animals eyes. Everytime I walk past a pet store I want to buy all the animals I see because I really think I can give them a better life. Its a catch 22 and its sad that its the animals that loose out.

  • Tonia Vickery says:

    It’s unfortunate that Britany has to keep buying furry friends to fill the void in her life. Yes we want to know what happened to Bit Bit. PETA should find that out for us. Pamela should contract Britany and teach her how to be a responsible pet owner or just not to be one at all. PETA what happened to Bit Bit? Find out and post it! Thanks!

  • Carly says:

    Don’t call Britney a bitch its insulting to lump her in with female dogs.

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    It’s not only Britney but also Paris Hilton got a Yorkshire Terrier now I read about them and their new dogs in a danish newspaper..would like to kick them both real hard..those stupid bitches!!!

  • sarahh says:

    omgsh that puppy is so small and helpless. she should not be carrying it like that. i can only hope that it is taken away from her and given to a loving family. although i don’t suppose that will happen. i agree with nicole. and by the way who would buy a puppy for $3000?


    Humans directly caused the extinction of the dodo and the ivorybilled woodpecker unless it barely survives as I hope it does and will eventually recuperate in no way did they “serve their purpose on Earth.” They should still be around and thriving. Previous post made it sound as if they were only too happy to go extinct on our behalf. And some dinosaurs evolved into birds so they’re still with us thank goodness! And countless species would go extinct if cats and dogs were all set free to do their thing. As for Britney foolish nontalented people like her just need to be ignored so they will lose their undeserved “celebrity” status.

  • nicole says:

    what a stupid stupid bitch.

  • nicole says:

    what a stupid stupid bitch. i should say something profound but with this story…i simply cannot.

  • Nicki & Bob Munro says:

    Hi we have been following the sordid story of Britney Spears she is the very last p we cannot believe how “the stars”can do what they want she is the very last person on earth who should own an animal let alone a tiny terrified yorkshire puppy. Cannot the ASPCA or the police confiscate it or is it because she is richinfamous that you Americans do nothing??

  • BullyDawg says:

    Unfortunately that won’t work…If we released every domesticated dog and cat into the woods you would have a severe problem on your hands. Only the most agressive breeds would survive and that’s just the dogs…the cats would be extinct in several years. Of course I might get a lot of flak for this but so many people act as if a species becoming extinct is a BAD thing. Perhaps some species serve their purpose on Earth and are no longer needed. The dodo the ivorybilled woodpecker the dinosaurs all served their purpose and then left. Sure it’s sad when a species becomes extinct but outside of human interference isn’t it all part of the “Cirlce of Life” if I may be cliched? Finally this all makes me think of a new book out called “The World Without Us.” It literally supposes what would hapen if ALL humanity just up and disappeared one day? Bad news for us…Earth wouldn’t care.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    having worked for shelters i fear the issue is far worse than many realize… puppy mills are only the tip of the melting ice berg… ANYONE who allows breeding to happen is part of the problem. Breeding animals should be illegal. There is no responsible breeder as there is no responsible slave owner. The stats in the US MOST cats and dogs ARE ALREADY spayedneutered Puppy Mills account for only a part of all dogscats the majority of animals stems from so called “small and responsible” breeders and backyard family adventures… In other words the slave trade must stop and not only certain massproductions. puppy mills did not appear over night first they need social approval that it is ok to have wolves as slaves and treat them as objects! Plus there are simply no responsible homes for ANY dog… 16 years as an active vegan and I have met maybe 23 responsible dog owners including trainers and only one of them was vegan… yes sad britney is part of the problem but so are 99.99 of all humans I know including many ARs and Vegans!!! Dogs are genetically wolves. the forest is empty and now we have millions of natural carnivores living in cities where they eat factory farmed tortured animals everyday without having killed once!!! this is insane beyond insanity !!! we see a carnivore in the wild “shoot it”… we see a carnivore in the city “poor pet”. well done humane unature! there will be stray dogs and cats for decades to come to have ANY person breed is XXX… NOT JUST THE “BAD BAD” PUPPY MILLS… At the end of the day there is only ONE solution to tackle the cause and not the symptom Stop the habittraditionaddiction of having “pets” Wolves and tigers do NOT belong in the city. It is wrong to eat flesh but never to huntkill. It is wrong that there is no natural carnivore left in the wild but millions in our cities wrong that natural vegetarians like humans feed deer in the forest so that they can shoot them as there are no real carnivores left. If you love it set it free.. IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS also dogs and cats be kind to them and speak out for them NO MORE PETS FREE the HOUSE NEGROES not just the farm slaves!!!! Let’s free the wolves and cats and balance the empty forests?

  • kelly says:

    Dogs that aren’t sold by pet stores get reduced in price until they do get sold There is NO “saving” in buying pet store animals though some selfish people try to use that as an excuse Buying animals at pet stores is like giving money to animal abusers and saying ABUSE MORE!

  • BullyDawg says:

    My sister and her partner have a beautiful little snowball of a “mutt” without a name just yet. She was rescued from drowning in a creekbed that had quickly filled during a sudden rainstorm a stray dog in the neighborhood had had her litter in a hollow by the creek. We don’t know what happened to the other puppies but the “little polar bear” has been through a lot to get where she is. Remember pure breeds usually equal pure cruelty. Get a mixed breed no one else will have a dog like it so it’s practically “haute couture!”

  • romino says:

    to all reasonable people i just can recommend to adopt animals from shelters and not to buy them from shops breeders and markets. because this is a viscious circle and shall continue as long as there are clients where in the same time we have millions if not milliards of animals without shelter all around the world. when i traveled to spain i saw three homeless dogs on one day the first was a german shepherd when a young woman found him and she approached and asked us to take him but i had at that time already three dogs in my home but then we could find a solution talking to the bus driver from her german tourist group and he agreed to let her travel home with the dog. the second was at the beach and we shared our meal with him and then when a group of youngsters approached he showed them his teeth and run away i think he knew that there is coming a danger from humans because he made the experience already before. the third was a dog puppy sleeping in his bed in the edge of a public place where someone abandoned him together with his bed and i wanted to take him with me when two young animal loving spanish !!! girls appeared and wanted to have him absolutely because he was so cute. so they left for about three and a half hours for to ask their mother for permission and during all this time we surveyed the dog. after they came back with a small blue rope and took him with them. they were really nice and i think that the little dog found a good home! i told you all this for to show you that there are really countless animals around needing our help. i am 100 pct against breeding and just beg everyone with a heart and brains to adopt an animal from a shelter!

  • danah says:

    Britney is completely irresponsible. People must STOP buying puppies from pet store!!! She should have bought a puppy from a responsible breeder and gee there are few very great responsible and very well known breeders in the Los Angeles area. I have been reading especially about a famous breeder located in Beverly Hills it is Italian and her Yorkshier Terriers are so beautiful and very well bredI am talking about Sabrina Parisi. Why she did not buy from her?? I guess because this breeder Sabrina been a celebrity herself would not have sold a dog to someone she thought would not have been so responsible with her Yorkies? I do not think I am going to follow Britney any longer!! Sorry about that but she needs to move on!

  • Gabriella says:

    Poor dog! Someone should rescue it

  • Nancy Green says:

    If everyone would abandon these pet storesmaybe puppy mills would stop.Shame on Britney!

  • JEKC says:

    I am just wondering what happened to her old dog “Bit Bit”?

  • Tamara says:

    No…believe me…this irresponsible person didn’t save that dog… I’m guessing this sweet little puppy is in addition to the parakeet she purchased from Petco a couple of weeks ago?? God help us all especially these poor defenseless creatures.

  • janna says:

    i am totally against buying animals. adoption is the only way. However a curious idea she bought the dog. what happens to the dogs that dont get purchased? i know when we stop buying them it will eventuallly end. but what happens to all the puppies that dont get bought? she might have saved that dog… and dont think im for puppy mills or anything…totally against it…just thought it was an interesting point of view

  • kelly says:

    That dog came from a puppy mill. ALL pet store puppies come from puppy mills and so do the ones sold through websites. Plus most of the classifieds now are puppy millers pretending to be private breeders. There is video and photos of some of the mills at It will stop when people stop buying these puppies. All of us need to spread the word! With around not to mention loads of breed rescues there is no reason to keep supporting these puppy mills.