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Bristol Palin Goes Clubbing

Written by PETA | November 23, 2010

Former first lady Barbara Bush raised eyebrows recently when she told Larry King that she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska. But considering what Sarah and her daughter Bristol do in Alaska, we’re not sure that’s such a great idea either.

This gruesome scene of Bristol and Sarah clubbing a halibut to death took place during the second episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, in which they visited the city of Homer for a mother-daughter day of commercial halibut fishing. “It felt awesome gettin’ some aggression out,” Bristol said about clubbing the fish.

Gee, is this how most mothers and daughters bond? My mom and I just made cookies

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Emma Johnson says:

    I dont understand how Jessica’s comment could be seen as “disguisting” She was meerly asking about the most humane way to kill a fish. decapitation or penetrating the brain are the most humane ways. decapitation would probably be better but i dont fish so im not sure.

  • Mary says:

    Be nice. Jessica is asking an honest question. There is no need for such hostility. Jessica I don’t know a lot about fish but I would say decapitating them would leave them with the least suffering. But then again they’re cold blooded so I’m not so sure. I don’t fish or hunt.

    The whole Palin family is disgusting. I can’t believe people actually watch this show. My mother and I went shopping when we bonded. Beating a poor little fishy to death? That’s new.

  • Tannya Westwood says:

    Is this Jessica person actually serious? What a disgusting creature.

  • Ryan Alecia says:

    This is terrible but whats worse is Jessica Taylor disgusting comment what the hell is wrong with you grow some compassion for animals

  • Sara Nycole says:

    This is horrible!! I watched the video. Fish are social and they DO feel pain! Where does she get off thinking that this is acceptable??

  • Jessica Taylor says:

    I don’t go fishing, but I am curious is this normal? Is this how everyone does it? I mean isn’t there a better way to kill a fish? Are they seriously “clubbing” the fish for entertainment? What would be the PETA way to kill a fish?