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Brief Message From a Chicken

Written by PETA | May 2, 2007

A little while back, I wrote about the worldwide competition that the Young Guns ad agency held for people in the advertising industry to make a new PETA PSA. The official winner of that contest was “Your Parents Do It: Don’t Block It Out”, a brilliant idea put together by the BBDO Agency in Montréal. But over the past few weeks, we’ve been tallying up votes from our “People’s Choice” portion of the contest, and the winner has just been announced. I like that they picked a chicken for this one, because these birds (who aren’t even protected by the same inadequate anti-cruelty laws that apply to other farmed animals) have pretty much the roughest deal of any animal on the planet. The ad really speaks volumes, in a darkly humorous sort of way. Check it out—and, if you haven’t already, you can see all the runners-up here.

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  • marchingfire says:

    When I learned that chickens are not protected by even such meagre laws as protect other farmed animals I stopped eating chicken. It just didn’t taste the same any more.

  • Victoria says:

    This has got to be the best ad ever.

  • Bruno Hager says:

    Chickens are one of the most suffering and killed species in the world. The problem is that many people who do not anymore eat mammals are still eating chicken. So there is still lot of work to be done to avoid also the slaughter of chicken!

  • Hanne says:

    hahaha brilliant! I Love PETA 33333

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Please celebrate Respect for Chickens day on May 4th. We must advocate treating chickens with the same value that pet owners who are good people treat their beloved dogs catsbirds and all farm animals. Please go to the site. http://www.upconline.org42607irfcdevents.html. Thank you SweetJudith The Buddhist