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Bridle-Free Wedding Ceremony in Central Park

Written by PETA | September 3, 2009

When it came time to plan their NYC wedding, Kelly Respess and Paul Kercheval knew that there was one thing that wasn’t going to be a part of their special day—a horse-drawn carriage ride. In fact, they decided to take the opportunity to educate other lovebirds about how unromantic it is to be hauled around Central Park by a tired, abused horse.


Together, for better and for horses
No horses (or chickens or cows) were harmed in the making of the wedding cake.


Everything from the cake to the decoration said “neigh” to horse abuse, and leaflets describing horse-drawn carriage horrors were distributed to wedding guests as well as to tourists and reporters.

When the ceremony was over, the happy couple rode off in a classic, classy convertible.


Kelly and Paul celebrate life and love …


Written by Karin Bennett

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