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Laboratory Dog Breeder Shut Down

Written by PETA | July 22, 2011
In laboratories like this one operated by Iams and the breeding facilities that supply them, beagles are abused in ways that would warrant cruelty charges if the dogs lived with a family.  

U.K.-based Harlan Hillcrest Farm—a facility that bred thousands of beagles in deplorable conditions before selling them to be abused and killed in cruel experiments—is closing after being besieged by advocates for animals.

During their time at Harlan, dogs were confined to tiny wire mesh cages that were spray-washed just once a month. They were only allowed out of the cages for 20 minutes a week. A former animal technician at Harlan reported that workers wrote curse words on the beagles’ faces, shaved pictures into their fur, and punched and kicked the dogs.

And the problems for Harlan don’t end there: Last week, the company also announced that it was laying off more than 100 people at one of its Swiss facilities—which breeds and conducts cruel tests on mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, and pigs—because business is hurting.  

Bad news for Harlan is great news for animals. 

While PETA and other animal organizations work to shut down laboratories and their animal suppliers one by one, you can help by buying cruelty-free products and letting companies that experiment on animals and that do business with companies like Harlan know why you won’t be a customer.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Marianne Crawford says:

    Truly i wish for each person who tortures an animal to suffer the same fate.

  • BRING IT TO AN END says:

    why not attack that labors? WHY NOT?

  • Jimmy AZ says:

    I cant get the images out of my head. How rotten are we to our animal friends. There has to be a better future starting immediately.

  • Cattery Brisbane says:

    I think “Annie bode” is a right. I totally agree with his comment.

  • azz says:

    Thank God. It’s closed.

  • annie bode says:

    I am really pleased Hillcrest is closed down. I am so sick of reading about animals being abused by humans. STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS NOW.

  • Venus says:

    I cannot believe how such crimes can happend. Dogs would not allow other dogs to suffer in such a way why don’t We learn compasion from them.

  • Courtney says:

    i was at many of these demonstrations, was very rewarding and im SOOO glad that its now closed, we are now working on the other Harlan site in Huntingdon 🙂 xxx

  • lisa says:

    Is this the same American Company that asked for planning permission to build in the UK? Planning permission was turned down due to the efforts of PETA UK and the British public outrage. We will not accept this kind of abuse here.

  • Elec says:

    Doing vivisection/animal testing and such for no reason, or product testing is stupid and cruel. I think that tests should ONLY be done for medical research(take for example the discovery of insulin), but also in a non-cruel method

  • Salsa says:

    It’s horrible to do such things to animal. I didn’t know when i bought my dog (7 years ago) but she was coming from a pet shop, which bought all their dogs in CZECH REPUBLIC, and i’m sure it was from that kind of laboratory… When she was young, she was scarred of everything, not strange when you know such things. But now sh’s really cute 🙂

  • Janice Sacchetti says:

    Hope to see them all end in the near future, that means now!

  • Christine says:

    100 less people abusing animals for profit! Every little bit helps animals. Shame on those people! Glad this horrid company/group of people got “punched and kicked” out of their jobs! Hopefully more peole will be laid off!

  • dmasz91 says:

    exactly, we have enough technology to avoid this. plus if these people would hurt animals, imagine how much closer they are than the rest of us to hurt humans? in doing some research, i believe military bases out there in the global world are experimenting on caged, kidnapped humans 🙁 …i wanna b a scientist, but i wud refuse to hurt a live animal. there’s no justification for it even in the medical field.

  • Stephen Holt says:

    Why do they not stop testing on animals and give deathrow and life prisoners the chance for some show of remorse and also do testing on those that do these evil barbaric things when caught ?? Its so torturous.

  • Vasia georgievs says:

    Stop it

  • derya daylan says:

    so cruel..,i cant find right words to describe this unhumanity!

  • Bev says:

    Selling animals to be abused and killed in cruel experiments an absolute horendous action. Beagles are such a gentle dog, it is a crime to do such a thing as breed them just to sell them to Labs for testing experiments. All animal tested products have been removed from my list of purchases, and I only purchase cruelty free products. These Labs should be shut down, there is no need to use animals with all the technology we have now.