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Breaking Investigation Reveals Dairy Farm Horrors

Written by PETA | May 26, 2010

Sometimes I consider myself a hardened PETA veteran. With each new investigation I force myself to watch, I convince myself that that I’ve seen the worst abuses that animals are subjected to. But then something like this new video, which was shot by an undercover worker at an Ohio dairy factory farm, hits my desk, and I am again moved to tears by the way people exploit and abuse animals:



In the video, which was recorded over the past few weeks by Mercy For Animals, workers at Conklin Dairy Farms are seen beating cows with crowbars and stabbing them with pitchforks. One worker wires a cow’s nose to a metal bar and then repeatedly beats the cow with another bar as she bleeds.

These findings are similar to what PETA revealed when we went undercover at a Land O’Lakes supplier in Pennsylvania. Over the course of several months, PETA’s investigation documented that cows who had trouble standing were kicked and electro-shocked. One cow’s gangrenous, infected teat ruptured while she was being milked by a machine. Another cow collapsed in a deep pool of liquid manure and was left to languish there for hours as the urine and manure covered her body and coated her eyes, nose, and mouth.

The next time someone asks you, “What’s wrong with eating dairy products?” tell them, “Everything!” and then show them these videos.

Please take a minute to share this investigation via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Then let your friends and family know that the best way to help prevent cows from suffering these abuses is to go vegan. If you haven’t already taken that leap, check out these cruelty-free alternatives to dairy foods to get started.

Update: A man who police believe to be one of the dairy farm workers who was recorded on video beating cows with crowbars and poking them with pitchforks was charged yesterday with 12 counts of cruelty to animals!

Billy Joe Gregg Jr., 25, was jailed in Mechanicsburg and was to be arraigned on Thursday. Each cruelty-to-animals charge he faces carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Lina says:

    WHY WHY WHY ???? my heart is aching, and I’m shaking with tears! this is ridiculous. I don’t understand how or why a farmer would do that??? why any human would. OMG I hope he is arrested and gets what he dished!

  • Tony says:

    Can somebody say…..serial killer in the making?

  • Laura says:

    This is heart breaking. You would have to be evil to do something like this to any living being. We need camera’s in all meat and dairy production plants and farms nation wide.

  • ftbird says:

    What we need to be doing is to try to change the laws in Ohio where this kind of thing is not considered “that against the law” where animals are considered lower beings. We need to be working together to try to change the law so that this kind of thing is NOT THE NORM in men. Wonder how the term MANKIND got into our vocabulary? Very sad.

  • maureen says:

    P.S. since Gary Conklin was found not guilty Guess Billy Joe Gregg’s defense will be” It wasn’t me it was someone that looks like me” I was trying out to become a police officer so I could put this guy behind bars. GIVE ME A BREAK

  • maureen says:

    Just read in the Huffington post Gary Conklin was found not guilty that we did not see the entire video and he acted appropriatelyand they thought about trying the person who video taped it.but did not have enough evidence.Gary Conklin was seen in the video harming his animals and this man came out of this unscaved.his animals were not as lucky REMARKABLE isn’t it.Well all I can say is Mr. Conklin if you are reading these blogs I hope for you what you gave your animals I hope you can sleep at night knowing that the pain that was inflicted upon your animals is the same pain that should hit your pocket. If your farm closes then you only have yourself to blame as it stands now you lost a few buyers. I fear for the animals when he closes down permanently for business. No one in their right mind would do business with this man again. You may have been found not guilty in court Gary but what about the people all around the world that saw this tape and knows your shame.Get a career that doesn’t involve animals it is apparent you cannot handle living creatures by way of yourself or the people you hire. Your family must be proud………

  • Pete says:

    Gary Conklin owner 614 3952936 Cell 614 8738024 Office 614 8733383 Fax email 12939 US Hwy. 42 N Plain City OH 43064

  • maureen says:

    Now that I have been able to collect myself a bit betterI would like to know what can I do to help? Billy joe Gregg jr. is a sad replica of the human species this tormentor should have a psychiatric profile done on himhis sentence if anyof 3 years is to short of a time to get for all the harm he has done he asked the judge to let him go so he can go home to take care of his animals I hope Ohio has stepped in and taken his animals awayif they haven’t had to be put to sleep from cowering in the corners of his home and being unfriendly He claims to have been in Irag I urge the military to serve him with treason and put this lunie away.Where on earth was conklin while all of this was going on I cannot and will not believe he did not know about this I hope the USDA closes down what he calls a farm and I call a house of torture.I wonder how conklins family view this when you think you have seen it all then comes an attack like this on helpless living creatures. I am sorry to say this but I hope he gets the ST beat out of him in jail for what he has done I’m sure his parents have something to be proud of. I could not sleep last night after watching the video all I could hear were the cries of baby calfs and their mothers in pain from what this monster has done.And then I start to think maybe this is what this sicko wants is notoriety guess we will hear his heart wrenching story of how he was abused as a child and he could not control himselfanother “Made for tv movie”.Please Peta keep me informed on the status of this man and the end results.Since there are no laws governing farm animals in Ohiohe will probably walk with a slap on the wrist like most abusers and not allowed to have animals for awhile a fine and a good stern talking to I am being coythen he will be released into society once more to do it all over again but hiding it a little better until he is caught again and the best is yet to come he wants to be a police officer maybe in a town near you he told the judge he had an interview.I wonder how the police will accept him there if definetly would not say much about that department.I am just glad to know the cheese farm supposedly stop using conklin’s farm.What has happened to conklin’s farm animals does he still have them? cause it is a little to late to train his employees efficientlythat is something he should have thought about before he let this hitler in. What charges if any has the farm been charged with? Please keep me posted to what happens to this psycho!!!! and what about the animals found dead on this farm can’t they do a necropsy to find out what they died from?

  • maureen says:

    I AM OUTRAGED AND HORRIFIED!!!!! what is being done? Are these videos being sent to the USDA the government or what? What do I have to do to stop this TORTURE? I think I have seen it all until this This man should not be allowed to own ANY animals. I am overwhelmed with grief and anger this was allowed to happen. Is it not sad enough that these beautiful creatures are sent for slaughter but to have to ENDURE this I am OUTRAGED and shaking right now over this.THIS HAS TO STOP

  • Luke Thomas says:

    The only way animals will no longer be tortured exploited and mercilessly killed for greed gluttony and entertainment is that the human race goes extinctthe sooner the better. And yes I am praying to God for that.

  • Luke Thomas says:

    “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.” ALBERT EINSTEIN “Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay.” ALBERT EINSTEIN

  • bonnie says:

    What i don’t understand is why hasn’t that farm been shut down this was the most disturbing video i have watched. It made me cry to see those cows being abused what traumaed the most was the calfs being beat in the head.

  • Luke says:

    First off I want to say that for PETA to say that this cruelty is carried out on all dairy farms or beef farms for that matter is extremely narrowminded. These men are not typical farmers. They are school bullies who haven’t yet learned their lesson and are now bullying cows and calves. I am a rancher and I can guarantee that the vast majority of US farmers and ranchers care for their livestock very well. I think we need to be careful about passing judgment on the entire dairy industry just because of one movie. I am not excusing the actions of these cowardly tormentors they have not earned the right to be called men I just want to say we need to be careful when crying wolf I WOULD like to have a few notsofriendly words with those guys though.

  • INDYCAR01 says:

    and we i though the era of nazis was over. milk is for baby cows. go VEGAN!..

  • leanne acton says:

    Please tell me the animals are ok !! I have never seen such abuse in all my life if only i had the power to do more!!

  • Gioia Mancuso says:

    This news arrived to ITALY toothrough Facebook. Everybody here on FB is horrified and spreading this terrible situation..

  • Tyler says:

    i hope the judge does the right thing and the maximum penalty is seeked!!!!!! And i hope this guy gets raped and killed and prison cause thats what he truly deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa says:

    To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant. Amos Bronson Alcott Anyone who can abuse any life whether it is a human or animal should have EVERY decent person concerned because these ignorant people walk amongst us.

  • Evlin Lake says:

    The people have spoken WORST ANIMAL CRUELTY CASE Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio DEMAND JUSTICE NOW!!!

  • Kevin says:

    It’s time for people who say they care about animals to stop justifying meat and dairy consumption by saying it’s okay if it’s organic. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “HUMANE SLAUGHTER” the two words are the complete opposite of each other.

  • anne says:

    There are alot of nice people commenting on this tragic news. I am not one of them. I hope somebody will hook them up by the nose and beat them to death with a crowbar.

  • Alyssa says:

    via Anique Human re CONKLIN DAIRYBILLIE JOE GREGG . . . the Prosecutors Office is now keeping track of public opinion and the phone calls his office receives. The number is +1 937 644 8151.

  • Antoine says:

    Tom. You are correct that this kind of gratuitous violence is not the rule…although it is quite more widespread than you would have us believe. But what you say about abused animals not producing is absolutely untrue and not based on any even anecdotal evidence. Biology is where you will find all the answers. Cows will produce milk no matter how poorly they are treated because it is a BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE. ALL dairy operations tether their cows for their own protection they claim and they all use milk parlour. And ALL dairy cows are sent to slaughter at around 4 years old so it is not like these producers need their animals to live a healthy life…they just need them to stay alive through childhood. IN FACT they have discovered that miserable animals trapped in cages and who never go outside produce MORE because they are so cut out from everything that is normal and natural that they actually start to behave like machines. So even if they were not blatantly abused like this their entire lives is abuse. Even the utopic “welltreated” cow in a factory farm is just a milk producing machine. She is worthless and that knowledge of her worthlessness is what leads to abuses like these. 99 of all dairy products in Canada and the US come from factory farms JUST LIKE THIS ONE. As for the 1 that come from supposedly “happy” organic dairy farms… 1st organic standards have NOTHING to do with how the animal is treated. 2nd again you need to look at biology. A cow MUST be pregnant to produce milk and she will produce just about enough milk for her calf. After about 6 months her production stops so that her calf can be weaned and start eating grass. So in order for the “kindly” dairy farmer to be able to bottle and sell the milk that is meant for the calf the first thing he must do is REMOVE THE CALF FROM HIS MOTHER. Then what does he do when her milk production stops? Well he must impregnate her again so that she starts producing milk again…and therefore a dairy cows life even in your nonexistent dream world where she is “welltreated” Tom is a life of constant artificial insemination a.k.a RAPE and then having her baby taken away from her right after birth. And her milk stolen. And what about the calf? the male calf is useless to the dairy industry so he is put in a crate and 6 weeks later KILLED for veal. And the female calf is turned into a dairy cow like her mother. It is not possible to remove the abuse out of that equation. Tom in order to actually have a mind you need to use it. Consider the truth and LEARN.

  • Joanna says:

    janine Organic milk is not better. Horizon corporation actually has greatly reduced its standards for care of the cows while maintaining the organic lable. Consummers think they can escape the guilt of torturing cows by buying organic but thet is just a falacy. They still repetedly inpregnate the cows remove the calfs at birth maximize milk production and exhust the cows so that they live a shortened life and subject the cows to twice or three times a day milking in the parlors. Weather somebody attacks the cow and calves is just a matter of who they hire not if the milk is organic. Organic milk means they feed the cows better food and do not use anitbiotics…but really how much better for the cow is it? Adult humans do not need any milk and its bad for your health….REALLY. I had been a vegetarian 25 years but ate milk. When I gave up all milk two years ago my sinuses cleared and my skin became smooth and soft. Everybody that saw that video should go dairy free for 30 days and see how they feel and while your at it get a friend to do the same. Milk is poison. Those guys were just morons…they were telling the cows….’move your head’…then beating them…’move your head’…then beating…What they think the cow knows what the words mean. AND to beat a baby calf becuase…the calf is resisting being tormented….that is just a sick person.

  • janine says:

    I have heard that organic milk is better. In order that the animals not get sick they have to be treated well. I hope this is so. So glad this maniac got caught and thanks so much to the person who got this footage you are an amazing person to do this. I just couldn’t so thanks so much.

  • Yogi Lama says:

    H.H. 17TH GYALWANG KARMAPA OGYEN TRINLAY DORJE Whether it is life protection or life liberation there are many ways to do it. It doesn’t mean that this is the only way and there are no other means to do it. There will be fewer obstacles if we could use more means to protect or liberate lives. When comes to life liberation different people share different views and there are both positive and negative views about it. Some believe that it can benefit a lot of sentient beings while others think that it will cause more harm to them. What does that mean? For example an animal will be spared today if you liberate it when it is just about to be slaughtered. However though you have saved the life of this animal you may also cause harm to the next animal indirectly as it will be slaughtered earlier than usual to replace the one that you have liberated. Hence some people will contemplate it this way and they will feel that there are no perfect ways to benefit all sentient beings completely as you may still harm some while saving others. No matter what I feel that the best way to protect and liberate lives is to adopt a vegetarian diet because sentient being will be slaughtered as long as there are people who eat meats. Hence in present situation be it life protection or life liberation I think that the best way will be to adopt a vegetarian diet.

  • Wangpo Kalsang says:

    I am so glad Devil Billy Joe is gone from that farm it was unbelievable to beating cows with crowbars and poking them with pitchforks. They are like a mother they gives us milk everyday….there is no such a devil who look like monster which image created by human being.. Who does a such a thing like this is called devil….Devil minded…it si us devil but regardless what Karma will come soon or later there is no escape from law of karma…please help for those animals…..thank you

  • Claire says:

    Why oh why do they need to be so cruel to poor defenseless animals. My heart is sore and goes out to these innocent animals. It makes me sick to my core that humans can behave in this way. I am ashamed to be part of the human race. Have we not evolved spiritually at all? Why do animals still have so few rights? Disgusting. Thank God for PETA you do such good work.

  • Trudie says:

    I was absolutely appalled at the tapes released about Conklins Dairy Farm.I was unable to watch all them because of the extreme cruelty.Ohio has some of the most lenient animal abuse laws and all states should take another look at the punishment that fits the crimes.To think a human being could inflict such pain and cruelty to a helpless animal is beyond me.Someone needs to take a better look at wives and children of those menthis behavior surely just doesn’t surface at the sight of a cow!90 days in jail and $750. in a fine is an insult!If Gary Conklin was actually participating the business shouls be closed!

  • Carla* says:

    Thanks Rita for the info!!

  • Rita says:

    I’ve got another link for you. Billy Joe was not the least bit remorseful at his hearing. Instead he just whined about his lack of money and how he needed to go take his police exam. Really? Can you imagine the police brutality that will go on if he’s made a cop? httpwww.dispatch.comlivecontentlocalnewsstories20100527greggcourtappearance.html?sid101

  • Shae says:

    Just remember that most dairy farms don’t treat their animals like this… at all. Most dairy cattle live happy healthy easy going lives.

  • keith says:

    I have just been reading the Hue Cry over this horror story on Google. seems there are a lot of petitions for this company to be closed down. Not a bad idea and perhaps the culprits should be investigated more deeply. given the sadistic abuse they enjoy.

  • Don Harris says:

    I want to bemome more involved in preventing cruelty to animals. How do I do this… I want to help!!

  • Cadi says:

    They have to stay in JAIL FOREVER!!!

  • Rita says:

    The guy’s name is Billy Joe Gregg Jr. httpwww.10tv.comlivecontentlocalstories20100526storyplaincitydairyfarmemployeechargedanimalcruelty.html?sid102 Here are some links for you. His Mypace httpwww.myspace.comcowboybilly1984 He says his family owns a dairy farm in Michigan. Can someone at PETA look into this and make sure his parents weren’t the ones who set the example? Facebook page petitioning against him httpwww.facebook.comgroup.php?gid111011638944321 His police file httpwww.tricounty.miamivalleyjails.orgJAILBOOKING.ASPX?CJISORPARTYIDC19334836JAILBOOKINGID13196456 The guy couldn’t even face forward for his mugshot. 100 of Conklin’s Milk was sold to Minvera’s Cheese. Please write to them and tell them this is not acceptable httpwww.minervacheese.comtcontact.aspx

  • NT says:

    are these people going to jail or what?????!!!!!!!!!!

  • MajBritt says:

    I cannot watch this video as I know I will only be in tears. I would love to see factory farming banned and if farms are still around for these products after humane laws have been improved TREMENDOUSLY why don’t they consider psyche evaluating all workers before hiring and anually? If they’re treating animals who are sentient beings this way imagine how they treat people!

  • andi says:

    The only way to stop this evil from happening is to stop the demand for this “product.” Regulations and laws don’t work they’re never enforced. There’s no one to watch these criminals. Boycott dairy! Become vegan! Get your calcium from dark leafy vegetables and your cereal milk from soy rice almond or hemp milk!

  • Lea Graziano says:

    I could not bring myself to watch the video I knew it was going to be more than heartbreaking after having read the short article and other people’s comments. QUESTION IS WHY WHY WHY THERE IS SO MUCH CRUELTY AROUND??? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EMPATHY???

  • Lea Graziano says:

    I could not bring myself to watch the video after reading the article above. QUESTION IS WHY WHY WHY ALL THIS ABUSE???? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO EMPATHY???

  • Irene Leggett says:

    I can only wonder why the other workers did nothing to stop this absolute abuse and disregard for the cows and calves or are they acting the same way as well?? How can these people sleep at night? I know I can’t and I’ve only watched the video!!

  • Bengie says:

    the best way to stop this cruelty is an action being done not just by words an inspection through this kind of

  • deanna stevens says:

    i hope god has mercy on their souls. they don’t deserve one sliver of mercy. the bible says “whatever is done to the least of mine is done to me.” arrest those men. they need serious psychiatric help. so sickening and heartbreaking. my heart breaks for those innocent animals. my husband would like to know the names of these men and i use that term loosely so that they could be made to suffer as they have made these poor animals suffer. my god isn’t there law enfocement in that county.

  • LAYLA says:

    THESE MEN ONLY GOT A MISDEMEANOR! i am horrified truly sickened im so happy im vegan spread this video. people need to understand that buying dairy products is a direct link to this abuse you buy you support. THE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY NEED TO CHANGE!