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Breaking Investigation: Animal Abuse at PetSmart

Written by PETA | January 23, 2007

Our undercover investigator just got back from almost six months inside two separate PetSmart stores, and what she brought back is pretty disturbing. Every time I’ve been inside a PetSmart, I always feel bad for the birds they keep in cages there, not to mention the rats, lizards, and other animals in cages. But it turns out that being stuck in a cage and harassed by customers is only the beginning of the nightmare for these animals: What goes on in PetSmart’s back rooms is just one horror after another. As of this week, PETA has launched a full campaign against PetSmart until it stops selling all animals. Have a look at the video, and if you want to help out, you can e-mail PetSmart your thoughts by clicking here.

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  • Faither says:

    UPDATE: I used to go to Petsmart but then I heard about what they were doing and now I will never go there again. I also tell all of my family never to go there and try to tell everybody I can. I am an ANIMAL LOVER and I will not tolerate this kind of stuff. Because I am only 13 I can’t do much but tell people and get the word out. I have so many stories about my pets and how big of a relationship I have with animals.

  • Faither says:

    I saw the video about the breeders and where Petsmart gets their animals from and I think that it’s VERY wrong. Those poor helpless animals are defenseless against us, they can’t help themselves. It sickened me to watch that video of them being stepped on and kept in tiny cages. We need to stand up against this.

  • g33ky says:

    i have to agree with Rusty. i got my dog Otis from Petsmart [he was a BEAUTIFUL pure, black lab]. mind you im only 15, so i probably dont have a big impact on this. There are some really ethic people that work there and im PRETTY sure that NOT every Petsmart is like that, all abusive and junk. But i DO agree that they should go against THAT petsmart. Not every single one in the biz. Think about how many people would lose jobs if they closes EVERY Petsmart. We would be in deeper shit [the US] than we are now. It’s like, hey? no more petsmart!! so what do we do with the animals? let em go i guess.. and little tommy who always wanted a puppy is gonna go get one off the street because they had no way to actually go BUY a puppy. okay… I digress. My whole point is that, yes, animal abuse exists, but it isnt an everybody-does kind of thing. ALOT of people are passionate about working with animals. If you pay attention to people close enough you can tell if they’re telling the truth or not. Before you go decide to get a new pet, just go in before hand and pretend to ask for a job. Get a look around if you can. Pay attention to what you see; and if it isn’t a place you like, don’t get your pet from there. if the manager is a money scrounging jerk, then DON’T get your pet from there. He probably doesn’t care about the animals, and your animal wont live very long. Again, i’m not an expert. i’m just putting my opinion out there. If PETA [who i love by the way] wants to start out a full fledged war, then they need to get more footage, and/or evidence. you can’t start a war with one simple fact. you need the whole can. and if they DO, and it turns out the majority of the Petsmarts in the US are dirty rotten, then take it to Pheonix. I’m sure if you took your complaints straight to the headquarters, you might get a bigger response, hopefully what you need.

  • PCM says:

    Firstly, I will always support anything or anyone working against animal abuse. But I think this approach against PetSmart is very flawed. If you had any idea what policies are in place by the company to provide the best care for it’s animals you would be astonished that such things in this video could possibly go on. Unfortunately such things obviously do, but it is definitely not the same at all stores. I am a Pet Care Manager and I work very hard to make sure every animal in my care is taken care of properly, even if that means several vet visits. Medication administered to our pets are prescribed by the veterinarian and if any of my associates don’t feel comfortable with any of it I am more than understanding. I am just as disgusted as anyone at the footage shown here and wish that someone from PETA would sit down with a PCM like myself and learn the REAL way all PetSmart stores are suppose to operate. Unfortunately it seems like the action here is generalized against the company, and yet the company continues to work very diligently to prevent such happenings. The best would be to go against said stores directly. Any “undercover” associates should bring everything to the attention of their Store Manager, and if that doesn’t work go higher up until someone listens. The company cannot take disciplinary action if it does not know who to take it upon. I understand that PETA’s goal is to stop PetSmart’s sale of animals entirely but I think there are MANY other places that should really be their focus. PetSmart’s goals as a whole are genuine and they strive to fix and eliminate any such actions as seen in this video.

  • Nick says:

    well i agree with alot of what peta does. but the animals are not in the cages at petsmart for to long. I do agree a bit with the video. But its not bad to adopt a dog or a cat because they are rescued. But some of that video isnt totally true. Anyway i like peta and agree with alot of it. But it isnt bad to get a mouse or rat or other furry friend because most likely they are goin to a better place.

  • nicole says:

    well i feel bad 4 some of the animals but i have bought 2 rats from petsmart and they are all healthy and i love them

  • Lauren says:

    OKay Hi all I worked for Petsmart for 3 years as a petcare specialist and I did as well deal with the same things that happened in this video A lot of petsmart employee’s are lazy and sometime don’t even medicate or feed and water the animals daily. I know this because I was granted Lead of the whole department and I would constantly have to go behind people just to make sure the animals have proper water and were medicated as far as seeing a vet we did take all of our animals In the Knoxville TN to a vet but it was the employee’s who did not do their job and for the betta’s I do agree I was heart broken to see these little guys like that. Also something that wasn’t shown is how most of the fish came down with parasites such a ICK and rotten mouth and it would circulte through the system I can vouch for the Petsmart in Knoxville that for the most part they did the best to help them but when I worked at other stores I can tell you most animals went un treated.

  • Rusty says:

    I totally agree with PETA on this one. This mass breeding for profit is wrong. Petsmart is a company that puts profit before anything else. They don’t even treat the employees well. Of course the managers get a quaterly bonus check but all the other employees get is $7.50 and a 15 discount. They may offer benefits but I may lose a good portion of my check by doing so. And what is really screwed up is that during the Christmas holidays the mangers get a holiday bouns on top of a quarterly bonus while us employees part and full time get nothing but a 30 discount that can only be used on the first weekend of the month and a tote bag that some 8 year old in china got paid 3 cents on hour to make. I am VERY unhappy as a petsmart employee. I have ten years aquarium experience and I own a saltwater reef tank with LPS and SPS corals. Even my coworkers tell me Im wasting my talent there and I really am. Too bad the only decent and moral reef shop in my little red state hick town is only a three man business. This corporation which I can gaurantee that more than half of those money grubbers sitting in that home office have never kept a pet or worked in a pet store in their entire lives as well as most of the customers think of us pet care specialists as being a bunch of brainless crack smoking hobos off the street that don’t know jack about animals and that just saddens me to see that we have “WalMart” like pet stores nowadays where employees feel like slaves controlled by a greedy home office and ungrateful managers. Im just letting everyone know that in these stores there are some skilled and ethical people that work in them. I used to be one of the arrogant customers who thought petsmart employees where a bunch of nonothing tards. Since I’ve worked there I have learned a lot from my 2 pet care coworkers who have much compassion and knowledge for animals. Im now a bird guy as well as a fish guy. I just wish people would have more respect for the working man these days. Now our store manager is cutting our hours so he can put those toward padding his bonus check. The store is given a set of hours whatever is left over that goes as extra toward the manager bonuses. THE EMPLOYEES ARE THE BACKBONE OF EVERY CORPORATE CHAIN NOT THE LAZY MANAGERS WHO JUST STAND AROUND IN FRONT OF THE STORE SMILE PET DOGS AND SIT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER ALL DAY. Petsmart is greedy fake and immoral indeed. We should go UNION!!!!

  • Lorinha says:

    UPDATE I went back to the Petsmart on 90th and this time the Petcare Manager was in. He was EXTREMELY nice and as soon as he heard my concern about the finch he checked them all. We found the bird with the missing tail and it looked like the feathers were growing back and at least he was not ill. And good news was the bird was snuggled into a nest with another bird so at least he was not really totempole in that cage and it all looked less ominous. However the manager was so good he said he will definitely keep an eye on them in case the bird is having a bad time. I could tell the man was sincere too. He is a pet owner and an older guy and I could tell his concern and at least he knew what to look for. So as far as the actual petcare manager he’s a good guy who deserves a big raise for being so good with me and all my questions and his care for the finches. BUTWHATEVER GLIBLYING GENERAL MANAGER I SPOKE TO YESTERDAY IS JUST A LIAR. THAT FAT BAG DID NOT PASS ON THE INFO TO THE BIRD DEPARTMENT THAT A BIRD LOOKED PICKED ON. AND I FOUND OUT TOO THAT THERE WAS NO FINCH BEING “PROTECTED” IN A CAGE IN THE BACK ROOM. WHICH WAS WHAT I WAS TOLD. THE PET CARE MANAGER HAD NO IDEA AND HE WAS THE GOOD GUY I NEED TO UNDERLINE THAT…AND THAT OTHER “MANAGER” WHO TOLD ME THAT THINGS WERE UNDER CONTROL WAS A LYING GAS BAG. AT LEAST HE COULD HAVE LEFT A MESSAGE OR EVE CALLED UP HIS PET CARE MANAGER !!! I REALLY HATE THAT. BUT THE MANAGER PET CARE MANAGER IS COOL.

  • Lorinha says:

    I found this site because I was looking to contact the district office for the 90th Street Petsmart in ScottsdaleAz. because I was there today and saw Society Finches in an overcrowded cage and there was one poor little finch who was an OBVIOUS victim of the other birds. They’d picked all his tail feathers off. When I told the manager he claimed that some employee there had “already noticed” so then why was the bird still left there to be the lowest on the totem pole ? and said they “were making a cage for him in the backroom”. That sounded odd to me and now after reading all this I’m horrified. Tomorrow I am going BACK there and am going to demand to see this little finch. I’m sure if they haven’t already killed it off that I’ll end up buying it just to rescue it and here I am still looking for a job and can’t really afford to. Also…there was a cat with a cold it had literally blown snot from sneezing right onto the front of it’s glass window enclosure. I think the employees are told to lie immediately if any customer says they see something wrong in the store. Because immediately I was told all sorts of stuff “the cat has allergies” the cat is allergic to it’s litter” the cat is on medication” …but when I emailed Paw Placement the rescue the cat was with said they would go doublecheck on the cat ?! which sounds like they hadn’t heard about the patheticpoor cat who kept rubbing it’s face and blowing snot Petsmart sure lied to my face but they did not even tell Paw Placement what the heck was going on. So the clerk who had all that “info” about what was wrong with the cat and blah blah blah I guess it was all a story ?! Why the evil ? I hope Petsmart goes out of business. The management and anyone who knowingly lets an animal suffer will end up paying for it spiritually they’ll go to some kind of hell in the end.

  • A.A. says:

    this is horrible!! I bought a hampste rat petsmart once on my 10th birthday and he died 6 months later from cancer!! he had like five tumors in his stomach. I never am buying anything fron here ever again!

  • ...... says:

    Hello I am a 13 year old boy and I am a pet enthusiest sorry about spelling again 13 so as i said i love animals and i take care of everyone nomatter there size or just the type of animal they are and i got two of my budgies from a very nice petsmart around where i live and they are very healthy and r very happy petsmart should stop selling animals THE WAY THEY ARE NOW!!!! They should not have the animals out in the main area of the store they should have a back area with much bigger cages and people working there twenty four seven the rodents i do not like my self but they do not deserve to be under these conditions they also need to be cared for much differently and they need to be bought by qualified breeders not kati or whatever they are buying them from and only keep about 10 on hand until atleast half are sold the birds are very personal to me where they are some of my favorite pets im tired so im gonna cut it short but i believe someone needs to fix there conditions and save these poor animals o ps i have 4 budgies a sun conure 2 rabbits 3 dogs and 2 cats o and a betta fish i got from petsmart and one more thing is the bettas yah they are in small containers but they go thru thos fish so fast its in sian i spent a whole day there once waiting for my mother to come get me and my friend so we were there for 6 hours yah i know boring but by the time we left the whole shelf which was probobly holding twety or so bettas was almost clear and if they did that every day yah the go fast and do not live in pathetic conditions after that but peda DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  • Devin says:

    I think we should sue petsmart.thous pets need a vet.

  • Sara says:

    The Petsmart by my house has a vets office… how hard would it be for them to have that vet just check the animals out and make sure they’re okay? I’m gonna ask them about it.

  • brooke says:

    hey i boat a hamster from there but hey im onley 11 years old but that is sad just sad im glad i saved my little gizmo from petsmart that day now she is a beatiful baby girl. no one and i mean no one should bye from petsmart you should bye from puppy palace or so called staceys pets they rescue dogs and hamsters then they also sell hamster stuff for one doller thats were i got my 2nd hamster coockie

  • SP says:

    I do not agree with the mistreatment of animals at all. But do not lay the blame solely on PetSmart as a company. What needs to happen is they need to hiring people who know how to take care of the animals. All these problems are a result of not cleaning the cages equipment etc right. Do not apply at a pet store if you know nothing about taking care of pets. Its sad that this has to happen but do not blame it on the corporation it is as much the fault of people who work there and the customers that buy them as it is the company itself.

  • Yo says:

    Yo People These are rodents we are talking about. Rats mice…things that we kill at home with traps and poison. I didn’t see any evidence of dogs or cats being treated poorly and dying.

  • Chasya says:

    I watched this video and i am a pet specialist at petsmart in latham new york..Now as far as MOST of the petsmarts go YES they are cruel to the animals and most employess know nothing about the animals that petsmart sells. it is not all petsmarts.I can assure you that The petsmart i work in Does not abuse animals nor let them die. all of the animals that come into ISO are seen by a vet and get the medication they deserve and need.We have a very strict prcedure at our store that we all follow very precisely.I feel terrible knowing that some of these stores treat their animals this way.Another thing you have to realize is that some of the animals that are recieved from the breeders are not well..Some are delivered with illnesses and tumors and wettail…the list can keep going.I mean yes petsmart does need to step up their game.Their first step would be to stop hiring clueless people…And STORE managers whom know nothing about a snake or lizard or fish or small animal or birdi personally have all the animals i just listed plus some…i take care of the animals at petsmart as if they were my own and i will continue to do so so long as i work at petsmart and i hope the other employees will also.

  • Amir says:

    yo. i can’t believe that u guys will even mistreat these pets so cruelly……

  • Kendra says:

    i never knew this happens in petsmart. i use to shop there alot…..

  • Txlady says:

    I work at a PetSmart in Tx. I am the Pet Care Manager and I love every animal that comes through our doors. I MAKE SURE that the animals in our care are well cared for. We use high quality food supplements toys and if any gets sick I take it to the vet. If I even thought that ANY employee was mistreating an animal in any way I would fire them on the spot as a matter of fact it is part of Policy and Proceedure that any employee that neglects mistreats abuses or mishandles an animal they are to be terminated immediately. No ifs ands or buts about it. We do all we can to socialize our pets by carefully and lovingly handling them. We DO NOT allow customers to tap on the glass or allow them to let their pets scare the animals. We keep their habitats clean and comfortable and we never overcrowd a habitat. I rarely have more than one small animal per habitat and 3 guinea pigs per large habitat. For those that have worked for PetSmart and have found abuses you should have reported it AT THE TOP through your DM. If that did not work go to the CEO if needed because you worked for one of the few that would do such a thing. Through transfers and promotions I have worked at three of our stores and have never seen abuse and I would not tolerate it if I had. All of our store employees interacts and loves our pets in my store. We work there BECAUSE we care. And we do all we can to educate our customers when they buy any pets from us.

  • RACHEL says:

    I work for a PetSmart store in Michigan. I have to say that our store does not treat our animals like this. All of our PetCare staff have degrees in some aspect of animal care and zoology. ALL of our pets see a veternarian regularly not just when they are ill. Granite some pets do die but this is the way of life. However as one of the staff members we do the best we can to prevent it from happening. Our bettas are not sent to us in cups or small bags. They each have their own containers with enough room so that they have a comfortable trip. As a cashier I have seen when a PETA member or two come through the door of our store shouting and holding signs. First of all get your facts straight. Stores like ours are trying to make a difference for the better in the animal community. If you want to scrutinize anybody scrutinize the CEOs who are sitting in cozy leather seats back in the ARIZONA office building. They are the only people who can decide what to change. Individual staff members could be fired and lose their jobs. In this economy I honestly do not know who can afford that outcome. It would certainly serve your time better to talk to the people in command than to post ignorant comments online to a bunch of uninformed customers who are probably killing their pets with foods containing pesticides preservatives and ingredients found in cleaning products. Yes PetSmart carries these products however we give you a choice. We inform our customers of the ingredients and promote the healthier brands of foods which can expand the lives of pets.

  • someone says:

    you know there are other petstores out there as well … PETCO! they are basically the same as PETSMART why dont you all investigate them and see what they do behind the scenes a lot of pets that petsmart buys from are that very good of pet farms i worked at one that had to change where they bought there pets because by the time the truck got there most of the +1000 dollar shipment is basically a couple of live pets. The vet at the store that i worked always made a visit to his “patients” even if it was while he was walking out the door. and also if he diagnosed a pet that is to badly off he kept it back in the vets office to give it a fighting chance… so please back off of petsmart the store or people that work there doesnt kill the pets they simply just came from a bad farmer.

  • Kaly says:

    I worked at Petsmart for 5 years. What you see in this video is absolutely true. The thing about it is this… it is taken out of context in some cases. The breeders are terrible. They ship the animals in small boxes or bags where they are stressed out and sometimes way too young to end up with us. When the hamsters etc are stressed like this they get sick. The smaller fish like guppies or neons die by the dozens. The employees the good ones try to do what they can to help but in many cases it’s far too late for some. By the time they arrive they are already sick and we pretreat all of them when they arrive “just in case”. Honestly is that the best that Petsmart can do? I tried everything in my power to make these animals happier. I cleaned better than requested. I played with them daily. I encouraged the other employees to do the same. But it was not enough. Many animals died before they even came out onto the floor. Many animals were returned by customers dead. A lot of employees including myself eventually quit because we couldn’t stand the heartbreak. I lasted longer than most. I believe that Petsmart has created a nitch in that they have no real competition. Petco is all that they have to compete against and honestly Petco is not a threat. People come into the store thinking they are finding an amazing place because Petsmart sells a wide range of animals services and animal products but they also sell lies and deceit. What goes on behind the scenes not just with the animal care but with the management is completely unbelievable. They are a coldhearted corporation just like any other and you shouldn’t think any differently. You are not valued as a customer or as an employee. You are a dollar sign.

  • DD says:

    I am one of Peta’s younger animals rights activists and I think that all animals should be treated with care becuase like us their lives are valuable. But I have to say that the idea being portrayed here is stupid. How are you going to make a big corporation like petsmart stop selling “all animals.” We didnt tell Pom to stop selling “all their juice” or Jlo to stop selling “all her clothing.” There is no way that Petsmart will stop. But what I dont understand is why tell them to stop selling animals instead of stop the abuse. My Petsmart does not in my opinion wrongly treat the animals. In only two studies how can you state what you have? I actually like Petsmart and think that these are just biased statements from the start.

  • AliJae says:

    I can’t believe the comments regarding selling the “novelty” pets to children. As a parent myself I believe it’s the parent’s responsibilty to teach the child about proper pet care. Then the associate’s responsibility to let that child and parents know all the care and risk involved with having a pet. Even a child needs that dose of realty.

  • donnie says:

    As a employee I would agree we’d be better off not selling animals and just sticking to products. There’s no abuse at my store but it isn’t heaven for the animals either. If anyone is abused it’s us the employees. My management team absolutely sucks. And of all the jobs ive had which ive had a few they definitley make me hate it the worst. They’re all miserable pricks who take it out on the little guy. It’s so bad iv’e actually decided to contact somone higher on the totem pole to express my thoughts which i’ve never done before. They advertise “come have fun working with animals” but god forbid I take thirty seconds from my work to interact with them. I won’t say which store I work at but it is in the va beach area. Peace.

  • Sarah says:

    I have worked petsmart now for almost 2 years this december and I am a Petcare lead. I work the kildeer store in Illinois and I can personally say we do not treat our animals like this. We have two seperate rooms for our animals. The new arrival room and the isolation room one for newcomers and one for sick. Each new animal is isolated in NA before going out onto the floor to make sure it is healthy and ALL sick animals are isolated and taken to the vet for weekly checkups. Just because one PetSmart is a fuck up do not put the blame on every single store my store and coworkers personally make sure all animals are well taken care of

  • Lifey says:

    We have an isolation room for a reason! So the sick animals can get better and you know what?! A lot of the time they do! I CARE about animals I would feel SO sad when I would walk into the Iso Room but I would stay in there and just talk to them while I did my work. All the animals I see I talk to just to help them feel like someone is there so they feel loved to some extent. It is hard have so many animals and treat them all like pets but if you go to any Petstore do they sit there all day playing with the pets one on one. I don’t believe they do because it’s not reasonable. 100’s of animals?! Are you counting fish!? I have never heard of that many animals dying. In the past year there has MAYBE been 4050 deaths. Also Betta’s DO NOT come in bags like that they come in cups obviously the company shipping them to you is cutting corners and that is NOT PetSmart’s fault. All the sick animals NEED to go see the vet and I assure you at my store THEY DO! I know that PETA has gone to long and far extents to prove their point they always find the worst of the worst and make it seem like it’s like that everywhere. I stand for a lot of the same beliefs but I also trust that human compassion is stronger than that. I protect and care for the animals at my store. I would I become hurt before they. I would rather be bit by a dog than the dog biting another dog. Has almost happened on a couple occasions. And if it really came down to it I think I might even give my life for some of these animals but the situation has never happened so I can’t say for sure. Don’t blame PetSmart blame messed up people that don’t care about animals. ’cause not all of PetSmart is bad only a limited amount is. These views are my own and not that of PetSmarts.

  • Tori says:

    I’ve been to PetSmart countless times and I know how to tell when a rodent is sick. Never maybe once did I EVER see a sick animal in the PetSmarts where I live nor any other pet stores in the area. I bought a two yearold hamster from a PetCo in my local mall he lived for another three years. That’s MORE than a hamster should live! Now my friend and her brother purchased a dwarf hamster from PetSmart lived for three years before he passed. Now a few days ago they just bought a very energetic and healthy blackberry dwarf the only problem with her is that she likes to flip out of your hands onto the ground. Really I fell so horribly pitiful towards the little furries they have to sit all day in a store in bright lights and too many people adopt from shelters instead of pet stores I’m not saying shelters are a bad thing NO! I support them! Just the ratio is in the shelter’s favor so a lot of them just die because no one adopts them. It’s really sad. Of COURSE sick pets are kept in a separate room! This way they can heal not under the stress of lights and young children banging on the cages and the other pets and this also keeps diseases such as wet tail from spreading and infecting all the animals.

  • Ali (PetSmart Employee) says:

    They pick one or two stores out of every store in existance. how about going to 100 stores and seeings how things are at each? I’ve been working in the Petcare department at petsmart for 6 months now and I can honestly say that our store is outstanding. yes there is a ‘sick room’ for ill injured and postsurgery animals and every animal in the store be it sick or has just come in sees a vet. Our petcare manager is very educated and very passionate about her work and I have firsthand seen employees be terminated for even being suspected of mistreating an animal or neglect. We don’t play around at least at my store we don’t. Don’t base your judgments off of ONE store that PETA decides to investigate. Not all of the store are like that. I’m not sticking up for the Petsmart being investigated because animal neglect and crulety is very clear here but all i’m saying is that they are giving us a bad name… most of the stores are not like that.

  • Doug says:

    I work currently as a petcare specialist at Petsmart and I work extra hard to maintain the animals to the best of my abilities. I always take sick animals to the vet in our store. I am ENCOURAGED to take all sick animals to see the vet and we are actually told to enforce vet care for sick animals. We even mention that to anybody who buys animals in our store that they receive vetrinary care. I am vigilant in taking care of the beta fish which are shipped in normal size cups not little bags at our store. I do see cases of wet tail and of overcrowding of certain animals which I do feel powerless to control. I only try my best to make sure the animals are kept clean and have fresh water and food at all times. I witness coworkers who neglect animals and I have to pick up their slack. Numerous times I complain about coworkers who don’t do enough but I also work with some really wonderful employees too. The truth is that many people are excellent animal caretakers and many people are not. That is really an individual thing. I have had to sell animals to people knowing that they would probably not take the best care of that animal and all I can do is try to inform them to the best of my abilities and to stress how important it is to do the right things for the life of their pets. That is the best I can do and I do it extremely well. What other people chose to do is their own responsibility. I do think owning pets can be very rewarding and some people are excellent “pet parents.” Other people should probably not chose to own a pet but I don’t have the right to say who can and who can’t. I think for some people nurturing and caring for a small animal can be a lifechanging thing for the better.

  • Rhi says:

    I work at a Petsmart now and I have to say that all of the small animals are taken to the vet if they get sick. I also know from talking to them that the employees have pets of their own and love animals. We go through extensive training the book I was given was 200 plus pages and I have been shown how to do everything that my position requires me to do over and over again. I am very sensitive to the way that people treat other people and animals and I bought my rat from the store I work in without hesitation. He is very friendly and I was later told that another employee used to hold him and play with him everyday that she worked and missed him when I took him home. I do not think that this is true of every pet store but I know that it is true for the one that I work in. I think that abuse or neglect of children or animals is especially disgusting because they depend on us so much. If the pet store in the video is allowing this to happen than that is absolutely disgusting and they should be punished by law. But I also think that a more thorough investigation would be needed. Not only that but to all PETA people out there I mean no disrespect honestly because I think that you are needed and your work is neccessary how do you think this problem can be solved? There are so many people out there that want pets many for the wrong reasons. These people are not evil they just don’t know what is really going on. So my question is how do you stop pet stores from selling pets in these conditions and to people that want them because they will be cute to watch for the next three days? It’s such a profitable industry and I do not believe that the average person looking for a pet is going to a pet store with the knowledge that these things go on. There are not many people that I have met that knowingly hurt or neglect animals but for those who do they truly see nothing wrong with shipping Betas in dixie sized cups. I don’t know if this makes any sense but to me these are the people who are hard to “get to”. It’s not the general public.

  • Megan S. says:

    I’ve been a petcare specialist at petsmart for almost a year now and this is totally ridiculous. Every sick animal must see a vet even if its only a simple eye infection that is treated with TOB drops. Wettail is a common thing that occurs in small animals either by stress or a virus. Its very common and highly treatable with antibiotic and anything similar to kpectin. My manager has personally taken home many of the serious cases regarding our “sick room”. A white dumpy tree frog many hamsters and birds. In the case of the frog she actually had to wake up every 4 hours during the night to make sure he was sprayed down and moist. There is a lot of dedication to the treatment of our small animals. If not for moral and emotional reasons there are company incentives to make sure we dont have “pet loss”. Certain quotas must be met and losing the reported “hundreds” of small animals over a period of time would be a huge violation which would trigger higher management attention. As far the cannibalism within the small rodents i guarantee that this was a “male only” petsmart. all petsmarts are either female or male that way there aren’t any unnecessary births among the rodents which as we all know is highly common. the males tend to be more aggressive and even with plenty of food can still turn on their litter mates and show these cannibalistic tendencies. Ive witnessed this first hand with black bear hamsters in our new arrival room. with a full bowl of pet block mixed with seeds there was still a half eaten hamster in the cage. things like this just happen being ill informed is what leads to these assumptions that they are so hungry they kill others for food. regardless of the pet care department she totally neglected to mention petsmarts cooperation with local shelters many of which are no kill. millions have been saved and petsmart charities is continuously fueling local shelters with funds whether they be from voluntary associate payroll contributions or charitable customer donations. i know that my store also helps out by writing off supplies such as food and cat litter for the shelter we work with. This alone should bring applause from the peta community. i wont bother to go into all the details about countless checklists regarding animal care. but some include beta water being changed out every other day fresh water being supplied every morning then checked that night medicating the sick animals twice a day so on so forth. this store that the investigater worked for must have been a strange case and like others have posted her not making any changes to their procedures since she seems to be such an expert on the matter makes her behavior disgusting. She could very easily have taken those animals to the vet which by the way is located in the store or personally checked to make sure all animals have food and water it’s not that hard its on your opening and closing checklist. Basically this whole story has no backbone to it expect she worked for a terrible store and was a terrible pet care associate. That’s about it.

  • Adrienne says:

    I start at my local PetSmart on Monday. To everyone who is saying this is awful and disgusting and horrible and that PS is evil and needs to be shut down.. you know what? Death is a part of life. If this employee worked at ANY pet store for six months they would see that many deaths of various animals. You know why? Because when the animals arrive to the stores they’re unhealthy. They’re mass produced and shipped out all over the country. If you want to take a stand against small animal dealers go to the source why not give APet a call? They’re the ones who supply most large grocery stores with their small animals and fish. And let’s not lie hamsters and gerbils aren’t that sturdy of a pet to begin with. A common cold to us can kill them. Who’s to say some moron’s toddler sneezing into a cage isn’t the cause of all the infection? About the cannibalism thing.. it’s all about survival. Mice are notorious for it. It’s gross to us but it’s nourishment for them. They don’t know any better and they don’t have “morals” to say that eating a sibling is a nono. Mother mice and hamsters gerbils whatever eat their young all the time for many reasons including stress from too many people poking at them. The store is not to blame. I can’t wait to start at my local store. I worked for two years at a family run place up north and learned about every single animal PS carries. Not every employee is a moron.. it’s not necessarily their fault that they don’t know about goldfish and cycling tanks or that cedar bedding in small animal cages is dangerous or many of the other things MOST PEOPLE don’t have a clue about. If you think an employee is illequipped ask to speak to their manager. If you know something that they don’t seem to say so but not in a rude way. The only way to learn is through others. If your only solution is to get everyone fired and shut down the corporation you’re going to be hardpressed to do so.

  • Nicole Boeritne says:

    that was crule for what all the people that hurt their pets they can attack them back once they have anough of being abused byt their and they will be killed if they get seriusly injured and abused its not a good thing to go to our animals they have the same reason we are in the world today soon enough their will not be enough animals in the future

  • CAH says:

    PetSmart sucks! I only worked there one day during helping out for the store opening. They’re really picky about how dogcat food is stacked and appearance. I can’t afford to work for 7.50hour it totall blows. I will never go to a PETSMART again………………

  • MW says:

    I work at a Petsmart Canada. The company itself has nothing to do with this cruelty! If you knew what their procedures were for sick animals you would know that they HAVE to see a vet if they don’t respond from isolation. Petsmarts problem is the shitty employee’s who don’t care. When you hire a bunch of young parttimers who just want to get things done so they can go home obviously stuff like this is going to happen. It’s not an excuse but don’t blame the company because as far as it knows the logs are signed saying that the proper care is being given. its the employees who don’t follow through with it.

  • Chris says:

    NO sick and injured animals are taken to the vet and when released are kept in the back for several reasons. 1 it’s quiet so that the animal can recuperate and we can observe the animal for a few days to until they’re healthy again. 2 if they have an infectious condition it helps keep the other animals healthy. 3 other animals may pick on an injured or sick animal and he most stores sell only male animals doesn’t need that stress when he’s trying to heal. As for bettas that’s how the farms ship them to us and most stores don’t have the room for the 30 or so extra tanks to house one single fish in. I mean duh! Don’t you ever think? I work at a Petsmart and we take our animals to the vet as soon as they show sign of illness as we observe and check on them several times a day. Peta doesn’t love animals so much as it hates people.

  • jimmy says:

    Besides the small animals what about the beta and the feeder fish that are cramed in tiny tanks.And the beta that are put in tiny cups that they have to bend their body in.

  • Annette says:

    It just makes me cry to see so many innocent lives have to suffer not just at Pet SMART BUT ANY WHERE they have no voice and are at the humans mercy for what ever treatment it will receive whether it is good or bad to harm such innocence is so cruel at the deepest level. I do not understand it it hurts me that we can not stop it there is just too much and too many this happens to no matter where these animals are humans should have to answer for their actions and the same thing done to them then they did to a life i wonder how many people would then really think about how they will treat a life then HMMM. Society has a long way to go.