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The Boys and Girls Are Doing It

Written by PETA | February 8, 2007

Going vegetarian, that is. A friend of mine from Cleveland sent me this news clip about teenage vegetarians, and it made my morning. Working for PETA, of course I hear stories all the time about the growth of vegetarianism among kids, particularly teenagers, and the folks at peta2 can hardly keep up with their growth—how about zero to 800,000 peta2 e-news subscribers in four years? But it was nice to see the media taking notice of what we’ve known for years . . .

Anyway, enjoy the clip:

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  • Ayden Benel says:

    I couldn’t imagine eating any type of meat! In fact when tofu is seasoned great I could live off of that alone!

  • april says:

    That was a good video to see except for the protein sources they listed at the end. Cheese is a good protein source? How about tofu? There’s more protein in a teaspoon of tofu than there is in a whole piece of chicken beef or fish.

  • Samantha Fillion says:

    Heyy. I have done some looking up on KFC and stuff and my friend and I just chose to go vegetarian together. I believe it will be great helping the animals and enviroment!

  • Dean says:

    I speak to my teenage friends all the time about being vegetarian and they tell me it’s stupid. I wish they could be more like these kids.

  • GT says:

    hey are you surprised? We’ll do anything you grownup’s don’t think is cool.