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‘Bottoms Up!’ for Leather-Free Lederhosen

Written by PETA | September 25, 2009
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Just in time for Oktoberfest comes a cow-friendly alternative to traditional Bavarian lederhosen, those Pinocchio-style knickers that are traditionally made of leather.* PETA Germany recently presented inventor Peter Kolb with a progress award for his swimwear designs that easily double as animal-free alternatives to leather lederhosen: yodel lay hee hoo (-ray), indeed!

Why the brewbrouhaha about leather trousers? Aside from the cruelty inherent in factory farms and slaughterhouses—where animals are castrated, dehorned, and branded without any anesthetics as well as frequently hoisted, shackled, and butchered while still conscious—the toxic chemicals used to tan leather are dangerous for the both the environment and human health.

Leather-free lederhosen are cheaper, beer-proof, and most importantly, animal-friendly. Let’s tap a keg and toast compassion.

Written by Karin Bennett

*For anyone who thinks that the Bavarian beer lover’s tradition looks silly, I have two words for you—beer bong.

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  • That Guy says:

    Lederhosen is traditional it’s been around for hundreds of years how does it matter that Hitler wore them your basically labeling anyone who wears lederhosen a Nazi. “Personally I have not like Lederhosen ever since I saw a picture of Adolph Hitler posing in them.” Rev. Meg Schramm

  • Sarah S says:

    I am a Vegan but leather is something that I don’t really have a problem with. As far as I’m concerned as long as other people are eating meat cow skin will be around if it’s not being made into leather it will just go to waste. If an animal is being killed let’s not insult it further by letting it rot.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    If you have to wear Lederhosen those would be a good alternative to the leather ones…they seem to be a close enough match. Personally I have not like Lederhosen ever since I saw a picture of Adolph Hitler posing in them.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I don’t wear leather but I’m sorry to report that many true blue animal loving vegetarians are having a hard time eschewing leather.