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My Boss

Written by PETA | February 6, 2007

Every now and then I’m struck by just how much work we get done at PETA. Especially when we have weeks like we had last week: We won the Pom campaign, Smithfield Foods announced that it’s phasing out gestation crates for pigs, and CareerBuilder finally stopped its abusive chimpanzee ads.

Much as I’d like to take credit for all this stuff myself, the fact is that none of it would even get off the ground without the vision and the amazing work ethic of PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk. She’s the first one here every morning and the last to leave, and she’s always first in line for “extra” activities like bagging straw for cold local dogs or protesting at the local KFC. Right now she’s on a nationwide book tour promoting her latest book, and there was a pretty great news story about that the other night, which you can check out here.

Anyway, my point here is that Ingrid is amazing and inspiring and all things like that. On a completely unrelated note, Ingrid, it feels like a really long time since I last had a raise …

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  • jojo says:

    How touching!!! what great work you do Ingrid!

  • Curtis says:

    Hell yeah. I was able to see her and it was so super cool. We all enjoyed it. She also made the local TV news. Check out this video clip. httpwww.kval.comnewslocal5550221.html?videopopta

  • Ana Maria Aguayo Ortiz says:

    I have hust listened a Mrs. Newkirk speech through Peta web site and all I heard and saw made me stronger to speak up louder for animals rights!. I am chilean and since a year ago a vegetarian and a dog rescuer if we want to call it like that but I have been afraid of doing more… no time? no help? too much work at my job? too expensive?… I don’t know really perhaps all of that. But now I am quite sure what I want I want to speak up and work for what I believe in!!. Yes! I will do that a full time job the one that I love and enjoy more a job for the animals!. I know that I won’t get money back but I don’t want anything but be happy by helping animals and helping this beautiful world to be a better place to live. I really thank Mrs. Newkirk and all of you guys for the wonderful work you have done to show people the reality and show us how we can change and help by doing little things. Unfortunately there is not a Peta office in Chile to work with but I will do my best to colaborate and participate in any global compaign you organize I might attend to the “encierrohumano” in Spain to start with! . THANKS! Ana Maria Aguayo Now La Serena Chile Next future Pucon Chile PS Sorry for my awful english