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Bolivia Bans Military Abuse of Animals (Historic Victory!)

Written by PETA | April 1, 2009

After less than a month of PETA campaigning, the Bolivian minister of defense went on that country’s national television to announce an historic ban on all animal abuse in military training exercises, stating that the Bolivian government is issuing Resolution 217 to prohibit all acts of violence, exploitation, and mistreatment that provokes the death of animals. Not only has Bolivia beaten the U.S. military to the punch, this ban is also Bolivia’s first military animal protection regulation ever.

This news comes as a direct result of PETA’s and PETA Germany’s campaigns, which were launched after horrific video footage was uncovered showing the Bolivian military’s mutilation and killing of dogs in combat-training exercises. More than 20,000 supporters joined in the effort, including a leading Bolivian congresswoman, Ximena Flores Castro, who talked with PETA and then met with the defense minister in order to get the resolution on the books.

Resolution 217 puts an end to military training exercises in which dogs were mercilessly stabbed to death as they screamed in pain. Not one more animal—dog or otherwise—will have to suffer such a miserable fate at the hands of the Bolivian military. The resolution also includes sanctions for those who violate the regulation.

This is a giant step in the right direction for Bolivia, and we hope to continue working closely with government officials to enact more animal protection laws.

Everyone who spoke out against this cruelty deserves a big pat on the back! Let’s keep up the momentum and urge the U.S. military to follow Bolivia’s compassionate lead.


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Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Tomonaga Mizumachi says:

    Terrible! I can’t watch the video. Thanks For Peta! It’s the Great Job.

  • rcarterbrown says:

    If you look at the original caption on the photo used for the Bolivian facebook petition you will say it says peruvian soliders… Who ever started the campaign was there wires crossed and just copied the pic from another article

  • PAIN says:

    Arrêter de massacrer des animaux sans défense, c’est horrible !

  • Kylie says:

    I just received a petition (8 Nov 12) against Bolivian Soldiers using dogs as target practice, they actually tie the dogs up spreadeagled an shoot at them – I can’t get the image out of my mind, I feel sick. Obviously the Bolivian Minister of Defence has not kept his word and enforced the animal cruelty ban – this is just disgusting, cruel and I think these soldiers are SICK!

  • Daniela says:

    I have to agree with somebody who said it might still be happening in Bolivia for I also just got a petition on Facebook. Where are the Bolivian authorities?

  • Claudia Machicado says:

    es una vergüenza que sigan existiendo estas practicas sanguinarias, aqui en Bolivia hay fundaciones protectoras de animales, pero que aveces no logran mucho porque las autoridades no hacen nada al respecto. Si se conoce a nivel internacional por favor apoyen para que esto pare.

  • Mary Doherty says:

    I just got a petition on Facebook that this is still going on….please look into this. Check out care2 petition site. Thank you.

  • Hendrikus Piek says:

    Oh, My God… I could not continue to look and listne!!! Thank god so many people have united and pessed forward against this horror…!!!

  • simone maes says:

    hopelijk zijn deze barbaarse toestanden verboden en indien niet wordt het dringend tijd dit te doen

  • Girls Wallpapers says:

    thankgod something has been done, no animal should suffer tht way at all its disgusting to wat some people go to to hurt an animal thankgod good

  • perdrix says:

    je suis choquée épouvantée horrifiée vous ètes des monstres des monstres

  • animal/ bug rights says:

    yay for the Bolivian government! i’ve heard that if you try and kill and animal or bug in Bolivia you get charged for attempted murder! this is awesome every country should follow the Bolivian governments example.

  • Lizzy says:

    And what about the fact that this training is to improve their ability to kill other humans … how about we work on changing the consciousness that justifies any act of cruelty. Otherwise we are just perpetuating the right/wrong game … we are right and good, they are wrong and bad, therefore we are justified in our attacks on them … join the Compassion Project Team!

  • Theona says:

    God I really hope this stopped as it says there ! I pray for the poor animals. I have never seen such cruelty before, I cannot even put it in words. T_T

  • jodie says:

    oh my god, that video is horrendus! thank god it has stopped, that dogs cry will forever haunt me!!

  • becca says:

    thankgod something has been done, no animal should suffer tht way at all its disgusting to wat some people go to to hurt an animal thankgod good news an i couldnt watch the video cus it breaks my heart

  • Henrietta Smith says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news.

  • guillermo says:

    i’m bolivian and to see this happening in my own country really sickens me. i was shocked that these savages could even do such a thing. i am very proud of my government for stepping up and ending this monstrosity

  • Klara says:

    The soldiers were the ‘real animals’ there… Why must dog? Thanks PETA for opening our eyes and heart by showing another cruelty from military army or even the war itself. Peace to the nature and the world…

  • Cecilia says:

    How men can abuse animals of any kind like this is beyond understanding. And dogs that gives us so much love and true purehearted goodwill!! To the defence of all dogs No other animal have made the same contribution to mankind. They truly enrich our lives in so many ways. A dog wants nothing but to trust us humans. The bond between man and dog when given the chance is a rare treasure beyond comparison and something that we humans can never offer one another. A dog knows no envy no rasism no greed no hate and no religion. We should be grateful that they want to spend time with us. Spend it wisely and hopefully at one point we find that we can learn a thing or two from them…

  • Marlon says:

    We are disgusting beings maybee one day we may call ourself with dignity in the honor of the word “HUMANS” Thank you PETA for trying to give value to our existence. Will the o so mighty united states will be ready for such a greatness in changes??!…………….

  • Irma says:

    Jeezit is just so sad to see dumb ego driven idiots like that doing these things to defenceless and restrained animals. Let them try it with a loose lion or tiger now that would be more fair or even better to eachother!

  • Madison says:

    i’m so happy now!!

  • claudia says:

    if we fight for what we believe change will follow. animals must be protected and not abused

  • vicky allen says:

    A DOG IS QUITE CLEARLY NOTHING LIKE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!! WOULD NOT TRAIN YOU IN THE SAME WAY ATALL And you would like to think that people who are ment to be helping your country would have the basic common sence to realise that!!!!! very discusted at this video. hardily a victory when it even had to start in the first place!! these people should be pnished for this!! sickens me! Thankyou for your actions to end this though peta!

  • Jena says:

    Thanks for speaking up for those who don’t have a voice PETA. It broke my heart to hear that dog yelping in pain. I love dogs. But thank goodness Bolivia stopped these acts of animal cruelty.

  • Gustavo says:

    I am a Bolivian and what I just saw on the video is just cruelty and makes me sick how our soldiers do this to inoccent dogs and it hurts me and just by watching this video makes me sick and I thank PETA for everything Thank You

  • Lorii Hernandez says:

    thank tou

  • Calvin Johnson says:

    Well done Peta and thank goodness not all have the same quite pathetic attitude as our animal loving friend ‘john’ JUNE 3RD 04.12 PM

  • john says:

    This may seem horrifying but sending out soldiers without desensitizing them to the battlefield is essentially cruelty to humans. A medic who cant bring himself to cut sew and stitch while hearing his patient scream in agony is sentencing his patient to death or mutilation forever. A soldier who cant bring himself to kill against the howls and screams of the wounded will more often than not sentence himself or his comrades to a bullet by others who can. War itself is cruelty. Animal cruelty even as horrific as this is unfortunately only one of the smallest and least consequential of the cruelties of war.

  • FRED says:


  • karin says:

    YES I’ve been waiting to hear this news for months now.It’s a about time the Bolivian Military knows that using animals DOGS or any other animal is not the way to do their Trauma and Chemical Casualty Training.THE ANIMALS ARE NOT THE ENEMY!!! NOW less go after the U.S.Military and any others that do this barbariccruel and uncivilized act on all innocent animals out there. PLEASE PETA KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU DO FOR ALL ANIMALS IN THIS WORLD.GOD MADE YOU TO HELP US HELP THEM FOREVER AND ALWAYS. BLESS YOU ALL AT PETA AND EVERY ONE OUT THERE WHO HAS A VOICE.We all should stand up for the animalsTheir GODS creatures just like we are.They need much LOVE and HAPPINESS.Every living thing on this earth deserves it L.O.V.E. and PEACE TO ANIMALS AND HUMAN ALIKE!!! TRY IT IT’S NOT HARD TO DO.

  • Sanjay Rupani says:

    Congratulations on a historic victory!!!!!!!! The Bolivian military training video was one of the most horrifying videos I have every watched. Thank you 1000000 times over for making Bolivia ban their military abuse of animals!

  • Tito says:

    it just horrible why do i live in this wild world

  • Kren says:

    This great news! I have been posting the video about the military in Bolivia and the killing of dogs on FaceBook. You could hear their screams. I could almost feel their pain and fear. Hopefully I won’t have to post it any more. Animals what did they ever do to be treated that way?

  • Van says:

    I can’t even express myself.. THANKS from the bottom of my heart..

  • Amy Carter says:

    Although this is a FABULOUS victory for animals I think that people are overlooking the really disturbing thing about this. These people and our own people are not being trained to kill or maim they are being trained not to care. This is desensitization training. If you can kill a defenseless dog you can kill a man or a woman… or a child. What’s the difference? Especially if they don’t look like you or talk like you. This is VERY disturbing!

  • Liliana Rodriguez says:

    Whow this video is so shoking. i wounder why people like to hurt animals.

  • marlene & kathy says:

    that was so sad!!!!!!!!! did u know more than 115 million animals are killed a year. that made us cry so bad. that we had all tears all over.

  • Sarah says:

    Congrats .Let us all hope this abuse has ended and that other sick cruelties subjected to animals by humans will one day also come to an end. Thanks

  • christina says:

    reading these things and watching these videos of animals getting killed just for fashion and other things is wrong this has really made me think of whether id rather be a meateater or vegetarian i definitely think im going to be a vegetarian.

  • laras says:

    thanks peta!!!

  • jose and alondra says:

    we are full supporters of peta and go all we could to doit we hate this sick st they do to the poor animals sick fkers

  • Pablo says:

    This makes me wanna study some career to build me a way to become president of my country

  • adriana says:

    Are those the men we trust our lives with? The are not so brave in the battlefield are they? What heroic act to kill an innocent dog when others restrain him and to laugh at his screams of pain. When you think a dog is capable of dragging a man to save him or staying by his side at any cost. Thank you PETA for showing the real life.

  • vikingfan says:


  • krystalthomasson says:

    its funny people will get so mad and enraged and terrified of a human getting hurt or killed but when it comes to animals people laugh that is such a terrible tradagey but of course if we took one of there loved ones and stabbed it in the head and cuts it head off they wouldnt be laughing theyd be trying to lock u up people need to either be locked up for mistreating animals or they need to be finding people to lock up that are doing this if u ever see something dont watch because thats what 99 of people do they watch and keep quiet that made me sick

  • Winnie says:

    Thank you so much PETA for putting an end to this sickness. No animal deserves to die this way those soldiers do though.

  • Andrea says:

    If i was the richest woman in the world i would get every single suffering animal and build a loving shelter for all. That video made me sick to my heart people that treat any animal in that way should be tourcherd over and over again. Peta keep going x0x0

  • Chris says:

    Thanks PETA on a job well done!