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Bolivia Bans Military Abuse of Animals (Historic Victory!)

Written by PETA | April 1, 2009

After less than a month of PETA campaigning, the Bolivian minister of defense went on that country’s national television to announce an historic ban on all animal abuse in military training exercises, stating that the Bolivian government is issuing Resolution 217 to prohibit all acts of violence, exploitation, and mistreatment that provokes the death of animals. Not only has Bolivia beaten the U.S. military to the punch, this ban is also Bolivia’s first military animal protection regulation ever.

This news comes as a direct result of PETA’s and PETA Germany’s campaigns, which were launched after horrific video footage was uncovered showing the Bolivian military’s mutilation and killing of dogs in combat-training exercises. More than 20,000 supporters joined in the effort, including a leading Bolivian congresswoman, Ximena Flores Castro, who talked with PETA and then met with the defense minister in order to get the resolution on the books.

Resolution 217 puts an end to military training exercises in which dogs were mercilessly stabbed to death as they screamed in pain. Not one more animal—dog or otherwise—will have to suffer such a miserable fate at the hands of the Bolivian military. The resolution also includes sanctions for those who violate the regulation.

This is a giant step in the right direction for Bolivia, and we hope to continue working closely with government officials to enact more animal protection laws.

Everyone who spoke out against this cruelty deserves a big pat on the back! Let’s keep up the momentum and urge the U.S. military to follow Bolivia’s compassionate lead.


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Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • TravellingJessica says:

    Please make sure those are actual BOLIVIAN soldiers and not PERUVIAN ones! The Bolivians (70 percent Indians) still hold on to beliefs and superstitions. In Bolivian belief the DOG has their own GOD and this GOD called Saint Rocke is the dog’s saint for if anything happens to a dog by a person that person is damned FOR ETERNITY. In the afterlife it is believed that the dogs will help you cross over. Bolivians know this and the abusers must be really low life indigenous with no culture or soul. The majority are not like this however because like I said Bolivia is a country of many superstitions and beliefs relative to other developed countries like Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, etc. Dogs get free shots every few months provided by the gov. Once when I was in a taxi a dog was waiting to cross over worried that the car would still move we asked the driver to not cross yet and he said, “Of course I won’t cross! The dog is like a human”.

  • animal_lover says:

    This is sick how could anyone be this heartless to do tis to and animal? Makes me sick to my stomach!!! people with no heart would do this to a poor animal!!!