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Bob Barker Wins Prestigious Oxford Award

Written by PETA | December 8, 2010

Bob Barker is so active for animals that in just one day—today—we received word that his efforts have paid off significantly in two very different ways.

We were still popping champagne corks over the news (which NASA can deny until it’s blue in the face) that NASA’s radiation experiments have been canned—thanks in part to Mr. Barker’s efforts—when we learned that the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics has named Barker an honorary fellow for his “exceptional contributions to the protection of animals.” His generous donations to top law schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, and Columbia helped put animal law and ethics on the map at these institutions.

As Oxford Centre professor Andrew Linzey noted, “Almost single-handedly, Bob’s sagacity and generosity have—in little more than a decade—propelled animals from being a marginal issue into the academic mainstream. This is a colossal achievement.”

For his constant, outspoken, and extremely generous contributions to animal rights efforts, we offer our congratulations, appreciation, and admiration.  

Written by Karin Bennett

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