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Bob Barker, ‘Come On Down!’ to PETA’s Los Angeles Office

Written by PETA | March 10, 2010

PETA’s longtime friend and supporter, Bob Barker, along with some “Barker PETA Beauties,” joined our own Ingrid E. Newkirk today to cut the ribbon on the start of renovations to our new Los Angeles office, aptly named—what else?—the Bob Barker Building.


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Bob Barker


Bob Barker donated $2.5 million to help us open our new location, and time after time after time, he has shown his unwavering support for animal protection. For decades, he influenced millions of people every day by ending each taping of The Price Is Right with his message to spay or neuter companion animals—a message that his successor, Drew Carey, also uses for his sign-off.


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We’re grateful to have Barker’s continued support—and we’re delighted to name PETA’s new Los Angeles office in his honor.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Sandra says:

    What a wonderful man you are Mr. Barker. The money you have given to animalactivist groups will help them achieve freedom and the end of cruelty and death for many animals. Keep it up. We are behind you l000 per cent.

  • Patricia Moran says:

    Absolutely brilliant donation! How generous is that? I live in Ireland and support Peta in every way I can. I work with our local Animal Welfare and their new Sanctuary hopefully somebody will help us out financially every little bit helps.

  • Michelle says:

    Many animals and I thank you! I loved hearing your signoff on the Price is Right and am very happy to see Drew Carry continued in your footsteps. I can’t wait to go a visit their new office. I now live in Las Vegas but I will be making the trip to LA. I also want to thank Peta for opening my eyes to the pain animals have to endure for us. I am now a vegetarian and in the process of becoming a Vegan. The only reason I have ever wanted to be rich and famous is to help bring awareness to the pain and suffering of all animals around the world. Not to live in a huge house with endless shopping but to have a large farm where animals in need have a safe place to call home. Again thank you Mr. Barker

  • Ken Elliott says:

    Bob Barker what a wonderful human being with his generosity. On behalf of the many animals we share this planet with who may now live in peace instead of being violently killed or mistreated . . . “Thank You Bob we love you!”

  • Steve & Mary Kay says:

    What a wonderful compassionate human being!! Here’s a celebrity who uses his money and status to help “those” who are unable to speak for themselves!! All living creatures Thank You Mr. Barker……..

  • Jane says:

    Awesome!!!! I wish I lived in LA.

  • Carlos Leon-Bocanegra Jr. says:

    Bob Barker has always shown his love and support for animals he is the man!

  • Murf says:

    We need more like Bob.

  • Lois B. Koch says:

    Just wanted to say how wonderful of Mr. Barker to never forget Our Lord’s animals! There has to be a special wonderful place for him in Eternity!

  • Sarah says:

    Seriously Bob Barker is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I love Bob Barker and what he has done for animals! The attention he has brought to animal issues is amazing.

  • Sheila Coleman says:

    The world would be such a better place with more Bob Barker’s!

  • giovanna says:

    Well Bob you are a straordinario man! Giovanna Italia

  • Carmen says:

    World needs more Bob Barkers thank you very much!!!!

  • Ing says:

    Thank you Bob Barker I love you. What a generous man!!! And thank you Ingrid Co.for all you are doing for the animals. Thank you for existing…from the bottom of my heart.

  • Paulette Riou says:

    Oh Bob I knew you were wonderful but I had no idea just HOW wonderful. You are a hero to me. Not only have you helped so many animals you help people like me by provding encouragement and hope as we press on to eliminate animal suffering everywhere. Thank you!

  • Christine says:

    This is great!! Bob you’re a nice guy the animals thank you!!

  • silvia says:

    Bob Barker you are a beutiful large man A kiss and tanks for the animals Silvia italia

  • Deena Wyckoff says:

    Thank you Bob. I am in my 40’s and always watched the Price is Right and proud every time you mentioned spay or neuter your pets. LOVE YA BOB !!

  • Helene says:

    Hello I AM SOOOOOOOO happy that Mr. Bob Barker made such a generous gift and more to come. A SUGGESTION could anyone in La have a street named after Mr. Barker and probably near the building. God bless Mr. Barker PETA and all the animals.

  • Eric says:

    WOW! First Sea Shepherd now an office for PETA? He’s my hero!!

  • mary bales says:

    God bless Bob Barker he’s an angel for the animals.

  • Leslie says:

    Bob Barker is truly an angel on earth. His love for animals and kind demeanor he truly is one of a kind. A generous heart and sincere compassion for animals is a rare thing to see. Love you Bob Barker.

  • Lou says:

    First of all Thank you Bob Barker! I always wondered why more folks didn’t listen to the man spay neuter your pets! I’m psyched about this new office. Who are those buxom ladies though? And thank you Aimee for your heads up about PetCo. I am so sorry you went through that and the animals. How heartbreaking and disgusting. I for one don’t go there or PetSmart. I buy supplies for my cats at a shop that actually rescues cats. They have a beautiful run for them in their shop. And they sell very healthy pet food.

  • OUAI Dalila says:


  • Csilla Korossy says:

    Thank you Bob Barker. God bless you for helping the animals.

  • Marcia says:

    Bless Bob Barker. If only there were more like him! People who offer the benefits of their celebrity status and their money do an enormous amount of good for the animals.

  • Sandra Conti says:

    I love this man. He’s given so much for animal causes and he’s a fighter for animal rights for a long time! Thank you Bob Barker for all your hard work donations and love for animals! You’re an inspiration to all who love animals and people that should! There should be more people like you on this earth!

  • CN says:

    Bob Barker makes my heart swell. I just love him. What an angel.

  • Virginia Nichols says:

    I love PETA and my dream is to be able to give the kind of wonderful gift that Bob Barker donated. Way to go Bob!

  • lynda downie says:

    What a great great guy. Thank you so much Bob!

  • Rob says:

    I have so much Love for this Man! All he has done for animals is amazing and look how it’s paid off for him with those babes!

  • Heather says:

    Bob Barker is the BEST. As a tourguide we show his house in LAwhenever we see him he is always nothing but gracious and lovely to our guestshe is a true gentlemanand his love and dedication to animals is inspiring….

  • Nicola says:


  • Andre Inglis says:

    Bob Barker RULES!! This is a reason to celebrate! Cheers to Bob and his lifetime of working to help the animals.

  • Scott says:

    Bab Barker is the Man!! I only wish other celebrities went out of their way to further such great causes as Animal Rights. Bob is a champion to a great cause!

  • Lauren says:

    Go Bob! What a noble act from a compassionate man. Animals will be better off because of his generosity.

  • James says:

    Bob Barker is truly inspiring in the way he conducts himself. It’s refreshing to see someone in a position of public influence use that influence for the welfare of animals who do not have their own voice. Gratitude Forever!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Can Bob Barker get any cutier?! Ah I can’t wait until I move back to California I will surely visit this office!

  • equinoxa says:

    i love Bob Barker and have ever since I was a kid growing up watching the price is right. Then i became veg when i was 12 about 16 years ago. I found out he has been the same since the 70s made me love him even more. I wish more people on tv would care too at least he told to control the pet population. Nobody in his day when he started was doing that. Thankyou Bob!!

  • John says:

    Bob Barker is doing wonderful things for animals!! It breaks my heart that Leona Helmsley left her estate to help dogs but the judges and trustees changed her will and are spending her money on their personal interests. If only Leona had donated while she was alive to see the good work her money could do for animals! People should know that the courts can and do change your will no matter how ironclad you think your will is. Give money to animal charities while you are alive or get annuities with groups like Peta that are a charitable donation AND give you an income. Put insurance policies deeds etc in the name of animal charities so they don’t go through probate where the courts can take your money away from the charities!

  • Chuck says:

    BOBBY B!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine Hauenstein says:

    I wanted to warn people about Petco. I worked there for 8 years and we took very good care of our animals. Then I moved to another store site and the new maanger won’t take animals to the vet. I would write a note to him and let him know that a certain animal needed to go to the vet asap and I would come back to work 2 days later and find out that the animal never went to the vet and died. We other employees and I would get in trouble for asking to take the animals to the vet. The manager would say who cares they are just animals. He would just let them die. I was the operations maanger in charge of animal careand had a discussion with my district manager and expressed with tears my concern for the animals that were sold to the wrong people and we were not taking care of the sick animals this was very upsetting to me. Funny thing I was fired 2 weeks later for some stupid reason. I love animals and I know they have feelings and souls. I have carried animals in my arms while they were dying to comfort them. I think Petco should be put out of business of selling animals they don’t care about the health or the families they go to. I have sold guinea pigs that are perfectly healthy and come back 2 days later with broken backs and was told to give them another animal this is wrong and something should be done about this. I know of managers that have had sick mice or rats and instead of taking them to the vet and getting in trouble for the cost they take them in the back and hit them in the head and kill them. They also carry salt water fish and expect people that don’t know anything about their care to keep them alive and at least 75 end up dying they are beautiful creatures and should be left alone in the ocean to live their lives. Thank god they stopped selling birds except for parakeets I had to take many baby birds home and feed them and care for them so they would not die Any commets please contact me at my email address http://www.francinehauensteinyahoo.coom

  • Aimee D says:

    Way to go Bob! Best wishes to you and all the animals you’ll be saving!

  • Brandon Joule says:

    HAHA! thats good! No more freezing cold Norfolk for PETA there moving to LA!

  • zacHARY POPHAM says:

    he is da man

  • Kelley says:

    First Sea Shepherd and now Peta. Thank you Bob!!!!!!

  • J D Allinder says:

    I love me some Bob Barker!

  • Judy Marinetti says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for all your years of generous support to animals! I wish more celebrities would follow in your footsteps!

  • shay says:

    is it wierd to think that ingrid newkirk and bob barker would make a cute crueltyfree couple?

  • moo.lennon. says:

    omfg!!!im so effin excited!ah!i used to live in L.A. now i live 20 minutes awayOntario but i go there often so weres the office and whens the grand opening?cause my butt will be there?