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Bob Barker Blogs for Bears

Written by PETA | August 10, 2009

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Bob Barker


Bob Barker never imagined that he’d be writing a blog post for CNN at the age of 85—but he’s determined to help free a group of bears who are languishing in desolate concrete pits on an Indian reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. Bob met with the Tribal Council in July to plead for the bears’ release, and he has now turned to the blogosphere to get others involved:

I told Chief Hicks that I’m not an expert on bears. I’m an expert on giving away refrigerators. But I can tell you that these bears are not properly housed or fed. Cherokee has a rich cultural history and much to be proud of. The cruel bear displays are a glaring blemish on the area, and I hope that the members of the Tribal Council for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians will open their hearts and do the right thing by shutting them down.

. . .
Until then, my heart and my conscience won’t allow me to do anything but ask people to stay away from Cherokee and voice their support for allowing the bears to retire to a sanctuary.

Please join Bob by contacting Principal Chief Michell Hicks of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and urging him to close Cherokee’s bear pits immediately.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • carole nestor says:

    What an amazing man Bob Barker is if only we could all be able to do what he does and to have the time and money to be so active. It is my most wanted wish to help all animals escape the cruelty of human beings who in the main are so stupid and cruel that they can’t see the anguish they cause these creatures in captivity. They should realise “they reap what they sow” karma has a way of catching up when you are least expecting it.

  • Marie Engel says:

    whoever is involved please release all bears to their wonderful freedom. Thank you.

  • Big tim says:

    Bob Barker and my friends Chipa Ruby Wolfe My Brothers Keeper could teach a few of these Indians a few things about stewardship. Just goes to show being born an Indian does not make you inherently wise or compassionate. It’s a sad note to know that so very few if any enrolled Cherokee stand up to the irrational ones that allow such cruelty. Tim

  • amanda brown says:

    I went to Cherokee fair the other day and i heard about the bears being imprisoned and saw the zoo but I did not visit the zoo but saw someone throwing something that looked like food into where the pit might have been.I am not jumping on any bandwagon I was also disgusted at the area of downtown Cherokee as it seemed some sort of awful commercial nightmare.I have been to the Window Rock Zoo which is free and it is such a wonderful place for animals that can no longer go back in the wildsuch as the Owl that cannot fly.I will not let go until the bears have a good place to live that will support their quality of life.I will write to the Chief.

  • Kevin says:

    My question to you all is…how many of you have actually been to the area where these bears are kept?? How many of you are just jumping on a bandwagon because someone famous is involved??

  • Cherokee Rose says:

    I happen to be a Cherokee legally enrolled member and I have seen how OUR bears are treated on the reservation. These bears are treated better than some folks family. Make sure you know the details before you comment.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Please ask Mr. Barker to go to the White Tiger Truck Stop in Baton Rouge Louisiana and help the captive tigers when he is done with the bears. Or sooner if he can manage it.

  • Susie says:

    Please do the right thing by these bears and let them live freely as they were meant to live.

  • Edward says:

    I wonder if PETA can be able to use Bob’s classic spayneuter line on billboard ads. There isn’t a single TV watching person in the country that hates Bob Barker.

  • Paula McMahan says:

    I agree with Mr. Barker about the bears.I have seen bears in cherokee in cages all my life and also in nearby Gatlinburg Tn.We own property there and have bears pass through our land on occasion.We do not allow hunting there but poaching is a big problem in the area.I have heard that even certain park rangers even allow this to go on.I say free the bears as they to may be gone like other species in the future.

  • Rebecca says:

    Why is Cherokee Nation doing this? it is inhumane… What’s the point of keeping the Bears living in these kind of conditions. Thank you to Bob Barker for bringing this out to the public..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Jim Do you think Lucy is really happy being stuck in a zoo her whole life? Would you be happy languishing in a prison cell? Freedom of movement is a requisite of a happy life for ALL animals.

  • roxanne says:

    I love Bob!

  • Michelle Telles says:

    Please allow these bears to be moved to a sanctuary. Their current situation is inhumane and cruel. The Cherokee Nation should not be connected with such an abuse of nature.

  • M Fagnani says:

    Just sent a note to Chief Hicks… Bob Barker is a true compassionate animal hero. We live near a sanctuary that he hugely supports PAWS in San Andreas California. We are a supporter of this sanctuary as well. The horrible condition and treatment of these bears go against Native American beliefs values and respect for our lands and animals. I know this. Someone has gone amuk here. Hope to hear some good news soon. Got to keep the pressure on! Thanks Mr. Barker!!!

  • Sandra Weston says:

    I am part cherokee and have always been taught that we view the dolphinthe wolf and the bear as our brother. We respect all nature. God is in nature so this shocks me that the Cherokee would do this. This out of character for them.

  • Debra Welsh says:

    Bob is a hero. We love you!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Bob Barher’s strict vegan diet and boundless charity and compassion for all animals are admirable and benevolent.

  • Andre says:

    How can people claim freedom if they’re not willing to give it to others?

  • Erika Raia says:

    Please release these bears to the wild. It is cruel and inhumane to keep these bears in captivity in pits.

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    Please move the bears where God intended them to be. They are not even supposed to know what concrete feels like do you suppose?What if you lived ina totally wrong place? Would you not fight to return to your real home? Thanks BOB for helping!

  • Deanne Chapman says:

    Thanks to BoB Barlerfor all his love and heart for anmals What ever it takes to safely move the bears lets do it!!!

  • Alison Burrell says:

    Please resolve this awful situation as soon as possible. It cannot be allowed to continue.

  • Sam King says:

    Release the bears into a sanctuary. Show that you have some decentcy