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Victory! New Mexico ‘Ag- Gag’ Bill Is Dead

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 22, 2013

Update: The New Mexico legislature adjourned without voting on the proposed “ag-gag” bill, effectively killing it for this year. Four other states are still considering making it a crime to record video on farms, so residents of Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania should let their legislators know that they oppose these unconstitutional bills.  

The following was originally published on March 14, 2013:

Not content to stop after his successful campaign to get Wyoming’s “ag gag” bill thrown out, Bob Barker has set his sights on the other proposed “ag gag” bills in New Mexico, Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.


As a longtime animal advocate and vegetarian, Bob knows that by making it illegal to record video on factory farms, such measures would threaten efforts to document workers’ abuse of animals and to provide evidence that authorities need to win cruelty convictions. The lifelong Republican has written to fellow members of the GOP to let them know why the Grand Old Party needs to give these bills the old heave-ho. In a letter to state legislators, Bob wrote:

Since there is no government inspection of factory farms for cruelty violations and workers who report abuse to supervisors are routinely ignored, evidence from undercover investigations is critical to exposing abuse and helping officials prosecute abusers. … Americans today want better treatment of animals killed for food, not for their legislators to hide illegal cruelty on farms behind locked doors. 

Bob’s name certainly carries a lot of weight, but animals who are suffering on factory farms need all the help they can get. People who live in states where “ag gag” bills are currently on the floor should let their legislators know that they support the constitutional rights of whistleblowers to expose abuse.

After all, animal abusers—not whistleblowers—are the ones who should be treated like criminals.

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  • Manel D says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for supporting to stop this brutal legislator. So those filthy sub-humans can abuse and inflict innocent farm animals but to video or to record them is prohibited & it’s a crime? What nonsence is that? So the Animal abuse is not a Crime??? Who are those scums anyways? I hope the evil people who bring such ag-gag bill to be accepted in other states should suffer the agonizing painful sufferings plus more when their time comes.

  • Linda says:

    Bob Barker, Pamela Anderson, Woody Harrelson and others like them are great people with ethics, hearts and souls. We need more celebrates help these beautiful animals from lives of torture. We need to speak louder and we need more loving people to help stop animals from being abused. People that abuse animals need to have their names out to the public, on a website for animal abusers so that everyone knows what kind of evil they are. If the government can only do what is right for a change and help protect animals with much stricter laws that are severely enforced. They should never be allowed to own an animal or ever be near any animals. Thank you Bob Barker and all animal activists for speaking out for the defenseless and voiceless animals.

  • Martine CEAGLIO says:

    Thank you PETA

  • Sarai Schnyder says:

    WE SHOULD DEFEND AND HELP ANIMALS WHEN EVER WE CAN. They have to pay the price with suffer and pain for and to us. We are inhuman. Great Thanks to a courage man, Bob Parker. Schould be more of his in the world. Thanks in behalf of all animals to Pamela Anderson and to PETA: For their continious help.

  • nanci00 says:

    Meat does NOT have to be raised and treated like this. Chipotle is an example of how to honor the lives of the animals that they then use in their restaurants. State AG GAG laws are an immediate & absolute admission of the crime of CRUELTY at companies using animals’ lives for $$$. These businesses & politicians are obviously VERY ASHAMED of what they allow; or else, they ALL would be AGAINST laws that do NO good for society and only are meant to allow the horrors against animals to continue.

  • lisa says:

    So what this Bill is saying you cannot use any footage on the farmers land without his consent and it has to be a written consent?? if a farmer has nothing to hide and his anmimals are cared for then he would nt need this bill. This is an excuse for people to see what go’s and the abuse, here in the UK there is no bill, yes abattoirs are fighting not to have cctv but after the horse mstreatment and now horse meat found there is noway they are goig to get away from it anymore. I hope America fight this and keep investigating these places animals need this.

  • lisa says:

    ALL abattoirs should by law have cctv and all slaughter should be recordered, i thought the USA was bad but the UK is just as bad i thought we were a nation of animal lovers but after the recent footage shown at the Red lion Abattoir in Cheshire of horses slaughtered and horse meat beig found in products the UK should hang their heads in shame aswell and a few months ago footage was shown of a pig abattoir here in the UK where terrible abuse was going on, if these establishments dont have cctv and they make it illegal to film the animals its unthinkable what these animals will endure to suffer, what we have seen already due to the brave people that have gone undercover is breakhearting to watch, what would it be like for the animals if they were not allowed to do that anymore????

  • EYG says:

    Bob Barker is such an awesome man. I am surprised and pleased to hear that he is a fellow Republican. I hope my party starts getting more serious about animal welfare issues. That Mr. Barker is helping fight these ag-gag laws is even sweeter because these laws outrage me. Totally. And even non animal lovers should be outraged over them for obvious free speech reasons. Go Bob! We can do this.

  • nancy sterken says:

    i have much respect and love for bob barker. he is not afraid to stand up to the hypocrasy we call freedom for ALL! my soul will never rest until these barbaric practices are stopped. stifling animals activists may be working for them for now, but we will not stop caring.

  • roxanne says:

    This man is such a hero. I have so much respect and admiration for Bob Barker. God Bless him.