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Bloody Canadian Flag Flying Over Our Office

Written by PETA | March 26, 2007

I’m experimenting with more descriptive titles for these entries—I feel like this one really gets the point across. There’s often some pretty wild stuff going on outside PETA HQ here in Norfolk, and I’m sometimes a little trepidatious when I come into work in the mornings, because there’s always a chance there’ll be a huge exhibit in our parking lot (like when we launched the Animal Liberation display), or a giant elephant sculpture outside our front doors (seriously, don’t even ask), and I should have expected something this morning, since it’s that time of year when Canada gears up to disgrace itself in the global community by indulging in a bit of large-scale torture-for-profit. The bloody flag, flying at half mast outside our doors, is quite a sight if you drive by the building, and, in my opinion, a really striking way of taking part in the international outcry against the seal hunt. Just thought I’d share:

Oh Canada.jpg

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  • Trent Thomas says:

    This is disgusting. one thing not all canadians take part in the seal hunt me for one and another thing why do you even care. is your capitalistic lifestyle so cozy that you have nothing better to do than sit there and complain about something going on in a part of the world that will never effect you in any way.

  • Matt M. says:

    Wow this is the nest of psychos… “YOU KILL SEALS!! I WANT YOU TO DIE A HORRIBLY PAINFUL DEATH!!!” Makes a lot of sense there crazy people.

  • Carla says:

    Nathan defacing the Canadian is nothing close to what animal lovers REALLY want to do to those sealers. That is one of the reasons we are not allowed too close to them you know?

  • nathan malcolm says:

    How dare you deface the canadian flag. Its people like you that stop people from listening to the real message.

  • Joyce says:

    Well if you are going to stop the seal hunt we should stop fishing goose and duck hunting moose hunting and other deer types and any other type of animal in Canada used as food!

  • Robert Doucette says:

    This is a stupid way to approach the end to seal hunting. Other people need jobs too. If they had an option not to kill seals they probably wouldn’t. You have spat in the face of Canada and I and probably many other people despise you for that.

  • Sam Edwards says:

    Canada is all about its Provinces.Ontario and Quebec. Known as Upper Canada and Lower Canada.The powers that be forgot about Outter Canada. The rest of Us A Newfoundlander kills a sealhe is referred to as a Savage…… Kill an Afghan and he is your Hero……. If he had any other Job options he wouldn’t kill anything. No Choice is ithe problem…

  • Caroline says:

    A government which gives permission to murder animals without any conscience whatsoever despite the large scale protests is pathetic and so disgusting enough that it should be put out of power.What a shame. Caroline

  • Douglas says:

    Hi! First of all don’t you guys think its just the smallest bit offensive to cover a flag with blood? Yes here in Canada we do have a seal hunt. You are all so focused on the East. Maybe 0.0001 of the population dose the seal hunt! The government can’t change everything. The Inuit have the right to hunt on there land. They need to sell the pelts to stay alive. The government still has taxes even on them. They have a very limited income possibility up there!

  • Anna Kotaki says:

    I really cannot understand how it is possible for the government of Canada to close their eyes and ears to thousands of people demanding cruelty to stop. I really cannot imagine the great problems the psyches of the hunters hide. Poor people… Poor seal babies…

  • Sarah says:

    I’ll admit I don’t know all the facts about the seal hunt here in Canada but maybe people should consider those who live in those regions of the country who depend on the seal hunt to make their livingto feed their kids. If they are using inhumane methods and not all are then fine that should definately be changed. This issue is not balck and white it affects people too.

  • animal pride says:

    sorry folks i forgot lovely emily deschanel! thank you emily you are great!!!!!!!!!

  • animal pride says:

    dear peta team dear animal lovers even if in these days my heart is very heavy because of the canada sealmurders i think there is a glimpse of joy left if you open the ‘’ site and see lovely actresses darcy halsey gina phillips london bisset mircea monroe and handsome reggie lee speaking up for seals! they really refresh my heart and i hope yours also!

  • Canaduck says:

    With all due respect Laurent Dupont VERY few natives are participating in the hunt if any. A few are being paid by the fur industry to intentionally misrepresent the commercial hunt as something done for survival which is what you’re probably seeing in Europe. Most natives are as upset about the hunt as everyone else.

  • Maya says:

    I hope you erect a bloody American flag next to it. Equal time and all you know.

  • serinity says:

    What a great Idea! I live an Canada and I’d love to do something like that. Bloody canadian flags I think I’ll go create some and ohh taping one to a flagpole with the words “Stop the Seal Hunt” or something like that would be great! Thanks for the great idea PETA! D

  • kris shulfer says:

    WOW!!!! this photo gave me goosebumps all over I am proud to say i am a PETA member and i will agree with the other blog’s it is another sad human stain on history!! and the way animals are treated does say much for the morals of this nation as well!! its like a holocaust for those little babies!!! and with global warming affecting the ice in cananda and new foundland there will be less and less babies born because there will be less ice every year!! i hate march and april the most and i cry the most these 2 months because of hundreds of thousands of seals clubbed and i cannot even say to death cuz 90 are still alive while being skinned and then they leave the bodies with no skin of these babies if you havent seen the video go to or it is truly heartbreaking!! sunshine wisconsin

  • Laurent Dupont says:

    It is particularly shameful that also native canadians are participating in this slaughter. All the native and inuit traditions and religions are most strongly forbidding the killing for money and profit everyone has just the right to kill what he strictly needs for his survival! I am really outraged by such a decay and degeneration of holy traditions! And it is even more shameful that I am an European to tell you this! You really make a hell out of this planet!

  • Kathleen Wissenz says:

    This is great to see! I am hoping PETA and all people will stand up against this cruel barbaric act of killing. I have the same flag on a decal on my car to try and raise awareness. These seals are innocent babies and animals that deserve to live. I used to want to visit Canada but I will not go until this slaughter is stopped!

  • freedom for animals says:

    this is another human stain reddening the pages of history!

  • Robert Evans says:


  • claudia marrapodi says:

    my love and respect for PETA this is an amazing view! What’s happening now in canada is holocaust and murder! Shame on such a government! How can the world turn into better conditions with such a crime! i take full responsibility of my words it’s not PETA who says this it is me and if somebody does not like it they can contact me through PETA. we must have the courage also as an individual and stand up. c’est honteux ce que vous faites et je ne peux respecter le drapeau d’un tel pays vous le gouvernement canadien vous devriez vous cacher derriere des masques et ne plus jamais montrer votre visage! i do not respect the flag of such a country and you canadian government should hide yourself behind masks till the end of time!!!

  • Ettiene says:

    I think this is great… I also want one to put in my house!!!

  • doug says:

    I have to admit that I am proud to be Canadian EXCEPT for these two or three weeks when my government decides to end so much life in the name of money. It is sad and cruel that these men control the lives of baby seals. I am very very frustrated!

  • John Carmody says:

    This looks amazing! I remember when i was at PETA directly opposite the bridge it has a huge view lets hope traffic will see this i bet it will!