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Blood on the Ice in Ottawa

Written by PETA | March 5, 2009

With the start of the annual Canadian seal slaughter just a few weeks away, PETA took to the frozen Rideau Canal in Ottawa to help stop the killings. Skaters looked on in wonderment as activists recreated the “crime scene” from an attack on a baby seal. Check out these photos from the demo:


If you haven’t witnessed the seal slaughter firsthand, you’ll have to trust us that it looks a lot like this bloody mess—but with seal babies’ corpses.
Canadian seal slaughter demo

A voice from above says: “Stop the Seal Slaughter!”
Canadian seal slaughter demo

Lord knows you don’t want this muck on your skates—or on your hands.
Canadian seal slaughter demo


Inspired yet? Learn more about our campaign against the Canadian seal slaughter and what you can do about it.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • eric says:

    Hi im a canadian from ottawa ontario. what is going on is horrible! The worst part is that about 50 of us are unaware. Please do not stereotype our population based on the actions of a few people.

  • kris shulfer says:

    yet another amazing demonstration of the animal rights activists showing their love for these beautiful craetures!!! i love it!! keep up the awesome work and it will pay off in the end!!

  • guido says:

    Its a shame how you Canadians are savages. I thought Canadians were civilized people but finally nothing more than some outdoor primitive savages who kills for money!! I will never go to Canada my entire life!! Shame on you

  • Tyler Krueger says:

    Susan Manns why would you post on here that everyone should boycott canadian sea kitten productsseafood? Hasn’t everybody on this site already done so? Anybody who would eat them cute sea kittens should not be on this site. Long live the sea kitten and seal.

  • krystle says:

    im from australia and this is horrible to know about and to even think it is happening.With autralias main focus always on the whaling by japan i just think itt horrid anyone can be so cruel to animals.I am the biggest animal lover and just wish i could stop all the hurt and pain to the animals in the world

  • Rick says:

    Stop the egotistical need to buy fur and save a life!!

  • Megan says:

    Great Idea! I love PETA! Stop the animal slaughters!!

  • pepper says:

    good job on the protest im candien and think the seal hunt is vile but i am sorta upset that i live right by that area and missed this protest

  • karen says:

    any kind of animal abuse is just unspeakablewhen my mother was alivei would call her crying everytime i heard a storyand everytime she would say to me”karenif people live like there’s no Godthey BETTER be right” so now i have only her voice in my memory everytime i cry

  • lucia says:

    it is so upsetting

  • Susan Manns says:

    Also boycott all Canadian seafood Protest outside of red Lobster they buy from us. Ask your grocers if they buy Canadian sea food. tell them you won’t shop there if they do. Contact our Dept of Tourism. Go ahead and get Canadians pissed off so they will actually do something to stop this massacre and please don’t down play it by calling it a hunt

  • Susan Manns says:

    I am also a Canadian and Vegan and you can bash us all you want We the people of Canada are guilty guilty of not speaking up challenging our officials voting for the right officials ect.ect.. We let our Government get away with any thing and do nothing.

  • Mark says:

    A favorite sealer argument is that seals eat fish and must be “culled”. Less than 3 of a harp seal’s diet consists of commercially fished cod and other food fish. Harp seals consume the significant predators of cod including skate and squid. Removing harp seals means an increase in cod predators and that means the fish that the East Coast depended on will never recover. The Canadian government itself clearly states that killing harp seals will not help fish stocks recover and killing seals will in fact impede the recovery of ground fish stocks. It was the corrupt Canadian DFO that exterminated the vast stocks of cod haddock whiting and plaice and their nurseries by 1992 with their factory trawlers and draggers out of sheer greed putting a hundred thousand East Coasters out of work. This is the largest marine mammal hunt in the world with three million seals killed in the past four years all pups between two weeks and three months of age. The slaughter is to provide luxury fur items for fashion markets in Europe and elsewhere. The Canadian government freely admits it is commercial and has nothing to do even with “culling” or fish stocks. The scale of the Canadian seal massacres are now bigger than any time in the last 50 years and ice loss due to global warming is affecting seal nurseries. At least half the nurseries disappeared last year. Even the DFO admits that and it does not have a clue how many are left it admits that there is no way it can get an accurate count and “estimates” between 4.5 and 5+million. Based on outside surveys the real count is close to three million and plummeting. Seals have been threatened once before when Canada went on an orgy of greedy killing and it is happening again. Not to mention the unspeakable acts of cruelty which were documented and filmed and presented to the European commission. Acts such as skinning alive and the taking of whitecoasts are commonplace. There is no excuse for this global crime. The commercial killing of seals must be stopped by worldwide boycotts and bans. And the Vancouver Olympics must be represented to the world and boycotted as an event soaked in blood from a renegade and barbaric nation.

  • Mark says:

    Too many Canadians are apathetic and meekly follow their government no matter how vicious corrupt and criminal those government figures are. The favorite Canadian hobby is to distract attention by pointing fingers at others rather than taking the moral and courageous route and actually clean up their own sordid acts and corrupt government. The same type of mentality existed in Nazi Germany.

  • Kyla Robichaud says:

    I am from Canada and I do not support the Seal Slaughter. I am also vegan. Canada isn’t the problem. The people who do this are the problem and they are in the minority. Try not to sterotype a country so rashly. It is very close minded.

  • Bharata says:

    i love Peta for their great actions we shall overcome!

  • Grey Bear says:

    Clubbing a baby Harp Seal is no less gruesome than killing a trout or eating a hamburger at McDonalds so what if someone else killed the cow . Killling an animal for mans pleasure or food is still a crime. Eating vegetables is not enough! The huge commercial farms that grow the vegetables do so on land habitat that was confiscated from the animals. PETA must advocate immediate steps to reduce the world population to somewhere between 30 and 50 million humans.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Canada’s seal hunt makes it look like a savage cruel inhumane and uncivilized country.

  • Sarah says:

    Wow!! Blood on the ice is such a good idea! Go PETA!!

  • Bettina Roemmich says:

    God is watching. Boycott the Canada Olympics….

  • Jennifer Eady says:

    Disgusting !!!!