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Birds From PetSmart May Kill You

Written by PETA | June 17, 2008

Killer birds from PetSmart. It sounds like a reimagined version of Hitchcock’s The Birds or maybe Troma’s follow-up film to Poultrygeist, but it’s a true, tragic story. A bird-loving family from Corpus Christi, Texas, reportedly lost their beloved father—and the daughter almost lost her life—after they both contracted psittacosis from a cockatiel whom they had purchased at PetSmart and named Peachy. Check out the Associated Press Article here if you don’t want to take my word for it.

Peachy, who also died, allegedly from this “parrot fever,” was bred at Rainbow World Exotics, a breeding mill that PETA recently investigated, where we found rampant abuse and neglect of small animals and exotic birds. Bird-breeding facilities such as Rainbow World Exotics are no different than puppy mills—they’re massive animal factories that crank out birds with no regard for their health, happiness, or individual best interests. It doesn’t just hurt the birds when unsanitary, inhumane conditions are the norm.

The good news is that this heroic and forever scarred family is now standing up to PetSmart and demanding an end to the sale of all birds. And you can help them succeed!

And please read this important info about how to keep you and your bird safe.

Angel’s Story: Another PetSmart Casualty

—JoelPosted by Joel Bartlett

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  • michael says:

    i have a baby pigeon that the same thing is happening and its dieing! Please tell me how to help my pet

  • Sue Yates says:

    There are times when we must choose to do what is right no matter what the consequences. It would have been worth any risk to rescue Angel. Her life was worth so much more than a video. Goodnite little Angel. May your tragic death spur us to action. We weep for you tonight.

  • Mary says:

    sad sad stuff. i cant believe my eyes..and its hard for me to watch but i have to because this is the truth that we HAVE to see. unfortunately..

  • samantha says:

    i am an animal lover and i love to be around animals and observe them. And that next week im going to petco to by 2 bird but when i buy animals i would rather buy animals that are hand raised and cared and treated propaly. animals like the pets that people buy should not be sold to people because they may be endangered animals just like most birds that we buy are. and animals that are shiped to none native lands to be sold areis baddest choise ever because if your pet has esscaped from your house and is some where outside serching for food or looking for a place to live or….. it might die if it wounders off too much because it might not be able to survive in an environment that its body can’t handel. or it can harm the environment by produsing offspring which then your pet and its offspring could harm the environment that is not native to it examle eating every thing at a point of lets say extinction