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Birds Do It … Bees Do It … and Even 1,000-Pound Manatees Do It

Written by PETA | June 10, 2009
missbakerbiologyclass / CC

A female manatee and her nine suitors made quite a splash on Sunday night for some beachgoers in Miami. The sea cows’ amorous affair turned into a sort of seaside peep show.

Ah, horny manatees. Conan O’Brien loves ’em, and after a late night tryst of that, ahem, magnitude, is it any wonder why? They are vigorous vegetarian lovers, after all.

In fact, I’d like to think the manatees came ashore to demonstrate their vegetarian vitality to onlookers and inspire them to rev up their love lives by swapping steak for seitan and cows’ milk for soy milk. After all, a vegetarian diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps keeps the blood flowing through all the arteries.

Say, “So long, Viagra!” and “Viva, veggie Viagra!

Conan O’Brien, if you’re out there—we’ll keep our eye out for more manatee love sessions, and you just let us know if you need info to include on your Web site.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Saucy says:

    Oh Seitan Yes Yes Yes you are so delicious in a white wine lemon caper sauce over creamed spinach and mashed potatoes……….all vegan. Yum Yum. My vegan tastes are expanding. I love all the vegan restaurants in NYC. Vegan cooks are very creative. The fakin bacon cheeseburger at Blossom all vegan is so good. If people would just try these dishes they would surely make the switch. There are so many benefits to our own health and the health of the environment and most preciously the animals who suffer so horrifically for the meat industry.

  • ashley spradley says:

    Last year I wet with my family to Key Largo. We stayed at a hotel on Manatee Bay. They call it that for a reaso. We walked to the end of the sidewalk and there was a family of Manatees right there. you could walk out into the water and pet them. They were eating grapes out of the hands of other guests. They were simply amazing gentle and trusting animals.

  • Carla says:

    Karin lol!! Vegetarian lovers are THE BEST!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Manatees are wondrouspeaceful and benign creatures that are direly imperiled in Florida because of selfish and invasive boaters who lacerate them in their native habitats.