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Bill Maher Calls Out UW-Madison’s Cruel Experiments on Cats—Literally

Written by Alisa Mullins | October 8, 2013

Bill Maher has given the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW) a wake-up call—literally. The host of HBO’s Real Time recorded a message on PETA’s behalf that was auto-dialed today to every member of UW’s staff, faculty, and student body as well as to UW’s Board of Regents and residents living near the school’s campus.

“On this very campus, dozens of live cats have holes drilled into their skulls, steel posts screwed to their heads, and metal coils implanted in their eyes,” Maher said. “Some cats have had their ears cut off. Others are intentionally deafened. … It strikes me that it’s not the cats who need their heads examined …. I’m calling on you to join me in helping to end this abuse.”

Prompted by a PETA complaint, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) report released just last week confirmed PETA’s allegations that UW failed to take adequate steps to avoid the cats’ infected, open head wounds and to treat them and that UW’s justification for the use of cats and the number of cats used was inadequate. NIH took the exceptionally rare step of ordering UW to suspend the experiments for nearly six months while major changes were implemented. The NIH findings echo a separate report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in February, also prompted by a PETA complaint, which found rampant infections among the cats used in these experiments. Some infections were so severe that they resulted in the removal of one cat’s eye and the euthanasia of several cats.

What You Can Do

Please join Bill Maher in urging UW to put an immediate, permanent halt to these cruel experiments.

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  • Petra Kalivodova says:

    The animals doesn’t deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JACQUI GLYDE says:


  • Sharon Ng says:

    This is horrific and inhumane. Please stop this tests immediately. Imagine if you are treated in that way!

  • john burke says:

    Please stop this terribly treatment. See all life as precious.

  • marzia salvagnini says:


  • Sue Bee says:

    Stop this Cruelty… Stop. Poor Cats.

  • SHERYL LONG says:

    O-M-G! I absolutely REFUSE to watch this horrific, mortifying video! The NIH must be as worthless as the faculty at UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN-MADISON! The only reason the NIH got involved in this,is because of a complaint from PETA! Can they not do their job without being prompted? NIH confirms just last week, that UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN is guilty of multiple violations! So the “NIH took the exceptionally rare step of ordering UW to suspend the experiments for nearly six months”?? SUSPENDED for SIX MONTHS??? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? They should be fined an outlandish amount & the doors welded shut forever!!! How could students & faculty ALLOW this totally inhumane cruelity to exist!?? I am furious to think that I have spent hard earned money on my daughters tuition at UW-Madison! You now have 1 less student & hopefully, many more!

  • Elizabeth Clark says:

    How can anyone with an ounce of compassion or intelligence treat an animal in this way and not realise how wrong it is? Imagine the public outcry if this was allowed to happen to a human being! Animals feel pain and emotions every bit as deeply as humans. To abuse any sentient creature is abhorrent – I only hope that it won’t be long before such treatment of animals is recognised as a crime and treated with the widespread revulsion it deserves.

  • michelle joy says:

    Stop the funding that supports this cruelty.

  • Xavier Borie says:

    Vous les universitaires tortionaires, vous avez de la chance que je ne vous croise pas dans la rue !!! Je vous ferais voir ce que c’est que la douleur, et l’excuse “au nom de la science” je vous la ferais ravaler, vous n’êtes que des merdes, pas des humains alors arrêter ca vite fait, je vous souhaite les pires malheurs dans votre vie !!!

  • Li Li Ng says:

    Stop this absurd cruelty at once to these non consenting animals! Why don’t you test on humans and cut off their heads instead?! The world is watching! – A Singaporean

  • sue harrison says:

    this is outrageous, it must be stopped, no animal should be subjected to this horror, I am quite appalled by this story

  • Stephen Belgrave says:

    UW you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  • Johanna Taylor says:

    Please stop these atrocious experiments



  • Veronica Carter says:

    Please put a speedy end to these cruel and unnecessary experiments. thank you

  • Nora Minaschek says:

    I´d really love to see that those cruel actions on cats are going to be stopped.

  • Graham says:

    Get your act together Cheddarheads! Stop this cruelty – you’ll never get the Nobel Science prize for this!

  • Lucia Ehemann says:

    STOP!!! I am so upset! I hope everything you do goes back to you or your familiy!

  • Nikhil Mahajani says:

    It is horrifying that such things are done to those poor defenseless cats (animals in general). Such experiments are nothing different from animal abuse and cruelty. I urge the University to please stop such practices and adopt animal-free and non-cruel approach in their experiments henceforth.

  • Merav says:

    please stop it..that’s cruel


    STOP !!!!!

  • caitlin mckee says:

    this is an unnecessary and disgusting. UW – make this right, this is no way to treat other living things.

  • ana magaña says:

    :'( I hate watching animals suffering..

  • Sharifah Farah Debah Syed Mohammad says:

    It’s very painful to watch videos like this but i force myself to constantly remind myself how cruel and inhumane most humans can be.

  • Jeffrey Brian Gentry says:

    please do everything you can to stop this PETA! this is horribly wrong and insane to do these things to cats or any of god’s creatures!

  • Ivana Skerlikova says:

    I strongly disagree with experiments on cats, please stop this madness!!

  • Lucinda Crimson says:

    This despicable cruelty is not ethically or scientifically justifiable.

  • Joey says:

    I hope every last person who had anything at all to do with these “experiments” somehow feels in any way the suffering and anguish that you caused this poor innocent cat who was robbed of having a life. Burn in Hell, losers.

  • Wes says:

    This is one of the cruelest things I have EVER seen! I’m OUTRAGED by this! Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race. STOP THIS MADNESS!

  • Anita Guo says:

    This is a horrific experiment. It seems unnecessary and exceptionally cruel. Surely if we are going to study eyes and brain, we have modern technology and MRI? I don’t understand the purpose of the metal implants and cats are very intelligent animals who cannot tolerate this level of pain (or any other animal). Please stop these experiments and stop funding.

  • Lulu Trujillo says:

    These animals deserve a chance at life!

  • Minx says:

    This is NOT necessary. The fact that these tests are even considered relevant or necessary is bullshit. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Chantelle Pillay says:

    Anyone who thinks testing on animals is ok….needs their damn heads checked!! We have so many horrible people in prison convicted of rape, murder, etc… wasting space, test whatever we need tested on them rather than on innocent animals!!!!

  • Stacey Riley says:

    University of Wisconsin-PLEASE STOP.

  • Liz Hool says:

    Do you really need to do this??? Are you sick or something?? I JUST REALLY HATE YOU!!!

  • Debbie Ramirez says:

    Let those animals free ! Enough with the suffering

  • Tracey Stovall says:

    Please stop this cruelty to cats – who gives you the right to abuse God’s creatures in this way. It’s totally unnecessary.

  • Eyad Buhaissi says:

    STOP in the name of Humanity STOP in GOD’s sake STOP STOP STOP STOP..

  • Debbie says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Stop these people!

  • Lianne says:

    This is horrifying and sickening. I do not understand why this is legal and even FUNDED in this country. I could see this happening in a foreign country, but not America- we are supposed to be better than that. What’s even more sickening is the government is funding this project that is going nowhere and seems to have no clear purpose yet cutting funding on the poor and education. This makes no sense.

  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    Nicely done Bill 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    This needs to stop.

  • liu wai ling says:

    Please respect and responsible animals alive, they also have right and feeling in the life, end and ban this cruelty ways for animals , Thank you

  • Audrey Gallant says:


  • Beverley Gott says:

    Keeping fighting please to save these animals from selfish, evil delusional humans………..

  • Siva Dwn says:

    I thought we had laws against this kind of heartless cruelty. The sadists who are involved in this should be charged with abuse and imprisoned.

  • Caitlin says:

    Experimenting on helpless defenseless animals is absolutely cruel. How do you feel good about doing terrible things to these poor kiving feeling creatures? There are alternatives to what you’re doing that doesn’t involve putting creatures in pain. Please think about what you’re doing and use you’re heart and stop. Thank you.

  • Qian Zheng Yi says:

    How could anyone……..

  • nazy tabesh says:

    This is very sad. I would do anything to save these beautiful inocent cats. Don’t you people have a heart? Don’t you know that animals have souls and have feelings and they feel pain? Why don’t you guys do these tests on criminals and child abuseres and murderers? Karma is a bicth. I hope you pay back in exactly the same way, you barbarians.