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Bill the Horses!

Written by PETA | April 28, 2010

On April 14, the New York City Council passed a cunning little bill (Intro. 35) that gives horse-drawn carriage drivers a rate hike. As we pointed out at the time of passage, this bill does very little to improve these long-suffering horses’ living and working conditions. The City Council failed to incorporate most of the suggestions made by the ASPCA, including such basic elements as requiring that horses have year-round access to drinking water. Because of lack of enforcement, it’s unlikely that the horses will ever even see the few benefits—such as the 5-week resting period—that have been promised them.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Because of the horse-drawn carriage industry’s track record of unethical business practices and disregard for horses’ welfare, the only solution is to get these horses off the streets and retire them to live out their remaining years in peace. Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito has introduced a bill (Intro. 86) that would phase out the industry and replace it with electric-powered antique cars or “green” horseless carriages.

Please, if you live in New York City or know anyone who does (such as friends of friends or anyone who cares about animals) simply make one call and let the City Council know that the only acceptable solution is to end this industry altogether by supporting and passing Intro. 86. Horses would thank you if they could.

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  • [email protected] says:

    There was 5 but sadly now there is only, are 4 badly starved and neglected horses in Ephrata Washington, I’ve called animal control, ans emailed every resue I could find on the internet but they are left to starve at this death farm because no one cares… I do care and hope someone would step in and help these badly abused horses… they look like skin stretched over bones, I just hope someone will hear my cries for help because I hear theirs..

  • PETA says:

    Re: Tnau. Thanks for the tip. To take action against horse-drawn carriages, we encourage you to join the Action Team here: – PETA.

  • Tnau says:

    PETA should also come take a look at old Montreals horses. Every time my mom and I pass a carriage we see horses that are dying. I personally ride horses, and those in the old port do not look like healthy horses.

  • Paola says:

    It’s inhumane that we make these animals work they way they do under such deplorable conditions. I think most people just don’t care because I doubt they can truly believe it’s ok what we do to these horses. I have seen pics of the antique cars some propose replacing the horses with and let me tell you I want to ride one of those cars. That would be much better than a horse anyway and safer. However I think Bloomberg signed Intro35A so now he has an excuse not to sign any other bill.

  • Anna says:

    I’ve seen this happen everywhere espeicially central park. those horses look exausted. they’re not taken care of as they should be.

  • Terry says:

    The City Council members contact info is at You can put in your street address and borough to find your Council Member. This page also lists all the CM’s with a link to their own web page and contact informationit doesn’t hurt to contact more than one of them. The best thing is to contact Speaker Christine Quinn and let her know that this industry is inhumane and cruel and must end. 212 7887210 legislative office.

  • Shari says:

    OH… that picture! Is that man on a cell phone while “driving” that horse carriage? SHAME.SHAME. SHAME. Ticket him for that and for cruelty! Free the horse!

  • Jamie says:

    Please give horses a break! they don’t have a voice to speak up but they are hurting and tired and don’t get anything in return

  • Elizabeth Forel says:

    Very apt word cunning used to describe this bill Intro 35A which was signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg on Tuesday April 27th. I like the definition characterized by wiliness and trickery because it describes this bogus bill to a tee. The new law will do NOTHING to improve the lot of the horses in NYC. But the media bought into the administration and industry lies and the world now thinks the horses have it made. As I said in my testimony at the bill signing it would have been more honest if the bill were only about a rate increase instead of pretending that there were any real improvements for the horses. Those so called 5week vacations? .thats for people. Horses are herd animals and need daily turnout to pasture which is an impossibility in NYC. Besides it will be impossible to confirm that the horses actually do go to a farm for vacation because it would mean the ASPCA Humane Law agent would have to go to the farm and verify that the horse was there. It will not happen. The ASPCA will have to take the word of the industry and we know how truthful that is. None of the changes will have any negative impact on the earning power of the industry. Many of the stalls already were small box stalls. But they are too small by more than half. A 60 sq. ft stall is a far cry from 144 s.f recommended for standardbreds or a minimum of 196 s.f. for the larger draft breeds. The two water troughs in Central Park are shut off from November to March because the pipes freeze. The City cannot pay for changes and the industry will not. So the horses have to make due. We had an excellent turnout at the bill signing this week and managed to rain on the industrys parade. One of them wondered in his testimony why we were there. Its not over. We are in it to win it. Elizabeth Forel Coalition to Ban HorseDrawn Carriages

  • Roxanne says:

    great post but it would have been helpful if representatives from the animal welfareright groups showed up and spoke on behalf of the horses yesterday. what a shame how only a few people took the time to speak for the horses.

  • Cam Pyper says:

    Perhaps the carriages could be pulled by the polar bears drowning due to the exhaust from the cabs. Just sayin.

  • Jessica says:

    As romantic as it may seem to some these horses are not treated well. They are worked hard and forced to be around busy streets loud noises with no rest. I REFUSE to ride them and donate to cruel treatment!

  • John J says:

    The horse carriage is perserving a moment in history before the time of cars trucks airplanes. It seems harmless enough. Think about how many animals are killes by cars every year. I don’t the carriages kill any animals on the road.

  • raichu says:

    Honestly having something like an antique painted trolley or something like that would be have just as much novelty and character as a horsedrawn carriageand it would be unique!

  • Lynn Di Mauro says:

    New York City is perhaps the greatest city in the world. One of the most beautiful skylines in the world. A city of culture and charm. But all of that is meaningless when the city allows the neglect of horses that are so much a part New York’s personality. If these animals are not being treated in a humane way and those who are responsible for their care are being rewarded with a pay rate then the Big Apple has become rotten to the core!…..

  • Duguay Chantale says:

    Pleaselet the horses in peace!! And please give them a breakjust a break!! Please!!!

  • bettina boni says:

    horses all over the world needs protection from people