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Biggest Loser Attacks Vegas Trainer

Written by PETA | September 9, 2010

The biggest losers in Las Vegas are the animals who are used as entertainment props, such as the lions at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino—one of whom recently snapped and attacked a trainer. The event was caught on video. Just two years ago, another trainer was attacked by a lion in the display, and everyone remembers the attack involving Siegfried and Roy, who tried to disguise the incident by saying that the big cat was protecting the man who was dominating him—right, by grabbing him by the throat. These stressed, would-be-wild animals are ticking time bombs.

We have appealed to MGM management to do away with this old-fashioned display. Living in a casino and being forced into close contact with hoards of tourists is no life at all for wild animals. Lions are meant to roam freely across vast territories, exploring, playing with their cubs, and ruling the jungle.


Guido Appenzeller / CC by 2.0
lions in Serengeti


Please tell the MGM management that you’ll be spending your Vegas money elsewhere until the lion display is gone for good.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Elaine says:

    May I suggest spending your Vegas money in the Wynn poker room? D

  • Pi says:

    Why not get some nice hightech animatronic fake lions? Those would be happy in a little display!

  • Ralph says:

    Have you guys EVER thought that if that tiger wanted to kill Roy it would’ve? But it didn’t so I hold a lot more credence to their claims than this nonsense.

  • allen says:

    I dislike lions. They are cowardly and vicious and always attack from behind. However I disapprove of any animal abuse.

  • nancytd says:

    I saw that on tv and it was so sad. It must be so painful to be a wild animal trapped and exploited in Las Vegas.

  • Zara says:

    It amazes me when some people are actually shocked when these poor animals attack people..what do they expect?!

  • sarah says:

    what the lion did was hardly a attack.. he didnt even break the skin or hurt the man so dont go blowing things out of praportion PETA

  • Brian Cernius says:

    come on guys its time to move on from the lion displays. besides it being wrong…its boring. You have a bazillion dollars make a new exciting display and them maybe you can be half as cool as the Wynn

  • Vic G. C. says:

    No kidding. MGM’s used live lions since the company’s inception. MGM is focused on moneymoneymoney and not on animals’wellbeinganimals’wellbeinganimals’wellbeing and it’s not healthy business management.