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‘Big Love’ Star Hates Deceptions About Dairy

Written by PETA | March 23, 2010
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Ginnifer Goodwin

Can the third wife of a polygamist ever be happy? According to HBO’s Big Love, it depends on the episode.

But the ravishing Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Margene on the acclaimed series and who is radiantly vegan in real life, knows that there’s no happiness to be found for the drugged-up, distressed cows who are treated as nothing more than milk machines in dairy factories.

That’s why she wrote to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging them to rule in favor of PETA’s complaint alleging deceptive practices by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) in its “Happy Cow” ad campaign.

“In show business, we often have good reason for making people believe things that aren’t true, but there is no excuse for the CMAB’s misrepresentation of the milk industry,” writes Goodwin. “[C]onsumers deserve better than to be fed cheerful lies about ‘happy cows.'”

Like Ginnifer, millions of caring people have seen through the milk industry’s deceptions and decided to dump dairy.

Will you?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Susie Hearder says:

    I have been vegetarian for 25 yrs but wasn’t vegan until recently. Just watch the video on The Animal Liberation Victoria site Australia and see what happens to the one week old calves no longer needed in the dairy industry. The choice is easy and there are many alternatives to soy. I hate some soy milk too but the ones without oil are great.

  • Jessicca says:

    People need to use common sense. A mammal’s milk is meant to feed the young of its own species. How dare humans take the milk that belongs to a calf a baby. How dare humans cowardly ignore the incomprehensible suffering and torture of these innocent creatures. A cow’s gestation period is nine months just like humans. All cows want to do is care their babies the way humans do. However humans decide it’s their right to rip that baby from its mother and torture it all so humans can take that baby cow’s milk. Despicable.

  • narender says:

    In Hindu reigion cow is worshipped as a deity. Many states in India ban cow slaughter. This is because ancient Hindu scriptures say so. It’s true that cow’s milk is meant only for its calf and not us.Cows should not be made a milk machine.May be soya milk is a better alternative

  • anil verma says:

    it is a good thought cows should not be treated as milk machines. in our hindu mithology cows are our mother we worship thempiously it the duty of every hindu to admire all cows whether they are giving milk or not because all our GODS devtas reside in cows. i appreciate ginnifer goodwin.

  • Kristine says:

    I am a vegetarian and tried the vegan diet throughout lent. I must confess that I still like milk my taste did not change thought it would. Soy makes me violently sick as well so much so I almost had to go to the emergency hospital horrible stuff! I researched and only purchase organic milk from a very humane dairy that does not get or feed their stock from the “meat” ranchers. So that is my experience. Nut milks are not good especially soy! I have also discovered too that if your ancestry comes from the more northern parts of Europe you would be more akin to digesting and prefering dairy. Believe it or not it’s what I have discovered. From a very Irish girl

  • amensigala says:

    Vegetarians who continue consuming dairy kill Baby Bovine. They do speak like flesh eaters do about their chicken burgers steak. Tast changes as one eats. I remember when I was a little girl I didn’t like milk but because it was forced I ended up drinking it my tast adjustedevolved this was so with eggs…YUK….forcing us changed our nature likes dislkes. So do it again for ur self but most of all the poor Baby Bovine’s

  • amensigala says:

    Millions of $’s r spent on commercials because those who invest in them know how our brains wk very manipulativly naivly gulably INNOCENTLY the most because how Americans have been raised by the Biblical Community to “believe obey trust the USA is the Land of the Free the Brave”The New Jeruselum it’s all in our heads it’s all in the Commercials it’s all in the Educational System thru one’s childhood. Sad what we all have to go thru in deprograming ourselves from Life’s cruelity. Natures badness misbehavior yes folks nature started flesh consumprtion so that’s what’s responsible at the end it’s even written in “The Bible” at the end it all ends we return to Paradise…What the Hell…! STOP the out of sanity with the whole God thing God killed 1st NOT Cain Cain’s offering was vegetarian not Able’s Lucifer never hurt anyone because he wanted too God ordered him to sending him to the earth to temp distroy. God or no God evil flows in the body of all eating flesh dairy is one of them. Care not Obedience it’s all abot Love…..

  • Barbara Hegedus says:

    From the first time I saw these sickening ads I have told many people not to be deceived by them. California of all places one of the biggest factory farm states in the U.S.

  • cristina says:

    People want to believe that dairy products are good because they play an important role in our lives and the power of advertising is enormous. It’s a good thing to denounce these tricks. Thanks

  • vanstalle says:

    Protger tous les aniamux de notre plantenet leur viter la souffrance est notre devoir d’humain.

  • Roxanne Holmes says:

    Vegetarianism and Veganism are obviously very different concerning this issue. Vegetarian means no meat but we have dairy. Vegans don’t. SO why are you asking us to ‘ditch dairy’ and go Vegetarian? There’ no such thing as a Vegetarian who doesn’t eat and drink Dairy Ditch it and become Vegan. Anyways… It’s such a shame that i hate black coffee but am a coffee addict. Soy Milk and anything like Soy Milk makes me violently ill too. But i’m in England U.K and have my Milk and Dairy delivered directly from a localthe closest farm to my city. It tastes different too if it’s from factory farmed cows thinner with less taste. I wish i could give milk up. But i can never have any of the alternatives. One day.

  • Sandee White says:

    I agree totally with this Happy COw my a no cow is happy that has a milking machine hooked up to it and no cow is happy to have their babies taken from them California happy cow?? Please?!!! Who is that stupid?

  • Rory says:

    Bravo to PETA and Ginny Goodwin for educating consumers about these misleading deliberately deceptive ads.

  • kay says:

    I too am disgusted by the ads. If a person has ever seen a dairy farm close up you would never use dairy products. Cows are tortured and tormented and their babies ripped away for veal or more dairy then they end their miserable lives hungry thirsty exposed to the elements in a crowded truck and FORCED into a slaughterhouse. Been thereseen both.

  • Chibcha says:

    why the hell can people let this happen? these are nasty bastards who don’t give a damn about these living beings! the hell with them! i’ll pray that these innocent cows are treated like living beings and not like a damn machines! HELL NO!! not cool!

  • Osher Bachrach says:

    I’ve given up animal products and dairy products. I’ve discovered that it is important to read the list of ingredients on packaged items. Many packaged items have “whey protein”. This is a milk derivative. Other packaged items contain “casein” or “sodium caseinate” another milk derivative which can have a bad effect on one’s health.

  • Craig says:

    I too once ate meat and dairy based on ads that led me to believe that the USDA and farmers cared about the animals. When I found out the truth I dumped animal products in a second and never looked back. I know too much.

  • Trisha says:

    I disagree about the “silly ads”. I bought their milk because of the ads. I care about cows and thought that they had regulations mandating better treatment and now just found out I was deceived.

  • Kushagra says:

    i completely agree. cows too can feel just the same way as we do. why treat them as emotionless machines

  • Tom says:

    PETA would be better served to focus on the problems in dairy farms rather than worrying about a silly commercial. No one buys milk and butter because of the happy cows commercials. They buy them because they like the product. Therefore PETA should focus on the conditions on the farms instead of being distracted by silly ads.

  • Phyllis says:

    God bless all people who care about helping the countless animals who suffer daily to provide drink and food. We need to bring out into the daily news where OUR food comes from. Paul McCartney did a message on slaughter houses and how he thinks they should have GLASS WALLS so all that pass by can see the torture and unkindness to the animals. Dairy farms need GLASS WALLS FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.